Aura Cleansing Meditation a Guided Meditation to cleanse the auric field free by Tara J Clarke free
Signs of Abundance

Aura Cleansing Meditation by Tara J Clarke Signs of Abundance to cleanse your energy field. Access FREE version by clicking on red link below

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Aura Cleansing Meditation or Energy Field Cleanse by Tara J Clarke Signs of Abundance to cleanse your energy field of toxic energy that you are  holding onto that is not yours. Do this aura cleansing meditation daily to cleanse your auric field of toxic energy that you may be holding onto that is not yours. If you are feeling depleted, this may be due to holding onto negative energy of others that is not serving your highest good and you will benefit from aura cleansing meditation. It is healthy to have a cleansed auric field and to meditate daily however if the thought of doing an aura cleansing meditation is off putting, just do this meditation as often as you feel the need to. Once per week is better than not at all. This aura cleansing meditation is available for free on youtube but the audio version is desinged for you to do at home and savable to your device. 

Access your FREE VERSION BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK to Aura Cleansing Meditation here. I would be grateful if you could 'like' this aura cleansing meditation if it has helped you on your path and please review the meditation if it has helped you and I would love to know your feedback. 

Why cleanse the aura with meditation?

You can cleanse our aura or auric field with guided meditation and this aura cleansing meditation it recommended to listen to daily to clean your aura of energies that are no longer serving you and to assist you in the letting go of toxic energies that we accumulate as we go about our day. Others karmic dump their toxic energy onto us, especially if we are empathic souls. It is important to get into a daily routine of letting go of toxic energy and we can do this with this powerful guided meditation by Tara J Clarke who is an Meditation , Intuition and Mindfulness Teacher , Akashic Records Psychic , Chakra Balancing specialist , Hypnotherapist specializing in Past Lives and QHHT Hypnosis and Clinical Hypnotherapist. 















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