Throat Chakra Guided Meditation with Archangel Michael
Throat Chakra Guided Meditation with Archangel Michael to speak your truth by Tara J Clarke
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Guided Meditation Throat Chakra with Archangel Michael

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A powerful Throat Chakra Guided Meditation to meet and make a connection with your Archangel Michael and open your Throat Chakra, in order to start feeling more connected to your spirit, your Archangel Gabriel, your higher self, your guides. Just over 22 minutes long in duration and recommended for a stronger connection to spirit world, letting go of feelings of not being safe to speak your true authentic self or to speak your truth around others, letting go of fears around victimization or worry and anxiety if you speak your truth, feel the power of Archangel Michael that is always a spark of your soul and connected to you and he loves your unconditionally. 22 minutes long

Do this meditation regularly to help let go of negative thoughts that do not serve your highest good and to create a clear channel so that you feel that you have more choices in life and can remember to ask your guides, archangels, Archangel Michael, teacher, masters and higher self for options. Do this regularly to feel connected to the power of your spirit and to feel more confident to speak your truth and open up your Throat Chakra. 

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