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Past Life Regression with Timeline Hypnotherapy

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Past Life Regression in Cairns with with timeline hypnotherapy or known as timeline therapy. Hypnosis the Clinical Hypnotherapy style for accessing the past from childhood or if you believe in past lives and the issue started from a past life, there is a good chance you will go into a past life.

Tara J Clarke specializes in past life soul regression and this is a powerful hypnosis session that focuses on accessing your past life or childhood. Duration is approximately 2 to 2 and a half hours for this session. 

Tara J Clarke is a Clinical Hypnotherapist helping clients with bad habits, issues, fears and accessing timeline hypnotherapy. Tara J Clarke is also a Level 2 QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner , Energy Healer , Akashic Records Psychic , Meditation, Intuition and Mindfulness Teacher. 

This timeline therapy technique is to help you get to the ROOT cause of your issues whether it be a hypnosis regression session with Tara or accessing your childhood memories with timeline therapy for those who do not believe in past lives, the target is getting to the root cause of your issues so that you can understand them and then let them go. Be open to past lives, because many of my clients expect to go back to their childhood however end up in a past life because this is where the issue started. The subconscious mind, the deep part of your soul that has all of the memories of the past, knows exactly what to show you. 

We are all energetic beings here on Earth having a third dimensional experience and each of us has a vibration different to everybody else's. That is how our guides find us. We choose to hold onto blocks and restrictions that hold us back from being the best version of ourselves that we can be. When you incarnate into this lifetime as a baby, your vibration is exactly the same as you left it in the last incarnation. If you were choosing to hold onto anger from a past life trauma, you will incarnate with that anger however it only tends to be triggered in your childhood. So there is a good chance you will incarnate with parents or other family members that bring out the anger in you. You see, it needs to be triggered in order to be released. That is the only reason we visit the past, to bring it up, look at the reasoning, understand the experience and lessons around it, then most importantly release it back to where it came from. 

Tara is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and is also trained in Timeline Therapy and this kind of therapy where we focus on the root cause of your problem and may suit you if you are not a believer in past lives, The focus is the issues from your childhood so that we can find the issue to let it go, then release it. If you have issues from childhood that need resolving, give Tara J Clarke a call now for more information on how her timeline therapies can help you. 

Give Tara a call today to talk about what path would be best for you to take forward. 0481336666. Tara may be in session and may not pick up the phone and if this is the case, please leave a message with your phone number, reason for calling and name and Tara will get back to you as soon as she can. Alternatively text your message to Tara or email:

More about Past Lives 

We visit past lives in order to face the past, understand our past lessons, focus on the experiences of the past to see the lessons, to understand the journey and then once we get the knowing of why we do what we do, why we went through those traumas of the past, why we choose to hold the negativity of the past such as anxiety depression sadness, anger, loneliness, grief, we can then learn to understand the story, receive the knowing, receive the wisdom to let it go, put it back into the past forever, where it belongs. This then helps us to live a life in the now, the present and we receive much wisdom with this session by accessing that higher part of ourselves that is connected to source, in order to understand our life lessons, our purpose for choosing this third dimensional experience on Earth.

It is then with this knowing we can find our path to joy, abundance, healing and lift our vibration. This is is all about lifting your old wounds, letting go of the old negative limiting beliefs in order to raise your vibration. 

Call for more information 0481336666. 

See the many 5 Star Reviews at the bottom of this page. Rated Best Business of 2018 for Excellence by Three Best Rated. 


Hear a live session with Tara. J. Clarke NOW by clicking on this link here.

You too can Let go of the past and at the same time learn about your blocks and restrictions and what you need to do to let go of the past once and for all.

This man was having difficulties with work colleagues and lacking confidence.  Finding out that he was a strong, courageous, powerful bird (sea eagle) with 20/20 vision is just what his subconscious mind needed to show this man in order for him to hit the ground running. 

This man is now hitting the ground running using that power, strength, courage and 20/20 vision of the memories of being that sea eagle bird. Powerful stuff! This man came to Tara with problems and the main issue was having to close his business down, nearing bankruptcy. His business is now earning a six figure salary! 


Read one of Tara's latest reviews for a Past Life Regression

I read Dolore's convoluted universe 4th edition and quite by accident found that a practitioner named Tara was close by. I made a booking and she sent me an email with instructions on things to do even before the session. I met her in palm cove and she is probably the sweetest person I have ever met. Her voice, energy and demeanor was very calm and she is keen to help others. I was a bit nervous about the session, but she was quite re assuring and even did energy and chakra tests. The hypnosis part of the session took about 3 hours while it felt only like 30 minutes. I am so glad that I did because of the following tangible benefits I had. For the last 10 years I had anxiety issues, burning body sensations, terrible headaches, sore muscles, difficulty to sleep for which I had tried Chinese medicine, accupuncture, accupressure, faith healers, reiki, pranic healing, aromatherapy, scented oils, tribal & herbal medicines, visualisations,english medicine, Tibetan medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Homeopathy,various massages, naturopathy, siddha medicine, various cleansing, mediations, yoga etc and had spent over 15,000$ desperate to find a cure. Since after the session I slept like a baby with no eye cover and ear plugs where till the night before even with ear plugs it was too noisy. The body has cooled down(confirmed by my wife who's a doctor as well) and the plaguing muscle soreness which prevented me from playing sports has disappeared overnight. It's as if I have a new body and the nervous systems have calmed down. The mind is calm and grounded and there is no irritation or emotional imbalances anymore. There is a new found understanding and respect of the world and people and nothing close to this had every happened even after 12 years of meditation and mindfulness. I suspect it did release some energy blocks and removed a large amount of karma which none of the saints or holy people I had spent months with could ever do. Everything I had spent lot of money, efforts and years to cure my system was done effortlessly in a few hours! I am like a new person and strongly recommend everyone to try it and Tara is simply the best person to do it.


Paul Noble


Be open to the process, trust and believe in the session and like Paul, you will have an amazing experience. 

Will the style of QHHT hypnosis assist with my health issues?

Not only is this kind of regression therapy perfect for accessing past lives and soul level issues but perfect for those clients wishing to release anger, fears, sadness, loneliness, anxiety, depression, bad habits, pain and discomfort. Also many illnesses such as autoimmune, colon and digestion issues, endometriosis, muscular diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, heart conditions, circulation, cancer and weight gain /weight loss should benefit from this session as long as you are open minded to spirituality. If you trust and believe in the process and are not holding onto any fears of the unknown around hypnosis, then you will be open to let go of blocks and restrictions from the past, once and for all. Its all about accessing the past to see how the issue started, once we get the knowing, understanding we can then do the work to let it go. 

How will a past life soul regression session like QHHT assist me on my path forward?

Trust, believe and you will clear blocks and restrictions that hold you back from your highest path, from your true divinity. You see, when we are sick with heightened emotions, we are off our path and we cannot make positive choices as we are so out of alignment and in the mind of the ego.  So our choices are usually made out of 'ego' which are never the right decisions, where we keep collecting more and more issues that we do not want. Ego is designed for the fight, flight and freeze emotions e.g. stress or fears when we are about to experience trauma, such as being chased by a wild animal, the ego is a state of our mind that goes into fight flight or freeze to protect us. However if we choose to live in fear with our mind in ego, then choices made out of 'ego' are usually negative choices creating negative fears which starts to affect our emotional layer (the layer of our energy that is the way we feel), our Psychological layer (the layer of our energy that is the way we think) and then our physical body. So wouldn’t it be nice to rid your soul of those fears? 

If negative choices start to affect our physical body where we are receiving pain and discomfort, then the issue has gone too far and we really need to get to the bottom of the issues that are causing poor health, let them go and start moving forward with the answers. Once you are cleared and in alignment, you will then start to make decisions from the 'heart' not ego, which are in alignment to your true authentic self that is your true soul , your subconscious that stores all of the information of your soul journey. The subconscious is the deep part of your mind that knows every life you have lived, every lesson you have learned, every trauma you have been through, every fear you choose to hold and every purpose you have served. This is why one session with Tara works so well. it puts you back on your path to ultimately abundance, love, joy and peace.  


How long will a session take and do you charge extra if it is longer?

This Past Life or Soul & Regression Session or it can be a Timeline Therapy Session instead depending on your beliefs, is approximately 3 hours so please always allow up to 3 hours for your session.

QHHT Hypnosis can be done to access your issues from childhood too, which is a longer 5 hour session.

The price is a fixed price, so if the session happens to go for longer than the specified hours,  I do not charge extra. My priority is getting as much information as possible, relevant to the client's healing journey. 


Will I need to come back after the first session?

If learning about your past life is all you wish to know, one session is all you need to get answers that you need to move forward and in line with your highest good. It is very rare for a client to need to come back. Unless you wish to know more about other past lives. 

If you wish to know more about yourself such as questions about your life situation, then read QHHT Hypnosis which is a 5 hour longer session. 

You do need to have an open mind about spirituality, the more open to the power of spirit, the more you will receive. Be open minded to spirituality, trust in the process and you Will move in your path forward.  You should walk out of the session uplifted, letting go of the old restrictions, with a clearer soul, clearer mind, ready to start making more positive choices on your newfound path forward. 

Page Down to see CLIENT 5 STAR REVIEWS.  
Am I safe with the Past Life (or current life) Soul Regression therapy with QHHT ? 

In this session, Tara J Clarke will gently guide you into a theta brainwave, the deeper brainwave start after alpha brainwave. In theta, which is a natural state that we go into usually twice per day, just before we drift off to sleep. You are safe, protected, nothing can harm you, this is a safe place of 'love' where you go. If you come in holding onto fear about your session, e.g. a fear of the unknown, you are probably going to block the process from working 100%, so leave any fears behind as this is the opposite of 'love'. You need to trust, believe and be open to this process. If you are having timeline therapy you may not go as deep and fluctuate between alpha and theta brainwaves. Just know that in any kind of hypnosis, it’s a natural state between sleep and awake, you are always in control and always safe. 

Page Down to see many more 5 STAR REVIEWS from past clients of

Tara J Clarke. 



Why should I choose a past life session ?

Many of us are holding onto negative beliefs, fears, blocks which hold us back from being the best version of ourselves that we can be. Visiting past lives will help you let go of these old wounds and limiting beliefs. Likewise, visiting a negative situation in childhood may solve an issue of the past as we need to face it to then release it. 

Tara is also an energy healer and when you come in for a session, She will be able to see where you are holding onto negative blocks, and usually whether it is karmic, from a past life, or this current life. This is an added benefit and valuable in your session. 

Its interesting to learn about your past lives and most people come for a session with Tara J Clarke because they believe that their issue relates to a past life. They are usually right.  

You can upgrade your past life regression session to a longer QHHT Hypnosis session where you may find out more about your true beliefs, life lessons etc, Your subconscious mind will take you where you need to go in order to get the answers to your questions or the answers for your healing path, whether the healing path is for anger, fears, sadness, loneliness, anxiety, depression, to quit bad habits, stop smoking, pain, discomfort, illness, you will receive answers in the session as to where the issues are coming from, where they may have started, what trigger the problem and which way forward. 

If you are looking at having hypnosis in Cairns, give Tara a  call 0418 33 6666 to find out more information on a Regression Hypnosis Session or Timeline Therapy session now.


Will a regression session of hypnosis help my phobias and fears?

Whether you are holding onto a negative feeling (such as insecurities, feeling controlled, controlling, not being able to speak your truth, not being able to voice your opinion, shy, reserved, not being able to speak in public etc, just to name a few), a phobia or a limited belief, an illness, addiction, physical pain, by finding the source of your blocks through regression hypnosis,  it can then be released in just one past life regression session with Tara. J. Clarke. Its all about finding out where the issue started and then letting it go. You may not let it go right away but having the knowing will make it easier for you to make new subtle changes in your life to let it all go. 


How does an incident from a past life affect us now?


Times of heightened emotion of the past, including past lives can affect us in this lifetime emotionally, psychologically and then physically.  This is because every issue starts at soul level. As an example, something as simple as being gay in a past life, bullied in a past life, murdered in a past life, or in a controlling relationship in a past life, and not being able to speak your truth, living in a life where you cannot express your true beliefs and feelings, can have a huge impact on your lifetime today such as anxiety and public speaking issues. Drowning in a past life, can mean that you have a fear of the water and swimming in this life. It's all in the memory bank of your mind that is connected to that highest part of you at soul level!

Those people that carry fears of self doubt, self sabotage, depression, anxiety, worry and feelings of being powerless (they have probably had their power taken away from an event or a person in a past life), go through this life feeling insecure, powerless and letting others dictate who they really are. Letting others control them, and therefore living beliefs of other people in this life. Do you think this makes you really happy? Not really. because it is so important to live the beliefs of your true authentic self. So by going back to a past life, that is relevant to your power being taken away in this life can be so rewarding. Once you understand why you are a 'follower' in this life, instead of the 'leader' you should be, (stepping into your own power, making decisions for yourself) and what past life event lead you to be like this, it all starts to make sense. For example, finding out that you were in a very and abusive and controlling arranged marriage in a past life, is enough to understand why you lost your power. Once you can come to this understanding, reality hits and negative blocks start to release. This is when past life regression is so empowering, because you get the knowing, then the fears and negative blocks start to fade away! It truly is amazing and real ! 


Will a past life hypnosis in Cairns session assist me with my intuition?

You may want to experience a past life regression for your own insight and growth. We are all indeed here to learn and experience and you will definitely learn and experience more about yourself, intuitively after a past life regression with Tara. As a result, you can move forward in your current life and be able to start more confidently making true decisions from your heart, focusing on your true beliefs and not the beliefs of anybody else. For example, being confused about what you really want to do in a job and finding out that you were a healer in a past life, helping animals. This can really help you understand what you truly love to do. Or finding out that your current partner was your brother or sister in a past life, or finding out that you were enslaved in a past life which is why you carry the fear of tight spaces (claustrophobic) or finding out you were burned at the stake for being mistaken as a witch in a past life and this relating to why you do not trust people. 

Tara J Clarke is also a Meditation , Mindfulness and Intuition Teacher and teaches a separate intuition course on this site here


Is past life hypnosis a popular method of healing?

Its amazing what you may find out from a Past Life Regression Session . Past life regression has helped thousands of people understand their true selves in this life.

 Understand life lessons, and discover why we carry these traits and characteristics about ourselves that they do not particularly like such as being controlling or being insecure.

Just having this knowing after a past life regression is enough to let go of blocks and this alone will help you heal. I see many of my clients let go of these blocks instantly after a regression session, it truly is amazing! I love my job!  Read the reviews about experiences that has occurred with my clients, all subject to different circumstances. You may even receive answers to what your lessons are and your purpose, if you want to know this. 

Go to the bottom of this page to see 5 Star Reviews on Past Life Regressions!

Tara is also an energy healer and will check your auric field (energy field), chakras (energy centres) to see where you are holding onto negative blocks. This helps in the past life regression process and as she can be more direct to finding out more about where your issues are coming from. The more She knows about your energy, the easier it is to understand your healing process, for example, if Tara can see you have a block in your sacral chakra, this is a question to ask your subconscious in the session, to help understand that block. 

Tara is also an Akashic Records Psychic. Find out more about an Akashic Records Psychic Reading or Soul Realignment Readings and see many of her 5 Star Reviews here

Whether you are having QHHT Hypnosis for a past life or Timeline Therapy, Tara is extremely thorough in her work and a regression session takes longer than most in order to find out as much information from your powerful subconscious mind as need be. Get questions answered in your session to release those unwanted negative blocks, and limited beliefs,  The more you can understand and learn your life lessons and move forward so that you can be the best possible, most authentic version of yourself as you need to be. This really is a mind blowing experience for many and it can be quite magical too, so expect the unexpected, be open to this process to assist your healing path and know that you are completely in control of the situation, safe and protected. The more open to healing you are the more you will heal yourself in one of these sessions. Please give me a call to find out if this amazing session is for you. 

From my heart to yours,

Tara. J. Clarke

Clinical Hypnotherapist  (AHA Approved with Australian Hypnotherapy Association)

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) Practitioner Level 2, Past Life Regression,

Soul Realignment Practitioner Level 2 and Akashic Records Psychic

Energy Healer ( Chakra Balancing and Angelic Pellowah Level 2 Practitioner )

Meditation & Mindfulness & Intuition Teacher, Member IMTA, International Meditation Teachers Association 

Phone now on 0481 33 6666



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