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'Signs of Abundance' is a Metaphysical Store and Healing Therapy Practice based in Palm Cove, Tropical North Queensland. We sell all types of gifts including but not limited to, Mindfulness Gifts which have a calming, restful, peaceful and relaxing ZEN about them to handcrafted signs, vision boards, soy candles, gift hampers, meditation kits, meditation hypnosis style downloads to help you release blocks and restrictions that hold you back from your highest good, Tara is also a Hypnotherapist, She also does Past Life Psychic Readings (Perfect for finding and removing your blocks and restrictions that you hold today, which relate to your past lives, we have many. Tara does this by tapping into your Akashic Records, your soul record) and she is also an Energy Healer. Her Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique QHHT / Hypnotherapy sessions are done face to face in Palm Cove, Cairns Hypnotherapy & Healing at Palm Cove, however Psychic readings are done online. Tara uses Clinical Hypnotherapy combined with Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique QHHT for Past Life Regression Therapy, Life Between Lives style hypnosis too. 

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All of our mindful gifts have a type of Zen presence about them, whether it be a solid concrete Buddha statue, a custom made Sign for your front door or garden, a vision board to help you achieve your hopes, goals, wishes, crystals, crystal jewellery, tarot cards or even hand crafted soy candles or candle holders, and much more gift ideas to choose from. 

We believe in the importance of not dwelling on the past, not worrying about the future and living in the now. Choosing a mindful environment which moves us closer to a balanced body, mind and soul and moving away from the stresses and anxieties that are so frequent in our everyday lives today. Many people these days, worry themselves sick and we believe that if you change your environment to a more mindful one, you can change your thoughts and have a positive effect, to change your life for the better. An advocate for changing the way you think in order to change your life, was the late Dr Wayne.W.Dyer who reviewed thousands of versions of the Chinese Tao Te Ching, and wrote many books, one best seller was 'Change our Thoughts, Change our Life'. That is, if we change our thoughts to more positive thinking, absorb ourselves in positive surroundings, we will change our life to a more positive one. After all, you are what you think.

Many of our products such as our Candles, Melts, Concrete Statues , Vision Boards and Signs are hand crafted and this will be specified with the description of the product. Hand Crafted or handcrafted means that the product is made by T.J. at ZenGifts, in Palm Cove, North Queensland, Australia.

We are not just a gift store, we are a service. We offer a free service of Professional Gift Wrapping using quality gift wrap which includes a gift card, with every gift as shown below.

Gift Wrapped, You Choose Ribbon Colour and Message to for the Gift Card attached


This is a free service we are proud to offer as we believe in the importance of spreading love, kindness and smiles and we believe that love and kindness is the secret to success, not wealth. As Buddha says, 'Kindness is the Real Religion', and spreading the kindness is what we are all about at ZenGifts.

We sell products which have a calming and relaxing feel and presents which lift our mood and make us feel happier, more vibrant and more positive. When an abundance of positive and calming things surround us, we:

Feel more positive

Feel more calm

Feel physically better with less pain

Are more mindful of our thoughts

Worry less

Make much better decisions as we step further away from stress and anxiety. 

Are more grateful of everyday things such as food, water, clothing, shelter, love, kindness and friendships

Work more diligently

Become more creative with more ideas.

Stop focusing on the problem. Start focusing on the solution.

As Buddha says, 'We get what we focus on'. According to science and the Law of Attraction, we are all energy and we are what we focus on.  So why not focus on positive affirmations all over the house to remind us to have positive intention and to come back to the now and breathe a little?

With this said, by dimming the room and lighting a candle, lighting some incense, you are giving your soul an instant feel of calm and relaxation, inviting only good intention.

By rubbing one of our beautiful Buddha bellies each day, you are setting an intention for yourself for something positive to come into your life. By rubbing one of our special Buddha bellies each day, you can release negativity out of your day.

By waking up each morning and reading one of our signs as a reminder to live in the now and to live your spirit, listening to your heart, you are gearing yourself up with intention of a positive day ahead and giving yourself a positive head start that is further away from stress. This kind of mindfulness isn't just for right brain, airy fairy people like myself. Its for everyone, even those white collared, left brain Tax Accountant types like myself too. (Yes I am one of those too). Many other white collared analytical types are waking up to the fact that we need to be taking more steps towards a mindful lifestyle. Large corporations all over the world are employing mindfulness experts to train their staff on being more mindful so that they can move closer to being centered and further away from stress and anxiety which causes so many illnesses today. Studies show that practicing mindfulness helps reduce stress, improve productivity and increase general happiness in the corporate world.

By reading one of our signs before you go to bed, this can remind you to set an intention for the next day of how much you have learned today and how much better you can do it next time. We grow by doing. For example if you made a bad decision that made you feel really down. Instead of dwelling on it, forget about it its done. Improve on it. What can you do to make a better decision tomorrow? How can you do it better next time? Think swell and never dwell.

Start seeing the positive side of everything, by having reminders to:

Be more mindful of your thoughts

Think more clearly

Learn from negative experiences

Learn by doing

We believe that you create your own destiny. If you are in a negative relationship and stay in that relationship, then you are going to be overpowered by that negativity which will only cause you stress and anxiety and make you very unhappy. This then has a domino effect to everyone around you and you make everyone surrounding you unhappy because you are negative.

If you wish to feel happy, then:

Surround yourself with what you love

Hang with people that are kind and caring to you

Spend less time with negative thinking people

Do things that give your vibration a lift of joy. Lift your spirits, so to speak!

Start listening to your heart before you listen to your head!!!

If you are feeling stress, fear or worry, surround yourself with what makes you calm, peace and comfortable.

This is where we come into your life. We have gifts and nick knacks that will lift your spirits and we hope that you enjoy our calming, ZenGifts as much as we do.

By choosing one of our happy, joyful, mindful gifts for your friends, loved ones and even yourself, you are moving forward to a brighter journey in life where you TAKE YOUR POWER BACK from stress, anxieties, fear and worries and start to live a life full of peace, order, calm, prosperity and abundance. A life with a higher vibration. That's what we are all here to really strive for. To improve ourselves, to learn, learn and learn a little more and to improve a little more.

When people hear that I make candles, some will say, 'I don't like candles'. But when I ask them have they ever sat down in the dark on their own, turned the lights off and lit a candle? 'No' is always the answer. Well, try it, its calming and empowering. Equivalent to a good spa bath in my books and I am a big fan of spas. To not like a candle burning in the dark while you are on your own, means that you are so out of balance and really need to start doing mindful practices. When Julia Roberts in the movie 'Pretty Woman' makes pretty white collar boy Richard Gere take his shoes off to comp squat on the fresh green mowed lawn. Richard Gere was very reluctant and when he feels the grass between his toes, he becomes mesmerized at how alive and 'In the Now' and present moment. This walking bare feet on the grass was an amazing start to the love story of all time and he fell more and more in love with this 'prostitute' the more and more grounded he became. It was an 'Aha' moment for him where he had let down his hair and started to live for the first time of his life! We have all had these moments one time or another. When we are mindful, we get them all the time.

So, try lighting a candle and you will be surprised at how really calm and relaxed it will make you feel. When you get a quiet moment, light a candle in the dark. As a result, you are giving your soul an instant feel of gratitude, grace and peace while inviting only good intention. We have been using candles since the Ancient Egyptians and Roman days when people were a lot more grounded, living on the land and they had a lot less worries than we do in our lives today. When we are more grounded, we:

Have better balance in our lives

Have better relationships

We make better decisions

We  feel better

We are more mindful!!!

So go and do it, find some quiet time and light that candle in the dark, take a few long deep breaths and then if you decide that you still don't like candles, then we have a bunch of other products at ZenGifts that you will love. Here is some more information on our products at ZenGifts:

Our Handcrafted Products

Hand Crafted Soy Wax Candles

ZenGifts Candles are made with natural quality environmentally friendly soy wax and are hand crafted by the sea in Palm Cove, Tropical North Queensland, where we are proudly located.  We use environmentally friendly cotton wicks on all of our candles, which do not release lead unlike many brands of imported candles.

Hand Crafted Soy Wax Melts

We do not use paraffin wax in any of our soy candles however we do use a little paraffin in our wax melts in order to harden them and give them a stronger scent throw. Top candle manufacturers all use this in their melts.  If wax melts do not contain a hardening agent, they will be too soft to package. We are proud of our bliss candles and have been working at perfecting ZenGifts Candles for the last 8 years. We have faith that you will enjoy them as much as we do.

Our Fragrances

Our ZenGifts Candle fragrances have a strong scent throw. The smells alone are like walking past a beautiful Jasmine Tree and smelling the sweet pungent fragrance and it smells so good that you just have to stop, go closer and give it a big sniff.. And while you smell the bliss, nothing else matters in that very moment. That's what I am talking about. Finding an 'In the Now' moment when we can really stop to smell the roses.  Because when we are IN THE NOW, there is no pain and no negativity. Eckhart Tolle, Author of 'The Power Of Now' which sold over 2 million copies, is a huge advocate for living in the now. In his book among many others, he talks about living in the now where we can have a pain free identity by living fully in the present'. When we are in the present properly, we cant feel pain. So take a moment right now to just breathe a few deep breaths and go through the five senses. Think of something you are grateful for, for each sense. For smell, you can be grateful for the wonderful candle fragrance. Every day, take a moment in your day to smell something that you really enjoy and appreciate its beauty. This is where our lovely fragrances come into it, the aromas assist in bringing you back to the now and calming you down to a more peaceful and relaxing moment of the present. Enjoy the sweet aromas of our candle fragrances and a more detailed description of each can be found here.

Hand Crafted Concrete Statues

Our lucky Buddha's and Pagodas all represent wealth, prosperity, love, kindness and abundance of everything good. They are handmade with natural concrete ingredients from fair dinkum Australian earth! As a qualified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, TJ blesses each statue with love and kindness while they are being made. So when you are buying a Buddha or Pagoda statue, you pass the kindness to us and TJ passes the love and kindness back to your loved ones all in the shape of a beautiful Buddha Statue!  You and your loved ones will be blessed with whatever their intentions lie, whether it be for more prosperity in your lives or an abundance of good health, set your intention when your Buddha arrives and most importantly, believe.... Take a moment in each day to rub your Buddha's belly and express your gratitude for all the wonderful things that you have in this world. Always focus on the good stuff. Watch our Buddha section as more and more Buddha friends show up, sending much love and kindness your way...

Please note that not all of our products are hand crafted. Some products such as our Candle Holders and Lanterns are imported to Australia from overseas, however we take much care in choosing our products to assure the quality.

We give away prizes and offer discounts from time to time and you need to be a member to be in the running. Click here   and go to the bottom of the page, to become a member of ZenGifts. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about ZenGifts. We are very grateful!

Namaste, from my heart to yours.

Tara J Clarke




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Check out Tara's 'A Healthy Mindset' Programs (available locally in the Cairns Northern Beaches and Palm Cove, QLD area). 

Contact us:






P O Box 542

Palm Cove

Queensland 4879

 Phone: 0481 33 6666

We donate 5% of all SALES (even when on sale) to animal charity. Learn more about our charities here. 

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Shop, buy or browse our range of quality solid concrete handcrafted, hand made Buddha Statues here.

We also have Custom made Hand Crafted Signs available here, where you can choose your own quote or message and we will make the sign perfectly to suit your tastes. 

If you are interested in quality alternative authentic zen gift hampers, check out our range of gift hamper ideas here. We also have hand made, handcrafted soy candles here, made with love, kindness and all of our candles have a beautiful strong scent throw. 

ALL affirmation and custom made signs by Zen Gifts are FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE ITEM, limited time only. This is a popular, value for money item is made  for the beach goer, beach lover and the person that appreciates the ocean, whether it be the calming zen of the ocean or just how the ocean makes us feel! Alive, free, grounded, powerful, strong, blessed! Be blessed with affirmation all around you with this 'Kindness Is The True Religion' affirmation sign. This sign is a creative, great, unique, smart, nautical gift idea for birthday, house warming, farewell gift, wedding present or even anniversary or Christmas. At ZenGifts, we enjoy delivering smiles and even offer a FREE service of gift wrapping with card attached, with your own personal message. Great gift idea for anyone that loves anything nautical too!

Browse or Shop more of our SALE Items here.

Shop or Browse our entire range of hand crafted signs and vision boards here

Shop or browse our full range of FREE SHIPPING SALE items here. 

So surround yourself with a Zen Gift Idea!  The more you surround yourself with things you love, the more love, kindness and fun, pleasurable things will manifest into your life, its the law of attraction

From time to time we run competition giveaways, in order to be in the running for our next competition and ALL competitions, sign up here for our free draws. As a member, we rarely send newsletters (once every couple of months to monthly at the most) and you automatically go into each draw, you can WIN GREAT PRIZES such as hand made vision boards, hand crafted quality signs, candle gift hampers, candle packages, Buddha statues and more! SIGN UP HERE. It is easy to opt out, once you have signed up and you only need to give your email address. Your details are always private and confidential. We never pass on information to any third parties. 

 FREE SHIPPING SALE on quality Buddha Quote Affirmation Signs which are a quality, FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE ITEM and on SALE, limited time only and all of our signs are quality signs. This free shipping item is subject to change at any time without notice, so if you see it now, Free Shipping may not be available next time! This is not an import, this is a quality hand made in Australia, handcrafted sign made with lots of love and kindness by Zen Gifts. A gift of presence, is to live in the present with affirmation signs! Gifts to ourselves. Looking to buy a gift for someone that already has it all? It also makes a great gift to someone about to embark on the perfect journey of self reflection, gratitude and love, appreciative of all the good things in life, or the authentic soul that simply loves affirmation and positivity! This popular, positive sign makes a perfect gift item for her or someone and is hand crafted, well made item by Zen Gifts, made with lots of love and kindness in mind. Put or hang it in your alter with the rest of your quality Zen products and gifts.  FREE SHIPPING SALE Store wide!

Shop, Buy or Browse here for more Sale Items and Free Shipping Items

This quality beaches sign is a Buddha Quote Affirmation Beach Sign, for mindfulness and remembering to live life to the fullest, reminding us that it is important to be grateful for what you have, life is a gift, what you have accomplished, and enjoy and appreciate every moment that this life brings you, be proud of yourself and look at the positive side of every obstacle that this life swings you way. Take it in its stride and recognize it as an opportunity to learn, not a negative obstacle. You are enough to be the best you can be and make this a quality journey. Enjoy life to the fullest, enjoy your sign! The perfect gift idea for the authentic minded soul, or just anyone that appreciates Buddha quotes and reminders of 'living in the now', because living in the now, whenever you can remind yourself to do so, is a gift in itself, living in the present, is our present to ourselves. Because being present, in the now, is the best present you could every give yourself! And pleasant reminders of positivity are too the best gift you can give yourself and others. Living in the now, promotes mindfulness, for perfect body, soul and spirit alignment. The more your left and right brain are aligned, the more balanced you are. Here is my mindful tip before bed, FREE just for you! So have affirmation signs around the house to help you come back into the now, realize and remember the positive side of life, and try not to always focus on the analytical. If you would like to know more about Buddha, here is my article here on more about Buddha.

 Shop, buy or browse our range of quality solid concrete handcrafted, hand made Buddha Statues here. Like all of our signs, our Buddhas are Made with quality, kindness and love in Palm Cove, North Queensland, Australia. Our solid concrete statues are lacquered after they are made to get a perfect finish and are a great accompaniment to a Buddha Quote Sign, as a gift for someone you love. 

This popular style of signs has a Beach Look, Affirmation by Buddha himself 'Life is the Beach' is carefully handcrafted by ZenGifts with lots of love and kindness in mind. Letters are hand drawn in CAPITALS as pictured.

We also have Custom made Hand Crafted Signs available here, where you can choose your own quote or message and we will make the sign perfectly to suit your tastes. 

If you are interested in quality alternative authentic zen gift hampers, check out our range of gift hamper ideas here. We also have hand made, handcrafted soy candles here, made with love, kindness and all of our candles have a beautiful strong scent throw. Our soy candle fragrances for our discounted candle melts, tealights (tea lights), and votives (votive size) and jar candles too are on a discount (add your own message on the jar),  all have a strong scent throw and the quality of our candles is 5 star, as per our reviews. I also offer free candle tips and instructions on how to perfectly care for your soy candles here. Another popular gift item, especially for her or teenage girls (we find they love them) are our oil burners and melts gift hamper basket kits, and they all come packaged in a hamper. You may also be interested in our huge range of intuition, healing and authentic gift ideas here which range from chakra energy healing gifts to jewelry. Another popular gift item is our oil burners and melts range, which all come gifted in a gift hamper style package, free of charge. A popular and authentic choice is our Reiki Tarot Oracle Chakra Card Gift Hamper Kit here, along with other tarot and oracle cards sets (many more are on their way, so stay tuned). Check out our decor range here which consists of wall hangings, mirrors, key holders, candle holders, incense holders and much much more. Or perhaps a personalized, custom made Soy Candle might be more what you or your loved one desires? This way, you can tell it in your own words and say how you feel by having the ability to write your own message on the candle. Another awesome gift idea for someone wishing to learn meditation, or to become more in line with their authentic self, their creative side, their left brain, (because we all tend to use our right analytical brain way too much, the left side of the brain gets forgotten), as a result, it is key to mediate every day. A learn to meditate or see our amazing range of hypnotic, hypnosis style mediation downloads , these are such value for money, a very small investment and  the perfect gift idea for getting balanced with body, mind and soul and getting in touch with intuition. My meditation downloads are meditation focused, hypnosis style. (I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher). So if you are prone to falling asleep in meditation or hypnosis, I recommend not lighting a candle before doing any of my session downloads. We have options for opening up each of the energy centres, (chakra's) Crown Chakra (Wisdom), Third Eye Chakra (Intuition and Healing), Heart Chakra (Love, Grief and Healing), Solar Plexus Chakra (Power Center, Claiming Back Your Power), Sacral Chakra (Anger Release, frustration, blame, worry, regret, basically releasing those negative emotions we tend to store over time in our stomach), Base Chakra (grounding) as well as learn to meditate and we even have a meditation download for those who have recently lost a pet dog. This beautiful meditation helps someone to move through the awful grief process of losing an animal that was close to them. The meditation download hypnosis style are easy to listen to, relaxing and the perfect birthday, Christmas, anniversary or any occasion gift idea that is cheap, with a small investment, quality and great value for money. When you buy someone a meditation download by A Healthy Mindset, it could be the best favor that you could ever do for someone, because healing is power!

Our meditation kit also makes the perfect gift idea for anyone learning to meditate or wishing to learn about meditation. Zen Gifts owner, Tara.J.Clarke is also a qualified meditation teacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist and energy healer. At Zen Gifts, we do not charge any extra for wrapping or a card. Gift Wrap and Card is always free. A free service, we offer to you, with a big smile! Click here for my free advice on how to Set a morning Intention, to manifest abundance into your life. 

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Buying, shopping or browsing for someone else? Why not a Custom Made Gift Voucher here? Our custom made vouchers are emailed to the recipient for you, if you prefer, just send the photo in and short message and we will do the rest, no extra charge for this service. That way too, your loved one gets to choose which quality, perfect zen gift item or product is suitable for them. 

This sign is designed in Australia, handcrafted in Australia by hand by ZenGifts, not just an online gift store. Delivering smiles, from my heart to yours, Tara.J.Clarke, owner/creator at ZenGifts. Member of IMTA International Meditation Teacher's Association and Member of AHA Australian Hypnotherapy Association. 

More about ZenGifts Store.

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About A Healthy Mindset.

If you live in the Cairns, Cairns Northern Beaches or Palm Cove region located in North Queensland, Australia, we also have our sister site, AHealthyMindset.com which is focused on Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis, Meditation, Energy Healing, Chakra Balance and Mindfulness. Tara's 'A Healthy Mindset' practice is at Palm Cove, specializing in Past Life Regression (Past Lives, Spiritual Guide and Life Between Lives), Chakra Healing, Quitting Smoking (stop smoking habit), Anxiety, Worry, Fears, Stress Reduction/Stress Relief (Mindfulness), Weight Loss, Confidence, Self Esteem, The Power of Positivity, Meditation and more. More information on our A Healthy Mindset Programs are here

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