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Past Life Soul Regression, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique QHHT Cairns Beaches Palm Cove

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Past Life Soul Regression, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique QHHT and Regression Therapy, Cairns Beaches Palm Cove
Duration: This is a Past Life / or Soul & Regression Session Therapy with a duration of Approximately 4 hours (Usually anywhere between 3 to 5 hours) so please always allow up to 5 hours for your session. The price is a fixed price, so if the session happens to go for 5 hours, I do not charge extra. My priority is getting as much information as possible, relevant to the client's healing journey. 

One session is all you need to get ALL of your answers that you need to move forward and in line with your highest good. 


In this Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique QHHT session, you will go into a theta brainwave, which is a natural state that we go into usually twice per day, just before we drift off to sleep. You are safe, protected, nothing can harm you, this is a safe place of 'love' where you go. If you come in holding onto fear about your session, you are probably going to block the process from working 100%, so leave any fears behind as this is the opposite of 'love'. You need to trust, believe and be open to healing. 
All of your issues should be resolved in this one session. If you decide to come again for a second session for another time (some people come to me once every 6 months to find out more about their past lives, as we have usually had many), then give me a call and I can usually do this special offer for you as a repeat client. 
Past Life Soul Regression, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique QHHT Cairns Beaches Palm Cove

Page Down to see CLIENT 5 STAR REVIEWS. 

Cairns Palm Cove Past Life Regression Hypnosis hypnotherapy clinical hypnotherapist
Clinical Hypnotherapist (Specializing in Past Lives, where all of your issues will be resolved, you need to believe in yourself, believe in the process and trust it), Energy Healer (Chakra's) and Spiritual Guide, Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher. Member of AHA, Professional of Australian Hypnotherapy Association and IMTA International Meditation Teacher's Association.
Why past life and soul regression?
Many of us are holding onto negative beliefs which hold us back. In your session, I will be able to see where you are holding onto negative blocks, and whether it is karmic, from a past life, or this life. If I find out that the issue (the problem you are coming in for) is from a past life, then past life regression will be so valuable to you in order to release the negativity that you are holding onto. However if you just wish to do a past life regression to find out more about your true beliefs, life lessons etc, this is fine too. Your subconscious mind will take you where you need to go in order to get the answers to your questions or the answers for your healing path. 

Whether you are holding onto a negative feeling (such as insecurities, feeling controlled, controlling, not being able to speak your truth, not being able to voice your opinion, shy, reserved, not being able to speak in public etc, just to name a few), a phobia or a limited belief, an illness, addiction, physical pain, by finding the source of your blocks through regression, it can then be released.

Times of heightened emotion of the past, including past lives can affect us in this lifetime emotionally, psychologically and then physically.  As an example, something as simple as being gay in a past life, and not being able to speak your truth, living in a life where you cannot express your true beliefs and feelings, can have a huge impact on your lifetime today such as anxiety and public speaking issues. Drowning in a past life, can mean that you have a fear of the water and swimming in this life. 

Those people that carry fears of self doubt, worry and feelings of being powerless (they have probably had their power taken away from an event or a person in a past life), go through this life feeling insecure, powerless and letting others dictate who they really are. Letting others control them, and therefore living beliefs of other people in this life. Do you think this makes you really happy? No, because it is so important to live the beliefs of your true authentic self. So by going back to a past life, that is relevant to your power being taken away in this life can be so rewarding. Once you understand why you are a 'follower' in this life, instead of the 'leader' you should be, (sticking up for yourself, making decisions for yourself) and what past life event lead you to be like this, it all starts to make sense. For example, finding out that you were in a very and abusive and controlling marriage in a past life, is enough to understand why you lost your power. Once you can come to this understanding, reality hits and negative blocks start to release. This is when past life regression is so empowering, because the fears and negative blocks start to fade away! It truly is amazing!

Or you may just want to experience a past life regression for your own insight and growth. We are all indeed here to learn and experience and you will definitely learn and experience more about yourself after a past life regression with Tara. While you are in this theta brainwave state, (which is the brainwave that you go through just before you drift off to sleep and this is a natural state that you go into usually twice per day), you will receive messages such as your life lessons that you are here to learn. As a result, you can move forward in your current life and be able to start easily making true decisions from your heart, focusing on your true beliefs and not the beliefs of anybody else. For example, being confused about what you really want to do in a job and finding out that you were a healer in a past life, helping animals. This can really help you understand what you truly love to do. Or finding out that your current partner was your brother or sister in a past life, or finding out that you were enslaved in past life which is why you carry the fear of tight spaces (claustrophobic). 

Its amazing what you may find out from a QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Session with Tara. All I can say, is that I know that past life regression has helped thousands of people understand their true selves in this life. Understand their life lessons, and discover why they carry these traits and characteristics about themselves that they do not particularly like such as being controlling or being insecure.
Just having this knowing after a past life regression is enough to let go of the blocks and heal. I see my clients let go of these blocks instantly after a regression session, it truly is amazing! I love my job!  Healing takes place in one form or another in the session. You will receive healing in some form, subject to your circumstances. You may even receive answers to what your lessons are and your purpose, if you want to know this. 
Go to the bottom of this page to see 5 Star Reviews on Past Life Regressions!
Past life work is as therapeutic as it is fascinating and the revelations contained in even one experience give opportunity for growth and understanding for the rest of our current life. Having experienced one re framed or released issue our conscious mind is forever and undeniably open to a deeper understanding of the totality of our life. We gain a new view of existence and new explanations for all of the issues in our life and with a little practice we are eventually able to take ourselves back into the past whenever we choose. Healing of your issues that can be healed and provided are not karmic, will take place if you allow it. You need to be open to it, trust it, believe in it. 
This session will consist of a past life regression and may also include visiting higher realms too. We go to a place of 'love' and you are safe and protected. It is an amazing experience.
From my heart to yours,
Tara. J. Clarke
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)
Practitioner Level 1
Past Life Regression
Energy Healer (Chakra Balance)
Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher, Member IMTA,
International Meditation Teachers Association 
Phone now on 0481 33 6666, your session is approx 4 hours, please allow 5 for those that have as many issues. The more issues and questions you have about your life, your health, your finances, your relationships, your career, your life lessons and your purpose, the longer it will take. Some people come in with a handful of questions, others have more than a page of questions. So always allow 5 hours. I have had a client take over 6 and a half hours session, although this client had a lot of physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological issues. He is now doing very well!
Tara is also an energy healer and will check all of your auric field (energy field), chakras (energy centres) to see where you are holding onto negative blocks. This is a crucial part of the past life regression process and key to finding out more about where your issues are coming from. The more I know about your energy, the easier it is to understand your healing process. 
Tara is extremely thorough in her work and a regression session takes longer than most in order to find out as much information from your powerful subconscious mind as need be. Get questions answered in your session to release those unwanted negative blocks, and limited beliefs,  The more you can understand and learn your life lessons and move forward so that you can be the best possible, most authentic version of yourself as you need to be. This really is a mind blowing experience for most and magical too, so expect the unexpected and know that you are completely safe and protected. 

Ph:  0481 33 6666

email: ahealthymindset@outlook.com.au

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