Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT) in Palm Cove and how to get here to Palm Cove

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique in Palm Cove. Also known as QHHT in Cairns. Tara J Clarke has an office in Palm Cove and if you are looking at having a QHHT session with me it needs to be face to face. So why not take advantage of a little break away and turn your past life regression session with Tara into an oasis of pampering!

Palm Cove, North Queensland is a beautiful sought after destination and the prettiest suburb of Cairns, North Queensland, Australia.

Palm Cove is Just 20 minute drive north from Cairns city centre.

How to get here:

If you do not have a vehicle you may catch the 110 Bus link from Cairns City to Palm Cove. 

Airport shuttles are also available from the Cairns Airport to any where in Palm Cove. See more information on shuttles here. A shuttle starts from around $20 and will usually drop you to the door of your hotel or accommodation house. 

If you are interested in a hypnosis session with me in Palm Cove and are looking for  accommodation in Palm Cove, North Queensland, Australia here is a site that has detailed information on accommodation houses in Palm Cove. My office is on Cedar Road and only a short walk from most hotels and resorts. See accommodation options here

If you are out of town and looking at having a beautiful holiday in tropical north Queensland, Palm Cove is a popular summer holiday destination.

About Palm Cove.

While you are here, you can have a reading or hypnosis session with Tara. Tara has serviced many clients from all over the world that holiday in Palm Cove.