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vision board boards white wash beach designer quality organisation planning affirmation photos

Organisation Vision Board white wash for manifesting hopes goals wishes boards beach house style

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Vision Board: Organisation Vision Board is hand crafted, handmade in Australia and perfect for manifesting hopes goals wishes and even organizing the office or home. Our Vision and Organisation Boards are perfect for hanging up reminders, affirmation and photos for the beach house. A white wash style, hand painted beautifully, then sanded and made into a perfect hanging wall organizer gift idea. Our boards are a FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE item. Organisation Board to organise yourself in the office, the home or to manifest your hopes, dreams and wishes for a more prosper, abundant life full of prosperity and wealth! Or just have one to help you plan! They look great and make the perfect, ideal gifts for loved ones. 


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This hand crafted quality stylish vision board is a creative idea and handcrafted by ZenGifts. Our perfect, pretty, vision boards are a great tool to peg up your goals, hopes, wishes, wealth and prosperity by placing photos, pictures, affirmations or visions that you wish to achieve right now. This vision board is an awesome tool to remind you that the time is now to dream, the time is right now to start visualizing, creating, start dreaming your perfect life. Start putting an action to the thought, by placing your hopes, goals, wishes, dreams of your career, wealth, prosperity, friendships, love life, relationships all on one board where you can set an intention, set a goal, set a vision so that you can reach your targets, goals, dreams and visions. 

 Size: 30 cm x 15 cm x 7 mm thick

Materials, Handcrafted with wood, paint, natural soy wax for ends of rope, paint and wooden pegs. 

You could make your own vision board, or you could buy this beautifully hand crafted vision board where all of the hard work is done for you! 

This vision board comes in beach style, you can check out this other style which is a  wood and cork vision board, that has cork all the way around where you can also use a thumb tac or pins to place more items. 

Our minds are forever changing, with the tides, so it is important to have a vision board that is simple and easy to update. This is a perfect idea in order for you to keep your vision, keep on track of your goals, and ultimately push yourself that little bit harder to achieve, with the reminders on your vision board. This is a great gift idea for anyone wanting to improve their life, goals and financial situation. 

Visualization is so powerful and one of the most effective mind exercises that you can do . According to the popular book The Secret, “The law of attraction is forming your entire life experience and it is doing that through your thoughts. When we visualize, we create a certain brain wave frequency, and that frequency is expressed out into the universe, and as like attracts like, this frequency then travels back to us. So if you are focusing on positive affirmations on your vision board, you are sending that message out in a very positive and happy vibration, and then this message is coming back to you (the same optimistic positive happy vibration), so as a result, you are sending yourself back some love, peace, calm, prosperity and wealth!

You can choose to believe if visualization works. I have been using my vision board for many years now and have manifested many things into my life with one, including my husband! Even if you use one to be more planned, organized around the home, office and at the beach house.  If you choose to believe that positive affirmation, visualization, optimistic actions, optimistic thoughts of wealth and prosperity will come back to you. Its Universal Law! Olympic athletes have been to improve performance, and Psychology Today reported that the brain patterns activated when a weightlifter lifts heavy weights are also similarly activated when the lifter just imagined (visualized) lifting weights.

So when you add to your vision board, choose props to place on your board that relate to helping you focus on how you want to feel, not just on things that you want. The more your board focuses on your feelings, the more your board will work. So if you are wanting to be happier for example, place things up on your board that make you feel happy! Its that easy. 

Here’s an example. I have a beautiful coaster from Drybar on my vision board (pictured above), not because I want to open my own blow dry bar, but because I love the feeling I get when I walk into one of Alli Webb’s Drybar establishments. I want my customers to feel those same happy vibes when they come across my brand, so on the board it went. Add as many trinkets as you want and change them by the day, by the month. Use inspirational quotes, good vibes affirmations, that you can just write on a note pad paper and clip it up on your board. Handwritten notes are perfect. Just do whatever feels right and whatever you believe is going to lift your mood or help you take that next step forward to better health, more wealth, prosperity, closer to your hopes, goals and wishes. 

I even have a few items from past events that I want to keep occurring each year, like a photo of my husband from a surf vacation and an invitation to an annual gala dinner for the top 25 sales people in my company. I want to continue to enjoy surf vacations with my husband, and want to continue to be invited to this exclusive gala. I’ve been invited back to that gala each of the last three years, and not coincidentally, have had the previous year’s invitation on my vision board for the last two (see, it works!). A few quotes and reminders round out my board and I truly feel giddy every time I look at it.

You can even handwrite your hopes, dreams, goals and wishes with the opposite hand. I find that this brings out my creativity. Just take a mental inventory of what goals, visions, hopes and dreams you need right now, set your intention to get them and write asking for your goals and aspirations to come true. Then put your work/art on your special vision board. And wait! Because what we focus on expands. And while you are reminding yourself of everything on your vision board, your mind is helping your visions to expand. What we focus on, expands!

Our lives start becoming more syncronized when we have visions, goals, hopes and dreams. When we are more grateful and our vision board can remind us to be more grateful. Express gratitude with your notes on your vision board to remind yourself to be grateful and thankful for all the important things around you. Don't take life for granted any longer, and remind yourself of gratitude and love and all of the beautiful things you can bring by visualization into your life!

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Vision Boards by Zen Gifts FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE ITEM, limited time only. This is a popular, value for money item is made  for the beach goer, beach lover and the person that appreciates the ocean, whether it be the calming zen of the ocean or just how the ocean makes us feel! Alive, free, grounded, powerful, strong, blessed! Be blessed with affirmation all around you with this 'Life Is The Beach' affirmation sign. This sign is a creative, great, unique, smart, nautical gift idea for birthday, house warming, wedding present or even anniversary or Christmas. At ZenGifts, we enjoy delivering smiles and even offer a FREE service of gift wrapping with card attached, with your own personal message. Great gift idea for anyone that loves anything nautical too!

Vision Boards and all of our beach look signs, handmade signs are hand crafted by ZenGifts with lots of love and kindness in mind. 

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Sign/Board Dimensions:
Size: approximately 30 cm x 30 cm
Main Materials: Rope, Plywood, Wallpaper
This sign is handcrafted in Australia by hand.

Our Vision Boards , FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE SIGNS, limited time only, perfect hand crafted to perfection for you. We have only 5 Star Reviews and they are a popular gift idea for her, or him, to remember to come back into the now every so often, and have visions, be present. 

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So live your passion, live for fun, pleasure and life too should have many reminders of fun and pleasure' and so start manifesting fun, pleasure, happiness, positive thoughts, positivity into your life starting with a vision board. The more you surround yourself with things you love, affirmation, the more love, kindness and fun, pleasurable things will manifest into your life, its the law of attraction

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