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Integrating the Shadow Self

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Integrating the Shadow Self is about having to face those fears that are 'scary'. These are those fears you have been holding onto all your life and beyond. Suppressing fears is unhealthy. Suppression is depression and this powerful session with Tara J Clarke will get to the bottom of your fears so that you can integrate the shadow self and banish fears of the past once and for all. suppressing your fears creates a bigger shadow the more you suppress it, you give it power. This session focuses on opening your throat chakra and say what you mean and mean what you say. We find the empowerment in the shadow, stop suppressing your emotions and biting your tongue and start speaking up and staying true to yourself. You shadow side can lead to a more authentic life a life of self healing. Your shadow side is your authenticity and it is important to feel comfortable expressing yourself. In this session we address all of those flaws that you notice about yourself as you go about your day. The key is to be mindful of your everyday actions without judgement of self and acceptance of yourself and being an observer of your daily attitudes and actions. When you know who you really are, you will know yourself and let go of judgment including judging how you feel, how you act, just observe it. We work on learning to question why you feel the way you do, question your actions, question your beliefs, question your motives and then we banish and clear those blocks and restrictions that are holding you back. Its about letting go of the old and integrating the darkness into yourself 'I am the good and I am the bad, I am the positive I am the negative' its total integration without judgement guilt or shame and you need to be willing to get to the roots of your issues, to throw yourself into the lions den and then become the lion and roar. Its no good coming for this session if you are not willing and ready to step into your power and integrate your shadow self. e.g. if you know that your partner is holding you back from stepping into your power and yet you will not leave him, then you are not ready to integrate your shadow self.