Smudge Stick Bundle. Californian White Sage smudging stick bundle to remove negative energy
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Smudge Stick Torch White Sage Organic Bundle

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Californian White Sage Smudge Stick bundle in a Torch shape Bundle of two sticks per bundle and is 100% Organic. This bundle consists of two (2) smudging sticks in the package and they are shipped from Australia. Free shipping Australia wide. Each white sage smudge stick is organically grown in California USA and approximately 11 to 12 cm long and each smudge stick is approximately 15 to 20 grams in weight. 

If you are new to smudging your home, the torch white sage smudge stick is easy to hold. 

Each Californian white sage smudge stick is a torch shape as pictured and will smudge a medium to large sized home giving you approximately two cleansings in each bundle, sometimes three cleansings depending on the size of your home. Each stick will cleanse an average 200 to 300 square metre home. If you have a smaller home or a smaller apartment, this bundle will used approximately 4 times. 

Bundle includes instructions on how to smudge your home. 

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