Reptilian overlay removal or the reptillian mind
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Reptilian Overlay and Implant Removal

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This is a Reptilian Overlay Removal and Reptilian Implant Removal session that is done by distance and goes for around 45 minutes. 

You will receive a 21 Day Clearing Ritual to do at the end of the session and it is important to take around ten minutes of your time each day to do the ritual that is easy to do. This is you way of accepting the clearing and removal and giving gratitude to your spirit guides in the process. 

If you have 'Reptilian Mind' or 'Monkey Mind' where you simply cannot focus in meditation then there is a high probability that you have a Reptillian overlay and once you have it removed you are going to feel so much lighter and more free!

Unlike my other sessions this is not a face to face or video link session. You are to be in a quiet sitting or laying state free from distraction. In a receiving state meditation or sleep works good for this session. I will conduct this session remotely whilst you are in the comfort of your own home. 

This Reptillian overlay and reptilian implant removal session will help you overcome that reptillian mind that holds you back from accessing the light because you virtually have a reptilian skin around you at the 4th dimensional level that blocks you from accessing your true authentic light. 65% of souls having a human experience on Earth have this reptilian skin overlay. 

A false reptilian skin has been imposed upon humanity which allows the hosts entire body to be controlled by darker forces. This is not any type of energetic implant or seal and it is different to J Seal Removal but is instead part of the human body.

Approximately 65% of souls around the planet having a third dimensional experience on Earth have reptilian overlays which are virtually a second skin which is comparable to the skin of a reptile, one that you are not able to shed or take off and it connects with the soul as the soul incarnates into the body in this third dimensional experience on Earth. This reptilian overlay second skin is lowering the vibration of the soul having a human experience on Earth and creating negative thoughts and emotions in the process. If the reptillian overlay is not removed then it will linger in the 4th dimensional realm when the soul leaves the body at death and will reconnect when that soul re-incarnates onto the planet so it does not go away until you choose to unplug from it. Once you choose to unplug from this overlay it has to go!  Anyone that has this overlay may find they have run into all sorts of issues in life that you aren’t aware of.

Benefits of Reptilians Overlay Removal:

You may feel more insightful and be much more emotionally connected with others. You will notice that you are starting to get more feelings of love and compassion, as well as a deeper level of peace, calm and tranquility and a more stronger and clearer connection to your higher self.

It is important for you to 'want' to have the reptilian overlay removed. Some get so caught up in the matrix that they get used to the negative effects of being plugged in to the reptile system. So as long as your higher self is ready to let go of the reptilian brain, it Tara will be able to remove the overlay. It is important that I, the healer have permission from your higher self to remove the reptilian overlay. Once I have permission at the start of the session, the process can be done.  

You will just 'be' peaceful and quiet in a process of receiving as the ritual is taking place 

Following the session plenty of rest and hydration are highly recommend.

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