House Clearing Property Clearing Spiritual Cleansing of Negative Energy ghosts spirits poltergeists
House Clearing Property Clearing Spiritual Cleansing of Negative Energy ghost haunted
House Clearing Property Clearing Spiritual Cleansing of Negative Energy spiritual ghost portalways
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House Cleansing of your Property Cairns Area

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This is a House Cleansing of your Property or home in the Cairns area only.

This is a house clearing of negative entities, negative energies or spirits that is done in the Cairns area which includes the cleansing of negative energies around the home as well as a full smudge of an average size home with ritual and white sage. This price is a guide only and the exact price depends on where you live and what the issue is. If the issue is to clear away ghosts or spirits the price is higher, if the issue is to clear away negative energies from past tenants or owners then this does not take as long and the price is dependent on your Cairns area. 

Subject to her availability to travel, Tara can service the area between Edmonton to Port Douglas. The price displayed is Cairns Northern Beaches and Kamerunga area only. If you live outside of these areas please call for availability before booking as the price will be substantially different. You might want to have a remote cleansing of your home instead. 

If you are living outside of the Cairns area, Tara J Clarke can do a remote house clearing here. She does them all over Australia and has done house clearings overseas too. 

The clearing of the negative energy of the home or property is done within the Akashic Records of that property in the 5th dimensional realm which is why a house clearing of negative energy can be done from anywhere in the world. Tara does not need to be physically present on your property to clear your property.

In saying this, Tara can only clear a property of unwanted energies and spirits if permission is given by a tenant on the rental agreement or a home owner. If you give permission for the entity, ghost, spirit or negative energy to go, then it must go, because you have the rights to the property and intruders must go! If you knew how to clear this property you could clear this property yourself with powerful intention as the owner or rightful rental tenant or lessee.  Most people do not know how to send the negative away efficiently and effectively so its a good idea to employ an expert such as Tara. 

Likewise, if you believe that in order to clear a property one must be present on the property, then this is the only way to clear your property. I can not bypass your belief systems. This is where a physical property clearing must take place. However if you trust and believe that we can clear your property remotely, there will be no interference by you and your beliefs and it will be cleared easily. 

This Spiritual House Clearing is done with the intention of clearing the property of negative thought forms as well as negative spirits, ghosts, curses, attachments and anything else that may show up that is negative and not welcome in the property. 

If you are the owner of the property or tenant of the property, providing you are on the lease agreement, you have rights to the property and if you choose to not allow the negative energies on the property we can clear unwanted spirits, ghosts and negative thought forms in this way. 

Tara J Clarke is based in Cairns and can conduct the house cleansing of your property remotely to move on disruptive spirits , dissolve negative residual energy and to spiritually cleanse your home , house , apartment or even office of what no longer serves the highest good of the property. 

Contact Tara to ask about how she can help you with a house cleansing.

Text or Phone: 0481 33 6666


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