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Dowser Dowsing Bobber Bober Wand free shipping Australia Wide spiritual tool dowsing

Dowsing Wand Bobber Dowser, for Chakra Balancing, Energy Clearing Healing Spiritual Tool


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Dowsing Bobber Wand Dowser Spiritual Tool. Used for Chakra Balancing, Finding Water, Energy Healing, Crystal Attunements, Lie Detector, Allergy and Food Testing, Psychic Connection to Spirit and Divine Intuition, Aura Testing, Finding lost items and objects, Searching for Ley Lines and Geopathic Stress, Personal and Health Analysis and much more. This is a quality hand crafted Copper wand with Quartz Crystal tip which amplifies the energy, making it user friendly that anyone can use. FREE SHIPPING Australia wide. Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to check your own energy and chakra's whenever you want? To know if certain foods are detrimental to your health, or not. To know what crystals are great for helping your aura balance, or how safe is the energy in your home and surrounds or to know how connected to the divine you really are. If you have not heard of a dowsing bobber (sometimes spelt, bober), this wand works very similar to a pendulum or L Rod style dowsing tool. Buy a wand today and receive detailed instructions by Tara.J.Clarke on how to use your dowser for over ten (10) different ways:

* Checking your Auric Field (Aura)

* Checking somebody elses Aura

* Energy Healing

* Lie Detector

* Negative Attachments

* Chakras

* Chakra Healing

* Allergies for food or even what foods are no good for your health

*Your Intuition and connection to the Divine

* Lost or misplaced items

* Geopathic Stress and Ley Lines

* How to find water underground or around the home

These are clear instructions on how to use this powerful spiritual tool, the dowsing bobber wand. Free Gift Wrap and Card if you are buying this for a friend or loved one. Choose Ribbon colour at checkout. 

Your copper dowsing bobber (bober) wand is a dowser and is a powerful spiritual tool, and has a special quartz crystal at the end to amplify the energy out. There are many uses for your dowsing bobber wand such as chakra balancing, finding water, dowsing, crystal attunements, lie detecting (it can be a lie detector), yes, no answers, finding out if geopathic stress is in your home, it also can work similar to your pendulum, assist you in psychic connections with spirit and the divine, testing for aura's, healing, finding out if issues are from past lives, karmic, emotional, psychological, physical and much much more. Your Dowsing bobber wand, sometimes known as a chakra balancing wand comes with free written instructions on how to use the wand for yes, no questions. How to use the wand to test the state of your chakra's (used for Chakra balancing) crystal attunements, allergy and food testing, psychic connection to spirit and intuition, aura testing, healing, energy healing, finding lost items or objects, ley lines, geopathic stress and even personal health analysis and more. 

The copper dowsing bobber wand, also known as a dowser wand is a fantastic spiritual tool for you to find out more about the energy around you and your house or home, so that you can improve your well-being and live a longer and healthier life. This is a FREE SHIPPING Australia wide item and we discount the shipping worldwide. 

You can use the dowsing bobber wand for:-

  • Chakra Balancing (the most popular form of use)

  • Crystal Attunements (You can check which crystal balances your chakra's)

  • Finding Water
  • As a lie detector (energy does not lie)

  • Allergy and food testing (Checking which foods are good for you and which foods you should be staying away from)

  • Psychic Connection to Spirit and the divine

  • Aura testing

  • Healing

  • To find lost items and objects (great for helping you find which room your car keys or phone are left in)

  • Measuring energy, ability to find attachments, negative energy.

  • Finding Ley Lines (assisting in finding where the ley lines are and also any geopathic stress lines such as Hartmann, Curry or Benker lines.

  • Personal Health Analysis

You'll find that a dowsing bobber wand is more accurate and more sensitive than a normal pendulum, you'll find the bober is extremely easy to use and very accurate. This bobber dowsing wand is the perfect gift idea for anyone that is metaphysical inclined or even anyone with health issues and would like to know more about their energy and the energy that surrounds their homefront. 

How the bobber works

Our bobbers are made of copper which is an excellent conductor for energy. Approximately two to three feet in length (approx 62 cm). The dowsing wand or bobber has a weighted, slightly heavier tip with a quartz crystal inside. The copper barrel conducts the energy and the quartz crystal inside picks up the energy and resonates this through the wand.  

Depending on your own energies, the bobber may nod up and down, or rotate in a swinging action. For some people it can also swing in a left to right motion. 

When you first get your copper dowsing bobber wand, it is important to establish how the bober works with your energies. 

We recommend that you begin by holding your bobber firmly in your hand, and extend the bobber out in front of you like a magic wand.

Stand perfectly still and you should find the bobber sits in a neutral position. 

You now need to ascertain how the bobber responds to "Yes" and how it responds to "No".

Say out loud "Please show me the signal for "Yes" and watch as the bobber either begins to rotates, bob up and down or waggle from side to side.

When you feel you have a response, then say out loud, "Please show me the signal for "No". Again, wait and you should see a different motion from the bobber to indicate no.

You can at this stage also, if you wish, ask the bobber to indicate a motion to show you that you have asked the wrong question. Say out loud, "Please show my the signal for wrong question."

Your bobber is very sensitive, if you are unsure, then the bobber will sense this and react accordingly. The more you practice your new technique of using your dowsing bobber want, the better you will become and the more attuned you will become with your new bobber. To practice your skills, we recommend that you make up some dowsing cards.

You may wish to put on one card "Yes" and on the other card "No", you can add to your dowsing cards as many things as you want. 

Chakra Balancing with A Bobber video by A Healthy Mindset, will be release shortly. 

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