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Weight Loss, Palm Cove, Cairns Hypnotherapy: we find the 'root' cause, your blocks, restrictions

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Weight Loss Program in Palm Cove, Cairns, we FOCUS ON your blocks to the Weight Loss (Lose Weight) Program with QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing, Palm Cove, Cairns

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This program is life changing and amazing, because I help you get to the 'root' cause of your weight loss symptoms, instead of putting on the band aid, this therapy guides you to the reasons behind the weight gain.

See 5 Star Reviews at the bottom of the page. This program can be paid in 3 easy weekly installments on a payment plan. 

Getting to the 'root' of your issues, such as WHY you do not lose weight, and why you put it back on. 

Are you sick and tired of fad diets?

Have your tried everything and still nothing works?

You put the weight back on, and sometimes even more?

Well that is because, you were always trying to put the bandaid on

and not focusing on the 'WHY'?


WHAT IS THE ROOT CAUSE as to why you need to lose the weight, why it does not work and keeps coming back, getting to the root of your weight loss issues.. What is the ROOT CAUSE?




In order to be ready to lose weight today, you need to get A HEALTHY MINDSET

Getting your MIND set for success!

Start thinking A HEALTHY MINDSET


Be ready for:

a huge, massive difference of positive change,

a change for the better,

so that you can attract much abundance into your life

a change so that you can live a long and healthy life!

a change so that eating healthy with a healthy focus comes naturally to you, 

a healthy change, preferring to eat healthy foods, and easily eliminate packaged foods

a stress, worry or anxiety free lifestyle

positive outcomes in every area of your life!

no more comfort eating

motivation to exercise is easy!

attracting lots of positivity into your life


with Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, just be open to it, trust it and you will be amazed at the magic transformation and revealing of your many blocks which hold you back in this 4 hour session. When you are open to it, you can trust the process and start to see the results taking place naturally because, you release the negative blocks and emotions around your weight loss issues and find out the 'why'. When you know the why, you can release it and start moving forward, naturally. This happens all in one session. 

Learn to take the stress out of dieting by having 'A Healthy Mindset' approach. I work with you in the 4 hour session in the theta state of hypnosis where we get to the bottom of your issues which hold you back, whether it be psychological, emotional, spiritual (this often happens in past lives and the negative emotions come forward into this life) or physical. Find out the reasons as to WHY...


If you have any auto immune diseases and are struggling with sticking to a special dietry plan. Diseases such as:

Crones Disease

Graves Disease

Type 1 Diabetes

Rheumatoid Artritis

Multiple Schlerosis


Celiac Disease


Hashimoto's or any other Thyroid Disorders

Depression & Anxiety


Any other disease or illness that requires a special diet or eating plan, 

If you are overweight, obese or morbidly obese

If you have tried several fad diets that havent worked

If you just wish to be healthy, and focus on healthy eating and exercise regime


then this program is for you.

This program will help you stick to your prescribed or preferred eating regime, whether it be Paleo, Five Two, Atkins, Detox, LightnEasy, Vegetarian, Weight Watchers, Biggest Loser and more! I program your mind and get it ready, to easily and efficiently stay with your preferred dietary plan and exercise regime. You can do this easily once you have a session with A Healthy Mindset, because we remove many of your negative blocks which hold you back from being the best version of yourself you can possibly be, your highest good. 


A Healthy Mindset Weight Loss Program Tara J Clarke

This is A HEALTHY MINDSET weight loss program which gets your MIND set to A HEALTHY MINDSET! Getting your MIND ready to take on a new weight loss journey where you can easily FOCUS on eating only healthy foods, naturally. If you are needing to eliminate sugar, fat and salt from your diet, I make this easy for you, on this special...

So pick up the phone, give me a call on 0481 33 6666 for a chat, and start your A HEALTHY MINDSET FOCUS ON HEALTH Weight Loss journey with me! You will not be dissapointed!

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Your session with me involves all of these: QHHT, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique where you will go into a theta state of hypnosis. You will need to be open to this, there is no need to be spiritual but you do need to trust the process, have an open mind about belief, trust and faith, I will also use other styles of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, and energy healing to assist the process in your 4 hour session.  


Phone Tara today and start your journey of living a longer and healthier life!

0481 33 6666


We do not have an eftpos machine, however MasterCard, Visa or PayPal is available. 
Please do not take any of the advice of this program to replace your doctor or nutritionist advice. 

Please do not forward any of this information that you receive from ‘A Healthy Mindset’ onto other third parties. This is confidential information copyrighted to ‘A Healthy Mindset’. 2016. By taking this program, you understand and agree that you have choices at all times and can start and end the process at any time during the session. You agree to continue medication as prescribed by Medical General Practitioner or Physicians, and understand that hypnotherapy and/or mediation is not a substitute for medical care. You understand a hypnotist neither diagnoses nor treat any medical or mental health condition, instead offering tools of self-discovery and awareness to compliment any medical treatment prescribed by a physician. If any medical symptoms progress or become acute you agree to seek medical attention from a licensed healthcare provider. You understand that the methods of hypnosis include relaxation, breath work, creative visualization, positive affirmation, self-awareness development and other techniques and may produce physical and emotional responses. You agree to inform your hypnotist of any adverse feelings or experiences related to this process, at the time of my awareness of them. You have been informed as to the limits of hypnosis effectiveness and offered referral to other providers of alternative approaches to problem solving. You are over the age 18, and consent to hypnosis services offered by Tara.J.Clarke of A Healthy Mindset.

A Healthy Mindset Weight Loss Program Tara J Clarke Cairns Northern Beaches Palm Cove


Phone Tara now to have a chat or to make an appointment:
Ph: 0481 33 6666
Email: AHealthyMindset@outlook.com
Palm Cove, Cairns QLD
A HealthyMindset.com
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Dip. Clinical hypnosis & Psychotherapy, Meditation, Mindfulness
QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

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