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Quantum Healing Hypnosis in Cairns
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Signs of Abundance

Hypnosis for anxiety in Cairns as well as worry stress depression or anger.

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This is a hypnois for anxiety session in Palm Cove, Cairns and is only done in person. If you are out of town Tara may have other options for you to let go of your anxieties, depression or anger. 


This style of hypnosis is great for getting to the root cause of your problems, fears and phobias such as Stress, Worry and Anxiety, grief, Sadness, Anger, Frustration, Blame, insomnia, illness, disease and health problems. Do not put up with your health worries any longer and book in to see Tara today. This is a face to face session in Palm Cove, Cairns servicing Northern Beaches, Atherton Tablelands, Mareeba, Port Douglas, Townsville and surrounds . If you are out of town, then this therapy may not suit you unless you wish to travel to Palm Cove, it is a beautiful place to visit!

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How does QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique get to the root cause of my issues?

When you go into the natural state of theta brainwave (this is the brainwave state that you move through just before you drift completely off to sleep, where the dreams start ), we access that part of your mind that knows everything about you, every lesson you have learned, every purpose you have service, every choice you have made. We go into the mind to get the answers, to let go of negative blocks, fears, limiting emotions of the past that hold you back from your highest good so you can release the past and start a new clean slate of living a life of joy, peace, calm and a long and healthy life!  This is a Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT) Session is designed to release your blocks that are currently holding you back from being the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. You will also learn a lot about yourself that you did not know, at soul level. 

We regress your mind into the past by taking you back through regression style therapy, sometimes you go into your childhood, but with QHHT you are more likely to go into a past life. Your subconscious mind will show you what it needs to show you in order for you to let go of the negativity of the past and start moving forward. You will get answers on what you need to do to move forward. You will get answers on why you keep experiencing issues, problems, pain and suffering in your life. This is a powerful session!

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This Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique QHHT session is based in Palm Cove, Cairns and is so successful for anyone that has anxiety, stress, worries, depression, sadness, grief, loss, loneliness, blame, anger, frustration or any other low vibration issues where you are carrying above your weight.

This is a thorough 5 hour session plus some extra time to go through the tools, one on one, face to face program with a booklet of tools that will also assist you moving forward onto your path, that works! 

Text or phone 0481336666 for next availability on a QHHT session that is for anxiety or depression or to have a chat to find out if this kind of hypnosis is for you or whether a different healing may suit you better. Tara does not always pick up the phone as she is in session so please leave a message with your name, reason for calling and number and she will call you back as soon as she can. Alternative text or email your enquiry to Tara at

You will also receive a pre-recorded hypnosis session audio-recording to take home with you to use as you drift off to sleep to assist you in positive suggestions to assist in re-programming the mind to remember to slow down and let go of the toxic energy build up within you as the situation occurs.

You do need to believe and trust in the process. Be open to it and you will release the blocks of psychological, emotional baggage, spiritual blocks from the past that you hold onto without even realizing and many negative blocks that hold you back from your highest good, are released. This can happen all in one session, depending on how many differing issues you have. You will be amazed at how much better you will feel from one session with Tara. Be open to the process (no need to be spiritual) but believe that you have a soul, a part of you has spirit, and believe that you have a higher consciousness, a deeper part of your mind, that true self that is you and you will be able to heal from this beautiful process.

Allow 5 to 6 hours, over one session and just trust in the process, trust and believe yourself. Tara will also go through some powerful tools that will assist you moving forward on your path to combat your anxieties, stress or worrying. You will receive video recordings of these tools and a booklet to take home with you. 


If you are not a spiritual person at all, Tara has a Clinical Hypnotherapy Style Custom Made Hypnosis session which may suit you better here which targets ALL of your issues and she makes a personalised hypnosis recording just for you to listen to as many times as you wish. This therapy of custom made self hypnosis can be done over the phone, internet or skype. Or Timeline Therapy May also be good for you. Give Tara a call today to find out the best program or session for you. 

I do many of these each week and love watching people come out of life long depression issues, smiling and healing. It truly is magical. You will release many blocks as long as you are open to this process and just know that it is very safe. 

Give me a call on 0481 33 6666 to find out more, we are located at Palm Cove, Cairns. 

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Stress Worry Anxiety Anger, Frustration, Sadness, Loneliness QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is at our office at Palm Cove, Northern Beaches, Cairns, QLD

Example of someone with Anxiety Issues

Client: Lincoln

A client had anxiety around authority figures (his boss mostly) and knew he had to do something about it as it was causing problems at work. In one session, I found out right away that he had a blocked throat chakra (this is your communication channel to others) and during the hypnosis he was regressed in time and we found out that he was an army pilot in World War II and his commanding officer forced him to drive the plane (A BT25 Mitchell Bomber in Arizona) and he went down with 6 of his crew which caused his death. The trauma of the death and the situation caused him to hold onto the limiting belief of 'They never listen, I wont speak up as they never listen anyway'. Just having the knowing of why he was always holding back and not expressing himself at work, was enough for this man to grown instant confidence. His throat chakra instantly opened up at the end of the session. He has since had a promotion at work and much more confidence. 

Your session with me involves all of these: QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique where you will go into a theta state of hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, and Tara can also use Energy Work or in Healing or a focus on releasing the blocks and restrictions with you whilst you are under hypnosis. It truly is magical and you will believe when you see it. I am an energy healer too and your chakras are also checked along with your blocks and restrictions around your body so that I know what negative blocks, limiting beliefs we are working with. 

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One Session at my office in Palm Cove: Approximately 5 hours in total (Please allow up to 5 hours for your session as some people need a little more time to get through their many issues).

This program will help you to remove those blocks of Stress Worry Anxiety Anger, Frustration, Sadness, Loneliness QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Cairns, that linger and once you understand where the source of these issues comes from you will be able to release them in the session, whilst in the deep theta state of hypnosis. Trust the process, believe in the process and your healing will happen. 

So, I recommend making that first step to living a stress, worry and anxiety free life, and releasing those issues behind you. Give me a call today, your sessions are 100% confidential. 
on 0481 33 6666

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Please do not forward any of this information that you receive from ‘signs Of Abundance ‘ By taking this program, you understand and agree that you have choices at all times and can start and end the process at any time during the session. You agree to continue medication as prescribed by Medical General Practitioner or Physicians, and understand that hypnotherapy and/or mediation is not a substitute for medical care. You understand a hypnotist neither diagnoses nor treat any medical or mental health condition, instead offering tools of self-discovery and awareness to compliment any medical treatment prescribed by a physician. If any medical symptoms progress or become acute you agree to seek medical attention from a licensed healthcare provider. You understand that the methods of hypnosis include relaxation, breath work, creative visualization, positive affirmation, self-awareness development and other techniques and may produce physical and emotional responses. You agree to inform your hypnotist of any adverse feelings or experiences related to this process, at the time of my awareness of them. You have been informed as to the limits of hypnosis effectiveness and offered referral to other providers of alternative approaches to problem solving. You are over the age 18, and consent to hypnosis services offered by Tara.J.Clarke of A Healthy Mindset.

Call for a FREE chat today on:
Ph: 0481 33 6666
Tara. J. Clarke
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Dip. Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy
QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Level 2
Energy Healing / Chakra Healing and Meditation Intuition and Mindfulness Teacher


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This hypnosis for anxiety session is for you if you live in the Cairns, Cairns Northern Beaches, Palm Cove, Atherton Tablelands or Port Douglas region located in North Queensland, Australia, then this therapy is for you! Specializing in Past Life Regression (Past Lives, Spiritual Guide and Life Between Lives), Chakra Healing, Quitting Smoking (stop smoking habit), Anxiety, Worry, Fears, Stress Reduction/Stress Relief (Mindfulness), Weight Loss, Confidence, Self Esteem, The Power of Positivity, Meditation and more. 

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