Self Hypnosis in Cairns a custom made hypnosis recording made you
self hypnosis custom made recording tailor made to you
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Self Hypnosis Recording custom made for your habit and fear to listen to at home

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This is a powerful custom made self hypnosis recording that is produced by Tara J Clarke, Hypnotherapist for your exact issue you would like to let go of. Perfect if you would like to have hypnosis in the privacy of your own home and listen to your recording daily for at least days and slowly reprogram your subconscious mind, that deeper part of your mind with positive suggestion to remove bad habits and negative thinking and feelings to more positive feelings. 

You will receive two recordings in this self hypnosis package which are tailor made for your habits and fears. 

A night time version as well as a day time hypnosis recording.

A custom made hypnosis recording for self hypnosis is usually around 35 minutes in length so please allow for this much time for you daily to be putting into your routine. Once you feel that you have let go of what it is you need to let go of, you may stop listening to the recording. Fall off track in the future start listening to the recording again. If you are falling off track you really need to ask yourself why and may benefit with a regression hypnosis session with Tara. More on those here

There will be gently music in the background composed by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. 

Please allow up to a few days to book your session with Tara. This session is to chat about your issue, the what, when, why, where and how about your issue and what you would like changed, your motivation to change, habits and so forth. Dependent on your issue will depend on what kind of recording Tara makes tailored for you. Then Tara will make your recording. Allow a few days to finish making the recording so the entire process should take under a week and you will have your recording by the end of the week. 




Why do we have a custom made hypnosis recording or self hypnosis?

  • So that you can listen to the recording in the privacy of your own home day or night in the comfort of your own home.


  • By listening to your very own custom made hypnosis recording daily you can slowly change the subconscious mind's thinking patterns from negative thinking patterns as research shoes that it takes the subconscious mind approximately 28 times to start taking on new habits. Like learning a new skill such as driving a car, it doesn't work once or twice you need more time. That is why this self hypnosis tailor made to YOU works so powerfully. 


  • So that you can have an easier transition to quit your bad habits whether it be alcohol, smoking, fears or depression, you can do it gradually by listening to your custom made self hypnosis recording daily.


  • So that you can be calmer and more relaxed as you go about your day.


  • because the subconscious mind is so much more powerful than willpower and it is important to target the subconscious in this way through self hypnosis 


  • To help eliminate a clattered and the chatter that goes on in the mind and start being able to stop, focus on the breathe and come into the now. It is a great tool to get you into the now and focusing on mindfulness, focusing on being present. If you are open to it, this is another way of eliminating monkey mind here (This way of eliminating the monkey mind may not be for everyone, only those on the spiritual path. If you are not on the spiritual path you may find it hard to comprehend and this is ok)

You are welcomed to check out Tara's voice with this free short 11 minute meditation. There are more free meditations placed on this channel from time to time so do subscribe for free access to meditations. Daily meditation is important for mindfulness and if you only have ten minutes to meditate per day, this free meditation is perfect. If you enjoy the meditation please share the love and like it on YouTube and subscribe to my channel to have access to any more free meditations. Free Meditation here

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state that you go into each night when you go to sleep. Right before you go to sleep, you go into hypnosis first. This is when the critical factor of your mind shuts off, is set aside, the chatter goes away and you are able to relax, unwind, let go and listen to the recording.  Without the recording, you would ideally go to sleep. So hypnosis is a natural state that you go into every day. You are always in control and the recording you receive will be custom made to suit you. Custom made to help you move away from your issues. 

Why would I need a self hypnosis recording that is custom made to me?


self hypnosis in Cairns


When it comes to Anxiety, sadness and depression and even loneliness, or perhaps quitting bad habits such as smoking or fears or even alcohol, it is imperative to have as much support as possible. I know this because I used to have anxiety and depression.

A self-hypnosis recording is designed just for you and YOUR issues, custom made to you so that your subconscious mind can absorb the information and every time you listen to the recording, your subconscious mind will absorb a little more new information at a time.

Research shows that it takes the subconscious mind (that deeper part of your mind that is much more powerful than any willpower) 28 times to absorb new information when it comes to changing habits such as to Anxiety smoking. It’s like learning something new, such as a new job, every time you try, it gets easier and easier and your days get better and better. Therefore, the more you listen to this recording that is designed to change your habits from negative to positive habits, the easier it gets because your mind is slowly adapting to positive change.

The price is reflected on the labor it takes to create and produce your hypnosis script and then make your recording in the hypnosis recording studio which is soundproof. Approximately three hours goes into making this recording which reflects the price shown. There is also a one on one session where Tara meets you online via Zoom video chat to discuss your issue so approximately 3 to 4 hours is involved in putting this self hypnosis recording together for you. 



Call or email to discuss how Tara can help you with this custom made hypnosis recording.  

Phone or Text: 0481 33 6666



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