Back in 5 Mins or Back in Five Minutes Sign for Shop Window or Shop door
Back of Back in Five Minutes Sign or Back in 5 mins sign for shop window or door in wood
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Back in 5 mins sign (or Back in Five Minutes Sign) quality handcrafted in wood

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This sign is a quality handcrafted in Australia sign idea. Back in 5 Mins or it can read ' Back in 5 Minutes '. If you would prefer the sign to read Back in 5 minutes sign, as in the full word: minutes' please place a note at checkout. If you do not specify anything in the notes, you will receive the sign pictured ' Back in 5 Mins ' which seems to be the more popular request. 

This Back in Five 5 Minutes sign and all of our signs are handmade in Australia (Palm Cove, Australia) and is the perfect sign for telling your clients, visitors or guests to please wait a moment and that you will be Back Soon. 

If you have a hook or a plastic hook with adhesive that you can buy at any hardware store, you can hang this sign anywhere!

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Anyone can use a hanging sign such as this Back in Five Minutes Sign because all you need to do is buy a sticky hook from your local hardware store to place the hook on glass. Otherwise you can have a normal hook if you have a normal drywall, gyp-rock or plaster wall. The sign can also be hung on your door or door knob (doorknob). 

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This Back in Five Minutes Sign ( Or Back in 5 Minutes Sign ) is coated in two coats of natural wood lacquer for added protection and a quality professional look.

This Back in Five Minutes Sign ( Or Back in 5 Minutes Sign ) is approximately:

15 cm high x 15 cm wide x 7 mm deep. 


This sign is made with wood, rope, paint, wallpaper. The sign is made, then painted the outside of the sign in white wash then the writing is painted on too, then adding two coats of natural wood lacquer then the rope ends are dipped in natural soy wax attached to the sign. 

Best to keep this sign out of DIRECT weather. It is ok on your patio or porch as long as you touch it up with natural wood lacquer from time to time.

You can even coat the sign in a water proofing agent if you wish to hang it outside. 

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