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Self Hypnosis


Powerful clear and concise Self hypnosis recordings available at Signs of Abundance Hypnosis and Healing You buy the self-hypnosis audio package for the specific program e.g. stop smoking, lose weight or let go of a fear such as nail biting or people in authority. Most of our programs have this option for those that would like to eliminate the habit but do not have the time to go into a hypnotherapy office or are self-disciplined enough to listen to the recording every day for 28 days. Past research shows that it takes the subconscious mind approximately 28 days to make positive change from a negative habit to a positive habit which is why this style of hypnosis works for many people so if you are tight on funds this is a great way to stop smoking, quit fears or lose weight. If you truly want to quit smoking, this style of hypnosis will work for you if you are using the recordings. Many of our self-hypnosis audio recordings also include powerful tools to accompany the program.


Custom made recordings are also available here.


Self-hypnosis by listening back to self hypnosis audio recordings hypnotic program which always incudes a daytime version and a nightime version


Why would I need hypnosis?

We have self hypnosis programs for the following fears and bad habits:


  • Stop Smoking click here
  • Weight Loss click here
  • Sugar Cravings click here
  • Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis  (targets tiny tummy and overeating) click here.



  • With the increase in lockdowns and many people being stuck doing home school and working from home there has never been more demand for self-hypnosis than now. It’s the perfect way to quit a smoking habit! Tara is working on more self hypnosis programs so watch this space!


What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is natural state of focused attention where the critical factor of the mind (the ego) gets pushed aside and the deeper part of the mind is in a tranced state of attention. With heightened suggestibility the subconscious mind is then targeted to change negative thinking patterns to positive thinking patterns. We take ourselves into hypnosis when we daydream which is why self hypnosis can also be a powerful tool to quit bad habits and fears. You do not have to go into a clinic for hypnosis to work on you. It just depends on personal preference. Hypnotherapy is the practice of hypnosis and psychotherapy by a Clinical Hypnotherapist such as Tara J Clarke to treat conditions such as trauma, anxiety, depression, letting go of fears, bad habits, stop smoking, quit drinking, weight loss, sugar cravings, nail biting, pain, eating disorders and much more.


Alpha Brainwave

The Hypnotic state that we mostly use in Clinical Hypnotherapy is a trance like state of alpha brainwave. The mind relaxes into a calm and peaceful state of not asleep, not awake, just in between and in this lighter alpha brainwave state, the subconscious mind that is the deeper part of your mind is in full control and in an increased attention and concentration state to receive positive suggestions made by the hypnotherapist. Hypnosis is 100% safe and we naturally go into hypnosis ourselves when we daydream or about to fall asleep.

Theta Brainwave

From alpha brainwave the mind drops into a deeper state of hypnotic rest in theta brainwave. This state of theta brainwave is right before dream state and sleep state of delta brainwave. Tara works with clients in theta brainwave a lot in her regressions of past life hypnosis and inner child hypnosis where regression into past lives are occurs to get to the root cause of the issues in question such as past trauma and abandonment issues.


Will I lose control?

Hypnotherapy is not like stage hypnosis. With stage hypnosis, its exactly that, a stage show. In hypnosis you are in complete control and at any time you feel uncomfortable you can talk and let the hypnotherapist know. Tara takes many clients into deep states of theta brainwave and the client is talking back in complete control always. Thinking that you may lose control of what you are doing is a myth.


Rates on this site for hypnosis and other products are generalised. Every client’s condition is different and Tara can custom make a program for you. Most of her programs consist of this layout:


Session 1: Half hour chat about your issue then you will have a Regression Session to go back in time to the past to see why you do the habit or hold the fear. What happened? Who was there? When on the timeline was it? Where did it happen, was it a past life or in childhood or early adulthood? How did it happen? How is it affecting you today? How does that incident relate to you today? What is the lesson around going through that trauma? In knowing all these questions, you know the root cause of the issue and you are most of the way there to releasing the issue. Then Tara will take you through the booklet of tools that you will be using on your program. This session is recorded for your own healing process and you can listen back to the session as required.


Session 2: On the day you wish to quit the habit or the day you feel ready to let go of the fear completely you will meet for this session that is around one hour. You will receive a recording of this session that will be sent to you via an internet cloud that is easy to download to your laptop, tablet or phone. Always download and save the recordings somewhere on your computer or on a USB stick as a backup file as they only sit on the cloud for 6 days. If you lose it, Tara will usually have a backup recording on file for 5 years but there are no guarantees for this service in case her system does not backup. Listen back to this recording daily until you feel you do not have to anymore. Also use the tools provided in the program as a back up to the hypnosis recording.


Tara can tailor make a hypnotherapy or hypnosis program as not every program may be perfect for you. What is perfect for some may not be perfect for others. For more information on the best stop hypnosis program or a program to let go of your fear that is best for you, call on 0481 33 6666 or +61 481 33 6666 if you are enquiring from overseas or email: signsofabundance@gmail.com  


If you are overseas, Tara can call back most countries. Just specify which Country you are from for a call-back so that time differences can be taken into consideration.


As Tara is in session a lot, if you are calling and Tara does not pick up; please be patient and leave a brief message with your name, reason for calling e.g. stop smoking and Tara will call you back as soon as she can with your answers. Texts are usually replied to much quicker than phone calls.