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FREE SHIPPING Chakra Crystals (10 different crystals) Set in a burlap bag on SALE - ZenGifts - 1

Chakra Crystals (10 different crystals) Set in a burlap bag on SALE FREE SHIPPING

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Chakra Tumble stone Crystals (10 different crystals) Set in a burlap bag on SALE, FREE SHIPPING Australia wide. The perfect gift idea for zen, authentic, spiritual minded souls that love crystals, use them for crystal healing, meditation and chakra balance. This is the perfect authentic gift idea for women, girls and men that are spiritual or wishing to learn the spiritual path, and heal. 

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Our Chakra Crystals Set includes 10 (Ten) Crystals in total (approximately weight 100-150 grams in total subject to availability of size of each crystal.) These beautiful vibration crystals come in a little pouch for you to store them in your bag or pocket or you could place them by your side on your desk. Great alternative gift idea for getting more balance into your day.

We all carry a vibration with us (and unfortunately we all pick up negativity throughout our day) and by carrying crystals around or placing them in your aura by your desk, the vibration of these beautiful crystals assists in balancing out our very own vibration. My husband has a corporate office job and ever since he started having crystals by his desk, his health dramatically got better and stress levels noticeably decreased. Believe it or not, crystals really help with health, vitality, mood and so much more!

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Set Includes one of each of these tumble stone crystals below:

1 x Clear Quartz (Wisdom Creativity, Soul Star and Crown Chakra)

1 Fuchsite (Healing or intuition, Fuchsite for the third eye chakra).

1 x Sodalite (Communication & Truth, Throat Chakra)

1 x Rose Quartz (Love & Compassion, Heart Chakra)

1 x Carnelian (Courage, Confidence, Solar Plexus Chakra)

1 x Golden Quartz (Creativity, Self Confidence & Focus, Sacral Chakra)

1 x Red Jasper (Strength, Focus & Protection, Sacral & Root Chakra)

1 x Black Onyx (Positivity, Root Chakra)

1 x Obsidian (Protection & Grounding, Earth Chakra)

1 x Shiva Lingham (Balance & Vitality, All Chakras)

These Crystals help balance our energy centres called the Chakras. Each tumble stone crystal has a different vibration as described in more detail here:

Clear Quartz for the Upper Chakras, your Soul Star above your head and Crown Chakra at the top of your head, assists with turning away negativity in our lives, radiation and electromagnetic frequencies. Every day gadgets such as computers and mobile phones, televisions and radios all rely on this crystal technology. Clear Quartz may help you remember your dreams, retrieve forgotten memories, promote wisdom and creativity and may help you get in touch with your higher existence and revitalize the mind, body and spirit. 

Fuchsite for the Third Eye Chakra, which is at that place right between the eyes and is a deep healing stone used by many traditions such as the Sharman's and Sages in healing and may help you connect with your intuitive medical abilities, by helping you listen to your body and know in your heart what your body needs for balance and vitality. Fuchsite brings happiness and joy into the heart of the home. It stimulates awareness and assists in the clearing of negative energy.

Sodalite for the Throat Chakra assists in communication and helps with understanding your truth and helping you find hidden creativity that you never thought you had. Sodalite is known to assist in communication such as public speaking or being more confident with speaking your truth and helping you to better understand the life you are living. A great stone to have on your desk if you are needing help in communication at work.

Rose Quartz is a love stone for the Heart Chakra, a calming and reassuring crystal that may assist in attracting love, tenderness and sensuality in your everyday life whether it be mothering, inspiring or nurturing love. Rose Quartz strengthens empathy, sensitivity and helps assist in changes in life such as comforting in times of grief.

Carnelian is a stone of action for the Solar Plexus Chakra just above the belly button, giving you creativity, individuality, courage and confidence to take your power back in many situations such as finances, love, controlling relationships, releasing anger, jealousy and fear in your life. This stone may assist in maintaining an improvement in positive flowing energy through your body, accelerating motivation to success in your goals.

Golden Quartz for the Sacral Chakra is a stone of maintaining integrity in relationships, instilling the desire to move forward in life, increasing creativity and self confidence and bringing about success in business and other ventures. This stone helps cleanse the soul, enhancing psychic abilities and proves a useful companion in meditation, helping one to keep focus and filtering out many distractions. It is known to crystal healers to provide relief for stomach problems.

Red Jasper for both the Sacral Chakra below the belly button and the base chakra at the base of your spine, is historically known as a powerful stone for protecting you on a physical and spiritual realm. This crystal was used by many cultures such as the Viking, Germans, Ancient Egyptians, American Red Indians and Hebrews. It is a vital simulator of chi (energy), bringing strength, energy, stamina and focus back into your life. It is also a stone of passion and useful for restoring and rejuvenating the libido and the manifesting of creative ideas, helping you reconnect with the earths grounding energies and for stress, worry, anxiety. Its cleansing effect eliminates negativity, stabilizing the aura. 

Black Onyx for the lower Root Chakra at the base of your spine assists in self control, making decisions and protection. This amazing crystal absorbs your negative energy and as a result, releases stress and promotes emotional well being. In Indian tradition, Black Onyx is said to assist people to 'live in the now', that is the present moment and forget about unhealthy past relationships. Likewise, this crystal can assist in releasing much sorrow and grief, you may gain more self confidence, responsibilities and better health.

Obsidian is for the Earth Chakra , located 12-18 inches below the souls of your feet. This energy centre helps ground you to your very foundations of your being, within everyday life. By using Obsidian Crystal when you meditate or simply carrying this crystal around with you in your pocket or bag, helps assist anchoring you into physicality so that you are more protected, grounded and secure. Many everyday activities unground us, such as computers for long periods of time, driving in your car, staying for long periods indoors and having minimal contact with the earth. 

Shiva Lingam resonates with the energies of all of the elements of the earth, fire, water and air. This crystal could not be left out as it is such a good stone for charging the entire chakra system, activating kundalini energies, boosting your vitality, enhancing positive change, assisting in the removal of old bad habits and helping with the feeling of overall balance in your mind, body and soul. It is also used to treat impotence and infertility as well as body balance and is a beautiful stone to meditate with.

Use these crystals for meditation, to travel around with you or if you are not into meditation, they are wonderful pieces of the earth to keep by your side or around the house as they are not only beautiful to look at, but they bring vibrancy, love, happiness, healing and grounding to your everyday life.

How do Crystals help us heal?

Ancient cultures such as Buddhist Traditions, American Red Indians, Vikings, Ancient Egyptians and the Chinese Tao have been using Crystals for healing for hundreds of thousands of years. Keeping in mind that our entire bodies are energy, with our thoughts and feelings connected to this energy. When we surround ourselves by crystals, the particles of crystals combine with our own energetic vibration of particles to produce atoms, molecules and minerals. Each stone resonates with a slightly different pattern geometrically. These same geometric patterns reside in our systems, our organs to heal us in different ways such as removing negative energy and thought patterns or helping us become more creative with more ideas.
Please do not let these crystals be the only form of healing for your body. Always consult your doctor or Nutritionist for advice on your health and nutrition.

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