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Wouldn’t it be nice to find out the reasons we incarnate together?

What we are learning from each other and how we are evolving with our partners.

A Relationship Reading can be a great alternative to relationship counselling as it helps you both understand who each other truly is authentically at soul level and as you would know, everything starts at soul level, even YOU.  

Have a Relationship Reading with Tara J Clarke today, from Signs of Abundance by:

* Face to face in Palm Cove, Cairns, North Queensland Australia

* Over the Phone

* Facebook Messenger

* Skype

Feel welcome to call Tara for a chat about having a Relationships Reading or for more information:

0481 33 6666

or E-Mail

Once you have made this reservation and paid, Tara will give you a call and discuss an appropriate time for you to meet for your session. Most sessions are done over Skype or the Phone, however face to face sessions cost the same price. 

Tara has sessions with clients from all over the world and not just in Palm Cove, Cairns, Australia. 

Relationship Readings are approximately a two hour session that Tara has with you and your partner (however you partner does not have to be present) as long as one of you is present. Session is recorded and given to you. 

Your Blocks and Restrictions are accessed within the 5th Dimension of your soul, by accessing your soul’s Akashic Records, the soul book of YOU and the soul book of your partner, to uncover the true authentic you and your partner and all about the relationship, karma, blocks, restrictions, patterns, past lives, soul lessons and any obstacles holding you back from being the best version of yourselves, together.

When you come for a relationship reading with Tara J Clarke, what you will most likely find is that you will receive a lot of information that will also help you in your everyday life.

Not only do you receive much useful information about the relationship’s blocks and restrictions, but you will also receive the wisdom to clear the blocks and restrictions in your Akashic Records. Your clearing homework is to be done by each of you 21 days in a row. A parent can do the clearing work for their child.

RELATIONSHIP READINGS are usually done for:

  • Mother and Father
  • Husband and Wife
  • Boyfriend and Girlfriend
  • Partnerships
  • Mother and Child
  • Father and Child
  • Grandparents
  • You and your Former Lover 
  • Best Friends / Good Friends (a relationship reading makes a great birthday gift for your friends)
  • Siblings: Brother and Sister, Sisters or Brothers
  • Business Partners
  • Basically, any two souls that have some kind of connection in the here and now

please note: permission must be granted to access the Akashic Records Of Former partners. If no permission the reading is done in your Akashic Records only. 



  • A Relationship Reading will help you understand each other by uncovering just who each of you authentically are at soul level. You will discover significant differences between you both which affect the circumstances within the relationship.  This will help you to appreciate each other from a soul level perception.


  • You will learn about your partner’s soul and your own soul which will help you both understand each other's soul gifts, needs, and soul personalities and learn to appreciate each other on a much deeper soul level.  


  • You will learn about and appreciate your past-life history between two souls. Know that not all relationships go back to past lives together as soul mates, but wouldn’t it be nice to know if you do?



  • Wouldn’t it be nice to find out which life lessons relate directly to your relationship?  You may find that you are constantly being tested on acceptance or obligation or passion in your relationship. This will help you understand your path forward as a couple as you uncover your life lessons and how they relate to the relationship.


  • You will find out if you have agreed to come into this life with a Soul contract that you share with each other.  Are you soul mates, or has one of you promised to protect or heal the other or perhaps control the other and how does this information compare to your relationship in the here and now.  


  • You may have negative karma together between two souls.  This just means that you may have made negative choices in the past together. This may explain why you two keep facing the same situations within the relationship and the same issues, blocks and restrictions keep coming up like a broken record.  You will understand whether you have karma within your relationship from past lives or a past life and the details of that karma.



  • You will find out what negative blocks and patterns from this current life or perhaps in a past life and how they are affecting you or your partner in this relationship. How can you move forward within the relationship? Then we can clear them.


  • A relationship reading will give you insight into how your relationship contributes to your very own experience.


  • What energetic blocks and restrictions are affecting your relationships.


  • A relationship reading will help two souls get to know each other at the level of their higher selves.


  • This reading can be done for not only romantic relationships and partners but also for close friends, business partners, child and parent, siblings and so forth. To help each other understand each other and improve the energy of the relationship. 


  • A relationship reading is important to help you both understand each other at soul level and to help you understand why you have chosen to have this experience with each other.


  • A relationship reading will also allow you to understand about the blocks and restrictions affecting your relationship and clear any blocks affecting the relationship in the Akashic Records.


  • You will find out whether you have shared a long history together in past lives, had a past life together which would make you both soul mates, or not at all. If you have had past lives with your partner, it will be intriguing to know just how closely connected the both of your were and how. It is quite common for close relationships to find out that they have had past lives together. 

Not only is a relationship reading with Tara J Clarke an amazing and life changing way to understand your romantic relationships and partnerships, but this is a beautiful experience to have with your child. It helps you understand why your child has chosen you, how you can assist in understanding your child and the relationship you have with your child and vice versa.

A relationship reading will not ‘fix’ a relationship or magically bring an x lover back. It is designed for you to have more insight to understand the relationship, how the relationship contributes to your life, what you are here to learn and determine from the relationship and how can you use the information you receive in order to move forward within in relationship, if that’s what you want.

If you are at a crossroads in your relationship, in a bad relationship where you feel that you do not have a choice to leave, or if you are confused about staying in the relationship, a relationship reading will help give you insight in deciding on your path forward.

Spiritually, relationships are to teach us more about who we truly are at soul level. However sometimes we get into relationships that are coming from the ego perspective and not for our highest good. As a result, they can become unhealthy and not serve us from living our highest purpose.

By having a soul relationship reading together as a partnership, it will help you understand each other at soul level, your flaws, your gifts and how you are different to each other and ways to understand and accept each other.

Feel welcome to call Tara for a chat about having a Relationships Reading or for more information:

0481 33 6666

Palm Cove, Cairns, North Queensland, Australia. Readings can be done for you from anywhere around the world by:

* Phone (Tara’s able to call you in most places around the world)

* Skype

* Face to Face

* FB Messenger

Readings are done on a 5th dimensional level which why you do not need to be physically present. Tara accesses your Akashic Records within the higher dimensions. 

From my heart to yours,

Tara J Clarke

Signs Of Abundance 

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