12 Strand DNA Activation
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12 Strand DNA Activation

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This is a 12 Strand DNA Activation Session that goes for the duration of one hour and can be easily done via distance because the 12 Strand DNA Activation is done in the higher dimensions. So the distance option is the most popular. If you prefer to have this 12 Strand DNA Activation session in person, this too can be done. Choose which option you would like to have at checkout. 

Sale price valid until further notice. This price may change at any time. 

Activate your 12 strands of DNA to access higher aspects of your multidimensional awareness, your higher self, receive more intuitive messages and to become more psychic, embody your soul's purpose and raise your frequency to attract a higher grid of people, places, times, things and events such as having an inner knowing of your past lives. 

Why activate your DNA?

We would activate our 12 Strands of DNA to become a frequency holder to assist in the ascension of the planet Earth and to asssit in the ascension of humanity as a collective consciousness. 

A 12 Strand DNA Activation with Tara J Clarke is to assist in the following:

- Expanding your pineal gland
- Becoming more psychic and receptive of psychic messages
- Activate 12 Strands of DNA  
- Embody your soul's purpose
- Ascend to a much higher level of consciousness
- Unplug Your Mind From The Matrix
- Communicate with beings on the other side
- Communicate with animals


You may text Tara for next availability for a 12 Strand DNA Activation session on Ph: 0481 33 6666 or email signsofabundance@gmail.com

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