Spiritual Cleansing of your property or home that is done remotely. A house clearing to remove ghost
House clearing or home cleansing to remove curse portal gateway ghosts negative thought forms energy
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Spiritual Cleansing of your property or home Remotely Australia wide or Internationally

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This is a Spiritual Cleansing of your property or home to remove unwanted spirits, negative entities and negative energies from the home which is done remotely Australia wide or anywhere around the world. Tara has cleansed homes all around Australia and in other Countries, Internationally and can only cleanse a house with the full permission of you the tenant on the lease or the owner of the property. 

This spiritual cleansing of your home may also be referred to as a House Cleansing, Property Cleansing or House Clearing of unwanted energies.

If you have recently moved into a home whether it be a rental property or you may have purchased a new property. It is important to clear that property of all negative energies so that your home can be in an environment free of curses, attachments, negative thought forms, portalways and gateways where negative entities can visit through. When you move into a new residence or house that has had tenants living in it prior to you, you are taking on their energy. When you buy a home from a buyer, you are taking on their energy. Mostly likely there is some negative energy so it is important when you are buying a new home or moving house to cleanse your property prior to moving in. This way you are protecting the auric field of yourself and your family from unwanted negative energies. 

The Spiritual Cleansing of your property is done within the Akashic Records of the Property in the higher dimensions. This is done to remove all negative energy from the home. If you have recently relocated into a house and the energy just feels bad, it probably is. If a home had angry tenants or violence or people worrying about money, that negative energy lingers around the home until it is cleared and if you are holding onto similar frequencies, this energy can be heightened in the home and its a good idea to have a property cleansing of your home to let go of negative energies whether it be depression, anger, sadness, loneliness, violence, suffering, victimization, grief, trauma or more.  Clear the energy of your home and your home is given a clean slate to start over. 

In order to have one of these a spiritual cleansing of your home or property cleansing, you will need to have ownership or rental rights to the property. You cannot have a spiritual cleansing of a property that is not in your ownership or if your name is not on the tenancy agreement. 

This is a remote spiritual cleansing, done remotely and this is done within the 5th dimensional aspect which is why Tara does not need to be present in the home or property while doing the clearing. 

Why have a spiritual cleansing?
  • Spiritual Cleansing is done to remove all negative energy and spiritual cleansing to remove unwanted lost souls or spirits from the home and all negative energies within the home. 
  • This is a House or Property Realignment to clear and remove the negative energy of your house and home. Having  your house cleared of unwanted presence and sending them back to the light or upgrading their energies to positivity clears your space for a positive balance of clean energy. At times houses need clearing of old or lingering energies from past owners or past tenants or inhabitants . 
  • Sometimes Lost Souls and negative spirits need assistance to move up into the higher realms which is why a house clearing or home cleansing can benefit many souls that are lost and lingering in and around your property or home. You are doing them a favour by allowing Tara to move the spirits on. They are just lost souls stuck. 
  • Not only is it important to realign your own soul, mind and body to your true divine nature, it is also important to realign your property, where you live, your environment, so that it is free from blocks and restrictions and cannot drain you of your vital force energy.
  • This removal of negative energies is for the home and is the best practice as you no longer will feel drained and tired of your depressing environment.
  • It is important to have a clean, negative energy free environment for every home. Especially those homes with negative attachments.
  • This is also becoming a common practice for the office environment and workplace to help lift the vibration and spirit of the employees from sad and depressed to happy and joy. 

With a House and Property Clearing Realignment, the property is cleared of negativity as detailed below:

What does a House and Property Clearing with Tara J Clarke remove?

  • Portal ways into the property that are not serving the highest good of the home


  • A negative gateway within the property where those living in the house or home cannot sleep (insomnia) due to a negative astral in the property or land. If there is a gateway, this draws a lot of energy from the inhabitants of the home, making it difficult to live in any kind of flow, with all kinds of issues such as constant anger, drain of their energy, inability to manifest what they want into their lives and this too will turn away prospective home buyers as they too can pick up on the discomfort of the negative energy in the home. 


  • Negative thought forms left from past tenants or anyone negative that has entered the property and past owners. Anger within the property. If you have been renting out your home to bad tenants, who knows what kind of negative energy they were using around the home. There may have been a lot of fighting, arguments and even crime. The energy stays within the home until you can do a special reading such as a property clearing to remove this dark and dense energy from the house or land once and for all. 


  • Negative entities attached (many properties can hold negative karma from having a negative entity or two or three around the house, which drains the energy of the people living within the home. Tara will also find out why they are attached and the reasoning


  • Whether you have any earthbound spirits, ghosts, poltergeists attached to the building or surrounding property and how many, and again, the reasoning as to why they are attached and in possession of the land or home. Sometimes the property can be an old sacred site, battleground or burial ground or perhaps some kind of crime happened within the property or land and the negative energy is holding the home back from being sold. 


  • If there are any negative thought forms within the property or even anger or other low vibrational qualities surrounding or within the home and land. This too can stop a property from having a positive flow when it comes to selling your house or home. 


Tara will also give you recommendations in this clearing of what you should do to keep the vibrational frequency of the home at the highest level for the highest good of your property. 

For more information or to make a booking:

Text or call: 0481 33 6666 Australia wide or overseas +61481336666

Email: signsofabundance@gmail.com

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