Dowsing Bobber Wand
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Dowsing Bobber Wand

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Dowsing Bobber Wand for intuition, chakra balancing, crystal attunements, finding objects, psychic connection, lie detector and more. Your wand comes with instructions on how to use the dowser spiritual tool for ten different ways. Free Shipping Australia Wide with tracking. You will receive FREE instructions on how to use your dowser bober (bobber) spiritual tool for these many uses: 

  • Chakra Balancing (the most popular form of use)
  • Crystal Attunements (You can check which crystal balances your chakra's)
  • As a lie detector (energy does not lie) and the bobber will give you straight out yes, no or wrong question answers, as you ask them.
  • Allergy and food testing (Checking which foods are good for you and which foods you should be staying away from)
  • Psychic Connection to Spirit and the divine
  • Aura testing
  • Energy Healing
  • To find lost items and objects (great for helping you find which room your car keys or phone are left in)
  • Measuring energy, ability to find attachments, negative energy.
  • Finding Ley Lines (assisting in finding where the ley lines are and also any geopathic stress lines such as Hartmann, Curry or Benker lines.
  • Personal Health Analysis
  • And you will find more uses the more you use this amazing spiritual tool!

If you are ordering from overseas, send an email to us at and I can provide a quote for shipping to your country. 

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