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Signs Of Abundance

Sacral Chakra Balancing and chakra activation

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This is a powerful chakra balancing session for opening and activation of the sacral chakra energy centre with Tara J Clarke for opening the Sacral Chakra and eliminating fears you hold in this area of your aura around financial issues , not being able to create or lacking in creativity and feeling worthy of abundance and self worth issues, lack of motivation to create and have fun or disinterested in sex or a sex life. Tara J Clarke will channel into your Akashic Records and retrieve the information needed to answer why you are experiencing blocks and restrictions that hold you back from having a healthy energy centre in the sacral chakra area. You may have other fears around holding you back from becoming more financially abundant. 

This is a 3 hour Sacral Chakra Balancing Session for opening and activation of your sacral chakra. 

In the session your soul is accessed within the Akashic Records in the higher dimensions which is why you do not need to be physically present .

You would require this session if you have issues with the female reproductive organs, bodily fluids, kidneys or issues in the intestines. This is due to the root of the problem being that your sacral chakra is blocked. Symptoms of a blocked sacral chakra are coming from the lower back, abdomen, genitals and can be in the legs too. 

This is approximately a 3 hour session done in person at Palm Cove , North Queensland , Australia or online with Tara J Clarke over Skype facetime or WhatsApp. In the session your soul is accessed within the Akashic Records in the higher dimensions which is why you do not need to be physically present .

 You would have this session if you are having one or more of the following issues in your life: 

  • Trouble manifesting a child into your life / fertility issues or nurturing issues
  • Trouble manifesting money into your life or Financial debt and never seem to bring money into your life
  • Neglecting your finances in your life which causes overspending
  • Unmotivation to manifest the things you want into your life or inability to create physical abundance into your life / lack of interest in creating at the physical level
  • Unmotivation to move or get things done
  • Self Sabotaging and self doubt or self confidence issues
  • difficult relationships with others including your partner and possibly no desire to have a sexual relationship or lack of passion 

How is this session conducted?


    This is a chakra balancing session for the sacral chakra to get to the root cause of your issues in the sacral chakra and connection to the higher realms.  This session takes you on a guided meditation journey for releasing of the toxic energies within this third eye chakra and connecting you to your star nation that would like to work with you to assist you in strengthening your third eye chakra energy centre: 

    1. Getting to the root cause of the vibrations behind your sacral chakra issue by accessing your own Akashic Records (everybody has their own book, story of their soul and its held within the Akashic Records of your soul). Tara accesses your Akashic records within your Akashic Records Library to find the story of where your issue began and why. 
    2. Guiding you in a powerful meditation to access, feel and move through the toxic energies that you choose to hold onto in your sacral chakra, guiding you to let the energies that no longer serve you, go and then moving into a space to activate your sacral. 
    3. Then you will be given the tools (depending on what we find) to help you move forward on your path by maintaining your sacral chakra. The tools are used to help with your intuition and trusting and believing in your the power of your spirit as well as helping you align to the vibration of love, peace, calm and light so that you can build trust confidence in your higher intuition and wisdom. 
    4. Depending if you had any major toxic energies within your sacral chakra, you may be given a 21 Day Clearing Ritual to align to your highest truth and give gratitude to the process. This will also raise your consciousness when it comes to speaking your truth. 

    Call and leave a message on 0481336666 for more details or to arrange having a chakra activation session with Tara or email

    If you believe that everything starts at the level of the soul, and then continues into the emotional and psychological layers of you and then if you still do not do anything about the issue to help yourself, it becomes a physical issue,  then this session is for you. You need to understand that everything is energy and starts at the level of the soul. 

Tara will guide you into realizing where the issue has started, it may have started in a past life which triggered childhood traumas and experiences. The root of your sacral chakra issue will keep showing up until you decide to shift the root of the problem and banish the thoughts and emotions that show up and hold you back from stepping into your power when in comes to trusting and believing in your worthiness, pleasure, desire and emotions and trusting and believing that the power is within you to eliminate all obstacles in your way that block you from manifesting your desires, hopes and wishes. 

This session is conducted over skype please be mindful of time frames as Tara conducts sessions world wide. Tara is in Palm Cove , North Queensland , Australia but you can have this session in the privacy of your own home over skype , facetime or WhatsApp. If none of these options suit you please advise and we can make alternate arrangements when you are booking. 

To make a booking, please be mindful that you usually wont be able to get in that same week and if you have time restrictions, please check availability first as sometimes it can be a 2 to 3 week wait or longer to get in for a session. If you are calling, please leave a message with your name , reason for calling and phone number and you will be called back as soon as we can. If you are calling from overseas , depending on the country Tara cannot always call you back, please email for availability at

Check availability by texting or calling 0481336666 Australia or email for availability  

From my heart to yours, 

Tara J Clarke

Signs of Abundance

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