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Signs Of Abundance

Solar Plexus Meditation Download a guided journey with your spirit animal to meet Archangel Jophiel

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Solar Plexus Meditation for the solar plexus chakra energy centre where you will be greeted by your spirit animal and taken on a powerful guided journey to connect with your Archangel Jophiel. Once connected to your Archangel Jophiel, he will assist you in opening your solar plexus, stepping into your power and conficence letting go of old limiting fears and patterns. This meditation is designed for trusting and believing in your power and confidence and true authentic self.

Tara will take you on a gently and authentic journey that is 28 minutes long in duration and recommended for stepping into your power, letting go of limiting beliefs of the past that hold you back from confidence , strength and courage. Its time to do daily meditation and this powerful guided meditation will get you motivated onto your path to trusting and believing in your higher power, trusting and believing in your connection to your spiritual warrior self and assist in moving you forward onto your path to setting your goals hopes dreams wishes and planning for a more positive path forward . We should all be meditating for 30 minutes or more of meditation time per day and doing this solar plexus meditation combined with other daily chakra meditations is a powerful tool to letting go of lower vibrational frequenies such as being controlled by others and fears that unmotivate us and this is a powerful tool to letting go so that you can raise your frequency and align to love, gratitude and peace with daily meditation. 

Do this powerful solar plexus meditation, a guided meditation that is 28 minutes long and designed to connect you to highest frequency of Archangel Jophiel in the Solar Plexus Chakra whilst travelling there freely on your spirit animal.

Daily meditation is key to the ascension process and if you are looking for opening the door to power and confidence, then working with Archangel Jophiel is a powerful way to access the door to a more powerful and inner authority centred life rather than focusing on authority outside of yourself which has not benefited you in the past. 

The more you meditate with this solar plexus meditation with Archangel Jophiel and be your true authentic self, the more you will start to step into your power. In this powerful guided meditation by Tara J Clarke , Clinical Hypnotherapist , Past Life Regression QHHT Practitioner.

If you are interested in Tara J Clarke's solar plexus meditation, you may be interested in all 7 guided chakra meditations with the Legions of Light Archangels here and receive a special discount of 7 angel chakra energy centre guided meditations for the price of 5 meditations. 

If you would like to see how Tara J Clarke's meditations sound, you may access a free short 12 minute meditation on aura cleansing here for free. This is a free shortened version of the longer meditations available for purchase on this site. 

Access AURA CLEANSING MEDITATION FOR FREE HERE BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK to Aura Field Cleansing Meditation here.  (this is the short 12 minute version). If you enjoy this aura cleansing meditation, please like the video and subscribe to my channel for more tips and free videos.

From my heart to yours, Tara J Clarke, Signs of Abundance

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