About Soul Readings

What kind of Soul Reading is best for me?


Choosing to have a soul reading with Tara J Clarke may just be one of the most powerful and insightful experiences of your life to raise your frequency and let go of what no longer serves you as we move into New Earth. There has never been a more important time than now to be having soul healing. Depending what spiritual level you are at will depend on what kind of soul healing to choose. If you are not sure about what kind of soul reading to have for yourself, you are more than welcome to call Tara for a quick chat first. When calling, please do not take advantage of asking questions about yourself as she will not be in your records unless it is a paid Akashic Reading Session. Everyone is on a different path and a different level of spiritual vibrational frequency. Tara also has readings packaged with a past life regression if you are interested in going into your past lives yourself, this can be combined with an Akashic Records Reading or Soul Reading for lessons and purpose. You may only need to have a Mini Akashic Records Reading with a past life session and the mini reading helps you understand the past life and what blocks and restrictions the life relates to in your current life. Tara can tailor make an Akashics Reading or Soul Reading that is right for you but may be perfect for others. For more information on the best reading for you, call on 0481 33 6666 or +61 481 33 6666 if you are enquiring from overseas or email: signsofabundance@gmail.com


Is there some Preparation before a Soul Reading?


When Tara J Clarke prepares for an Akashic Records Reading or Soul Reading by going into the 5th dimension to explore your Akashics which is the book of your soul to see which blocks and restrictions you have. Depending on what type of soul reading you choose will depend on how much time and information she gets from your Akashic Records. This process does not take her very long, usually around 5 to 30 minutes in preparation prior to your session, depending on which session you choose.


How do we meet for a Soul Reading?


Tara greets you online via Zoom video call or over the phone, or in person at her very comfortable and welcoming home office at Palm Cove which is a beautiful tropical seaside suburb just 20 minutes north of Cairns city centre. Then in the session, Tara will refer to the blocks that she has found prior to your session and will channel your Akashics for downloads of more information that relate to your blockages. Tara has had many clients book from out of town just to see her and this beautiful seaside town of Palm Cove by the Great Barrier Reef.


Will I need to put any time in after the Soul Reading?


Most readings include a 21 Day Transmutation of Energy Script for your to do as a ritual after your session as part of the clearing process and accepting and giving gratitude back to the process and your guides. This will take around 10 minutes per day. If you miss a day, this is fine, just keep going until you get to 21 times.


Clearing the Blocks and Restrictions from your Akashic Record



Here are some examples of many that can be found in record of your Akashics:


An attaching soul from a past life or current life where abuse was happening. This anger and hurt may be so strong that it is the cause of depression and cravings in that person’s current life or constant triggering of chaos and disfunction in relationships.


A vow taken in a past life such as a vow of marriage and the love was so strong towards the other person in the past life that it holds a soul back from finding love in this current life or when they find love they lose the partner, the partner leaves or they just cannot hold onto love in current life.


A vow of poverty in a past life where you may have been a nun or Buddhist monk that believed that money was negative and this may relate to why you do not attract money into your life or hold money for very long periods.


A family curse placed on a family by another family in a past life and this family curse repeats until it is understood and severed in the Akashic Records. This is quite common and if you have other people in your life that keep showing up and triggering you it may be related to a curse or a low frequency that you need to understand and let go of. When we sever curses we are able to heal all of our ancestral lines. Genetic karma is usually also found when there are family curses. Karma, curses and all other hooks and chords with other souls must be cleared from the Akashic Records in order for ascension to take place.


You may not be able to get over someone because they were a soul mate from a past life and you still have some unfinished business to resolve or there may be a contract that needs to be cancelled between two souls can sever the contract, understand the lessons around why they crossed paths and finally the two souls can move forward.


This is just scratching the surface of what we can find in the Akasha so be open minded to what we might find and just trust that what we find is important to clear in your Akashics at this time and having Akashic Records Readings to clear the soul of what is no longer serving that soul is a powerful tool.


A Portalway to a negative astral that may be holding you back from having a good night’s sleep causing insomnia. These portalways may be related to negative entity attachments and an abundance of negative thought forms combined. It is important to clear them in the Akashic Records to release the negative energies around the lack of sleep, sleep disorders or negative sleeping patterns.


How will I remember everything discussed in a Reading?


All sessions are verbal and recorded. Recordings are sent to you via a cloud. If you are having a session in person and would prefer a USB stick option, your recording is downloaded to a USB stick for a charge of $10 and you can physically have the recording. It is important to listen back to the recording as part of your healing process but do not focus too much on the past. We only visit the past as an opportunity to learn from and it is important to focus on the life lessons and not the trauma and suffering you may have experience in past lives.


What if I have a question after the session about the session?


You are more than welcome to ask a question via text or email about your session after your session. If it is about something that came up in your session, Tara is happy to assist. If you have a question about something 6 months later then you may have triggered a new layer and may need a top up session. Top up sessions will look at one life, are 30 minutes long available here



Based on what past clients have reported, you can expect the following outcomes:

  • Discovering your purpose and life lessons


  • Realising that we choose everything, we create our own destiny and being mindful of our choices moving forward as negative choices equals negative consequences and vice versa. After a reading it is much easier to understand this concept if you do not already understand it.


  • Finding your divine soul blueprint and moving into being and living as your authentic self



  • Slowing down and beginning to use tools to help you slow down. You may notice that you are much better at communication as you slow down before you speak your truth. Having the ability to identify the warning signs of when you are moving out of alignment, so that you can course correct immediately


  • Letting go of negativity and baggage from the past and not being as triggered by others. If you are triggered by others then you should realise that this is a powerful message for you to work on moving forward. If the trigger is repetitive then this is a sign that you have an issue that needs to be cleared in your Akashic Records and Tara has top up sessions available for 30 minutes to clear new issues that arise. We are constantly vibrating higher and higher and as we do, new lessons show up and new energies show up to clear from your Akashic Records.


  • Understanding why you make decisions that are not in alignment with your true authentic self and this leads to a sense of having less to no negative thoughts as you go about your day. If you receive new negative thoughts in a few months time after your sesson it is important to stop, breathe, write it down and ask yourself why. If you cannot work this out on your own, you may just need a 30 minute top up session. Top up sessions are available here



  • Feel more grounded or want to ground yourself more into the Earth


  • Feel more intuitive with messages coming through as a reading raises your frequency. You can work on your Meditation even more with Tara’s Meditation for Intuition. Doing this daily will build trust, belief and confidence in your connection to your higher self. This meditation for intuition is a guide on how Tara channels the Akashics and goes into the records. The more you practise this meditation, the more information you can retrieve yourself from your Akashic Records Soul book. More on Meditation for Intuition here A J Seal Removal and Unnatural Implant Removal Session can also improve your intuition at J Seal 3. More information on J Seal Removal and Unnatural Implant Removal here



  • If you have an illness or pain and suffering, you may notice the symptoms get easier after a reading. They may subside completely unless you have a secondary gain or negative habits attached to the issue. If you have pain on the left hand side of your body I recommend having a J Seal Removal and Unnatural Implant Removal Session with Tara here.


  • Thought forms become clearer and a sense of inner knowing is more prominent and you naturally feel more in a sense of knowing and understanding of your life lessons and purpose



  • If you have taken the advice in the reading and aligning to your soul gifts you will feel a sense of sovereignty and inner personal power after a soul reading for blocks and restrictions.


  • Realising that what you thought was your negative attributes are really serving your higher purpose so you stop being so hard on yourself. We must go through the dark in order to move into the light. Feeling powerless and loss of control needs to happen for you to realise it’s not what you truly want. E.g., Where you once were holding onto powerlessness and feeling disempowered to change or powerless to get motivated and choosing to be in alignment with demotivation is the opposite of responsibility. If you are powerless, you have less responsibility. Realizing that once you take responsibility of your actions and start doing things off your list one by one to step into your power, to step into responsibility, you can now be the powerful warrior (not worrier) that you came into this life to be, with thriving power and confidence and finally let go of powerlessness and feeling afraid of those in authority.




You can call Tara to tailor make a reading for you. For example, you may have already done work on yourself or a reading before and may only have one issues that you would like focused on as well as finding our more about your career. This reading may be done in 45 minutes to an hour instead of 2 hours. Tara can tailor make an Akashics Reading or Soul Reading that is perfect to your divine soul blueprint. For more information on the best reading for you, call on 0481 33 6666 or +61 481 33 6666 if you are enquiring from overseas or email: signsofabundance@gmail.com


What Types of Readings are on offer?


  • Soul Realignment Reading – If you have never had an Akashic Records Reading before, this is a complete delve into your Akashic Records in order to realign you with yourself at soul-level and your true authentic divine soul blueprint. You will also learn about why soul group your belong to and your soul lessons and purpose in this lifetime. More information on a Soul Realignment here


  • Akashic Records Readings for blocks and restrictions and letting go of the past – This intense Reading and Healing session will uncover the blocks and restrictions in your records as well as delve into spiritual journeying part of the session where you will delve inside of yourself with a powerful healing and clearing ritual to clear out what no longer serves you using the elements of fire air earth and water. More information here.


  • Life Area Reading of the soul – Once you have had a Soul Realignment Reading or a fully comprehensive Akashic Records Reading with Clearing Ritual with Tara J Clarke and you are only wanting to see resolve in one area of your life then this reading is for you


  • Top Up Soul Reading – Over time we keep learning and experiencing and making choices that are in alignment with our higher self or if we have drifted off our path (which can happen if you are not doing daily meditation and ‘you’ time to stay in the present here and now, we can make choices that are not in alignment with out true authentic self which attract negative consequences. If you notice yourself drifting off your path, you may just need a 45-minute top up session to get back on track here.


  • Child Soul Reading – Soul Readings for children are the same process. Call me and we can discuss a price for your child. Every child has different issues and sometimes some children have more issues than adults. Give Tara a call to discuss the perfect reading for your child. For more information on the best reading for you, call on 0481 33 6666 or +61 481 33 6666 if you are enquiring from overseas or email: signsofabundance@gmail.com


  • Property Reading – Property clearing or Property Cleansing can be done for homes or businesses that need a clean slate. Or to remove unwanted energies such as ghosts or spirits. More information on Tara’s remote property clearings here