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Hypnosis for Depression

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This is a hypnosis for depression program with Tara J Clarke, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and specialist in past lives including Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, Regression Hypnotherapy and Inner Child Hypnosis which gets to the root cause of your fears, depression and anxiety, insomnia, worry, stress. 

Total duration of this program for depression is 4 hours

This hypnosis for depression session is to be done face to face in Cairns, North Queensland Australia and also can be done online via zoom or skype if you have a very good internet connection. 

Check out Tara's voice with this free short 11 minute meditation. There are more free meditations placed on this channel from time to time so do subscribe for free access to meditations. Daily meditation is important for mindfulness and if you only have ten minutes to meditate per day, this free meditation is perfect. If you enjoy the meditation please share the love and like it on YouTube and subscribe to my channel to have access to any more free meditations. Free Meditation here

This session includes a pre-recorded clinical hypnotherapy audio recording to take home with you with positive suggestion to in the privacy and comfort of your own home. 

You will also receive many tools in a video package to access via YouTube and these tools can be valuable of moving forward on your path to aligning to peace, calm and tranquility. You will use these tools in the comfort of your own home as a accompaniment to get you on the path to feeling calmer and more peaceful. 

We will have a chat first so that Tara can have an understanding of your issue and situation. Then you will move onto a Regression Hypnosis session where Tara will take you back in time to where the issue started. This may be an incident in your adult life or it may be childhood. If you are open to past lives, you may go back to a time and place in a past life that is significant to your anxiety, insomnia, worry or stress issue. Be open to it and you will receive the most information relating to your anxieties or fears.

Then Tara will take you through some of the tools in your package you can use in your day to assist you with your issue as continue on your path forward. This may be a meridian tapping technique (EFT) or Emotional Freedom Technique or a meditation style to suit your issue that you can incorporate into your day. 

The regress hypnosis session is recorded and the recording is emailed to you via a cloud. You may listen back to this as part of your healing process if your subconscious mind feels you need to. If this is a childhood issue, it is not recommended to go back to the past and revisit the past but you still have a copy of the recording for your records. 

Tara uses not only hypnosis for depression but her gifts of soul regression, past life regression, Akashic Records, Energy Healing and Meditation Teacher to help you understand more about your fears and assist you in releasing them. This session starts early at 8am and not available for an afternoon start or on weekends. This session may be broken up into two sessions where the hypnosis part is done on one day and the remaining of the session on another day. 

Be open to the power of your inner 'spirit' your superconscious, that spark of you that is connected to source energy, the godspark, your oversoul. This hypnosis for depression session involves being open to going into your past life or back into your childhood or a time and place where your issue started. Once you have an understanding of where the fears are coming from, they can be released and you will be on your path to understanding where the fears have originated and this is key to your inner healing. This session will involve hypnosis and guided meditation or journeying as well as a letting go or banishing ritual to let go of toxic energy that holds you back from being the best version of yourself. You may also be given a Transmutation of Energy script to read out loud 21 days in a row after your session.  

More on past life regression with Tara J Clarke here

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