Stop Smoking Self Hypnosis
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Stop Smoking Self Hypnosis

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This self hypnosis to quit smoking for mind and soul program is a powerful program that targets hypnosis for the mind to eliminate the negative thinking patterns but also the higher spiritual aspect of yourself bringing in the power of prayer, visualization and manifestation as well as meridian exercises to combat cravings or withdrawals. 

Check out Tara's voice with this free short 11 minute meditation here

This self hypnosis to quit smoking program is a program where you will gradually quit smoking. You will receive a list of tools on booking on the program to quit cigarettes. When you book, the downloads including your booklet will arrive at the end of checkout. Download them to your device and start reading the booklet, learning how to do the tools and these are going to keep you very busy and motivated to quit smoking. So busy you will not have time to smoke cigarettes. Then when you are ready to quit, follow the suggested schedule on the program, its that easy.

This quit smoking program targets the psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual parts of yourself making the transition easy for you as long as you put in one hour per day to follow the schedule.

Tara J Clarke has an Australian Female accent and you can see a free short version meditation below to hear her voice. Tara is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist as well as Regression Hypnotherapist, Holistic Counsellor, Meditation, Mindfulness and Intuition Teacher and Spirit Guide. This program is unique by bringing in not only your subconscious, but the power of your spirit, your superconscious that is the highest frequency to get you through this short bump in the road. 

You are welcomed to check out Tara's voice with this free short 11 minute meditation. There are more free meditations placed on this channel from time to time so do subscribe for free access to meditations. Daily meditation is important for mindfulness and if you only have ten minutes to meditate per day, this free meditation is perfect. If you enjoy the meditation please share the love and like it on YouTube and subscribe to my channel to have access to any more free meditations. Free Meditation here

This is a powerful self hypnosis to quit smoking program for the mind and soul that you can do in the privacy of your own home.  Designed to target motivation (many reasons such as saving money and how good you feel), cravings, keeping busy, loving and accepting yourself, healthy living and eating habits, loving breathwork to replace the cigarettes and the feeling you get when you breathe fresh air into your lungs to replace the cigarette smoke feeling, cells of the body repair themselves, living a long and healthy life with your loved ones, mindfulness and more. 

Powerful meridian tapping techniques will be used in this program to help stop cravings, heightened emotions and boredom. When we tap on the meridian acupressure points whilst saying positive affirmation out loud, this changes the meridians to feel calm and peaceful, allowing your thoughts to think about calm and peaceful and no longer the cravings or negative thoughts such as going without cigarettes, cravings or moods. 

Included in the Self Hypnosis to Quit Smoking mind and soul program:

  • Hypnosis Daytime recording to use any time of day.
  • Hypnosis Nightime recording to use as you drift off to sleep.
  • Meridian Tapping for the morning 
  • Meridian Tapping for night time before bed
  • Meridian Tapping to combat cravings and fears
  • Visualization, Manifestation Gratitude and Prayer
  • And many more tools to assist you for an easy transition to stop smoking. 

Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do as a reformed smoker and I know exactly what you need when you quit the habit. My tools get you into a positive mindset and you can download all of the tools, start practicing them and then on the day you decide to quit smoking you will be prepared and ready. This package includes two hypnosis recordings to quit smoking, meridian tapping techniques, one for the morning, one for the night time and more.

Everyone is different. Some can do self-hypnosis programs on their own. Others need a little more of a push and motivation. Upgrade to a Clinical hypnotherapy session with your program. If you believe that you need to go to a hypnotherapist, then this program is for you here

Upgrade to this option to get to the root cause of why you smoke. here


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