Akashic Records Reading for Soul Realignment for Weight Loss
Akashic Records Reading for weight loss for online skype face to face losing weight session Cairns
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Akashic Records Reading for weight loss and realignment of your soul

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This is an Akashic Records Reading for weight loss program with a focus on weight loss and this Akashic Records Reading is also targeted firstly, at realignment of the soul and raising of your vibration so that you are emotionally and mentally prepared for your weight loss journey. 

You would still seek a dietry plan and exercise routine outside of this soul realignment weight loss program. This program is designed to get your soul, mind and heart ready for the start of your weight loss journey. Tara has many tools in this Akashic Records Reading for weight loss program for you to use to assist you on your weight loss path such as meditation, hypnosis, visualisations and energy work. 

This Akashic Records Reading for weight loss will get you on track to making better decisions towards weight loss and letting go of blocks and restrictions in other areas of your life whether it be love life, work life, relationships or carreer, this reading will target all areas which is a contributing factor in raising your consciiousness. Raising your consciousness, raising your vibration is key to dropping weight. In this session you will find out why you are choosing to self sabotage your body or what it is that is causing you to go to the fridge or pantry. In order to stay healthy and keep the weight off, it is important to target the root of your issue and this is what this session is aimed at doing. 

First Session: 3 hours

Second Session: 45 minutes (online only or over phone) for weight loss component

These two sessions can be done in one sitting if preferred. 

Text or phone 0481336666 for next availability for a Soul Realignment Akashic Records Reading for Weight Loss with Tara J Clarke for Weight Loss. Tara is usually in session and can call you back as soon as she can. Just leave a message with your name, reason for calling and phone number and she will call you back as soon as she can. 

With this Akashic Records Reading for weight loss, the key target is to let go of the blocks and restrictions that hold you back from being the best version of yourself that you can possibly be, so that you raise your vibration. Once you raise your vibration into a higher vibrational state, this is key to a life of love, joy, acceptance, peace, calm, wisdom and ultimately enlightenment and key to starting your weight loss journey. Living in this state is where you need to be to have an easy transition into weight loss. This is why this program works. 

This is an Akashic Records Reading with a focus on weight loss and does not involve any kind of hypnosis.

Tara's hypnosis programs are another way of getting to the root cause of your weight loss issues, and you can to the program which includes a past life regression hypnosis and hypnosis tools, click here

A 3 hour Akashic Records Reading Session to let go of the past by accessing your Akashic Records and to find your true soul purpose, life lessons so that you can move into happiness and let go of low vibrations of anxiety, sadness, depression, loneliness, anger, hurt, abandonment, suffering, victimization energies and all those negative energies that show up from time to time.

Then you will come back and meet Tara on zoom for an online session to get you on your weight loss track will a booklet of powerful tools to keep you busy and on track to your goals. 

This package is split up into two sessions. 

This sessions target the reasons you hold onto those love vibrations of the past, then you release them. Negative thoughts and vibrations show up because you choose to hold onto them within your soul for some reason and it usually reasons such as self doubt, unworthiness or you hold onto past trauma.

You will also find that you will open your chakra energy centres associated with weight gain after one of these readings with Tara J Clarke, this is part of the process, Chakra Balancing.

Once you have a soul realignment it is so much easier for you to choose to let go and your vibration has been lifted so that you start to notice more  positivity in your life, joy, peace, happiness, calm which is where you need to be in order to open up your connection to spirit, to receive those divine messages of guidance that we all hope for. 

How Long Does An Akashic Records Reading for Weight Loss Take?

Duration is approximately 3 hours for the first session, sometimes it can take a little longer time because if you are holding onto to a lot of blocks, fears, negative limiting beliefs etc they will come up in your reading and the more you have the longer the session usually is. Other Akashic Records Readings can be very brief and only take one hour, Tara J Clarke is very thorough and you get much more for your money which is why it takes much longer than other Akashic Records Readings. 

Then your second session is approximately 45 minutes via zoom online only or over the phone. This weight loss session is not done in person. 

Know too that this session also includes a Chakra Balancing check before and after your session. Most of my clients will open their chakras after one session with me if not all the chakras, you will have insight on why you still hold that block and information you need to work on letting it go, it may be some kind of meditation or learning a new modality. Accept the information with love and work on raising the vibration. 


Akashic Records Readings in Australia or Worldwide access or Face to face sessions in Cairns, Palm Cove or Phone, Skype and Messenger service with Tara J Clarke (Tara. J. Clarke). 

What is an Akashic Records Reading ?

An Akashic Records Reading is a spiritual reading, (Akashic Records Reading in Australia or anywhere around the world) where Tara will tap into the energy of your soul which holds the answers to every life you have lived, every lesson you have learned, every vibration you are choosing to hold onto in the here and now. It is the vibrations around weight gain that we mostly focus on in this session to shift. 

This is a powerful soul level healing modality utilizing who you are at soul level (your divine gifts) and how we create our circumstances through choices.  that we have made in the past. Then through awareness, we clear the blocks and restrictions which are limiting us.  Once the blocks are gone, you can align to your highest good, you can start to open up to receive divine messages from source. The higher our vibration, the more connected to spirit and source we are, the more divine messages we receive. A Reading will find out your true divine nature and realign your spirit to 'freedom' free from limiting beliefs and negative thoughts. When we are free from these blocks and restrictions that hold us back from our highest good, this lifts our vibration to happiness, joy, peace, love. When we are in happiness, joy, peace, love we are closer to enlightenment, we have a closer connection to our intuition, our guides, angels and higher self. So if you are wanting to get onto the path of connecting to your intuitive side, your intuition, using your heart and intuition to make positive choices, then it is important to be in a high vibration of love, joy, peace, calm and in order to do this you need to let go of the past and remove your blocks and restrictions that keep you from happiness, joy, peace. This is why you have a Soul Realignment. 

Why get an Akashic Records Reading for weight loss ?

It will be one of the best decisions you can ever make for yourself. Many describe to me their experience after an Akashic Records Reading with me, life changing. After one of my Akashic Records Readings, you will start to be in tune with who you truly are and be closer to living your true divinity. It will take work, but you will learn a lot from me. You will be able to take the tools and information I give you and release the blocks and start being who you truly are at soul level, in alignment with your authentic divine nature, your spirit. So that you can start being the best version of yourself you can be, living your full purpose. 

Soul Realighment Reading (Akashic Records Reading in Australia or anywhere around the world) 

are done online via Skype or Messenger and even can be done over the phone. Always allow a couple of hours for your reading as Tara J Clarke is very thorough and priority is getting you as much information about your blocks and restrictions as possible. You may even contact Tara if you wish to have your reading done face to face in (Cairns, Palm Cove) North Queensland Australia. So anybody can have one, anywhere in the universe!

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashics or Akashic Records is a library of information in the 5th Dimension which holds the vibration of your soul book. This includes everything that has ever happened to you, your life lessons, your choices and all of your consequences that you have experienced and yet to experience on your journey so far. It is accessed through vibration of  your blueprint. We access it, analyse it and then clear your records of all limiting blocks that are holding you back from your highest good so that you can align with your original divine nature, free from the shackles of the past (which cause issues in the now). 


Feel free to call Tara for a chat if you wish to know more about a Soul Realignment Akashic Records Reading for Weight Loss:

Phone or Text 0481 33 6666. 


Why should I have a soul reading for weight loss with Tara J Clarke ?

  • To remove the negative effects of baggage from the past.
  • To clear your mind of negativity that keeps coming up on your wheel of karma
  • Tara is thorough and this reading is approximately 3 hours long depending on how many blocks and restrictions you are holding onto. 
  • To receive a FREE White Light Healing Meditation (hypnosis style)
  • To recieve FREE Chakra Balancing Exercises to help maintain your ckakra energy centres
  • To improve with your connection to spirit, your intuition
  • To take your power back so you are more abundant in all areas of your life including weight loss, bad habits, quit or stop smoking
  • To find out about why you have a certain illness in your life. What the vibration is around the issue and what you may be able to do to remove it. (Not all illnesses can be cleared but most can at soul level). If you trust and believe in the power of spirit, it will be cleared. Everything starts at soul level and it can end at soul level. 
  • To get off the wheel of bad karma and stop those events of 'suffering' or 'anger' and other negative stuff that keeps coming up. 
  • To start a clean slate and start making positive choices
  • To stop making negative choices
  • To learn about your life lessons and soul's divine purpose
  • To understand your soul's special gifts. 
  • To become aware of the negative choices you are making
  • To clear the negative karma that follows you around, from your Akashic Records so that you can start a clean slate. Its important then to start making new positive choices and Tara will go into this in the session with you. 
  • To understand who you are at soul level so that you can align with who you are at soul level. Your soul's true divinity. 
  • To understand who you truly are at soul level so that you can start making more positive decisions. 
  • For healthier thought patterns, to improve the way you think.
  • To start having a healthy body. A healthy soul is the first step to a healthy body, loving yourself
  • To improve the way you feel
  • To help you understand that it is 'you' who creates your own destiny. Your consequences are due to the choices 'you' have made. Situations happen because the 'suffering' or 'worry' is already in your karmic blueprint. Its put there by your choices. This helps us release the 'blame' around others. 
  • and much more! Have you soul re-alignment with Tara and start seeing instant changes in your life because your karmic blueprint, that part of you which holds all the negativity, is cleared! Then you can be on track to a healthier, more prosperous, more abundant life in all areas. 

Akashic Records Readings (Soul Realignment) are an important form of allowing your soul to remove all past blocks, restrictions, limiting beliefs and issues of the past, let go of the past so that you can start moving forward into an abundant more prosperous, joyous, happy, calm 'in the now', in the present. 

Akashic Records Readings can be also referred to as your spirit’s record or soul book of your life from a spiritual spectrum (Past Life and Current Life Soul Readings are done as a report format or if you prefer, over the phone. We get a soul reading to remove our baggage.  In order to realign our physical body, emotional (the way we feel) and psychological (the way we think) to our highest good at spirit level (to our soul) so that we have holistic balance in our lives and can start making choices that fit our divine nature. When we are balanced and in alignment with our divinity, we can then start to take our power back in all areas of our lives. The perfect gift to yourself is to start your new year's resolution to happiness and abundance and get a soul realignment!

What will one of these Akashic Records Readings help me so that I can live a better life ?

By having an Akashic Records Readings in Australia or Worldwide, you will release (let go) of the negative events that have shaped you right up until today. From the first moments your soul was born to the here and now. Notice this is the 'negative' attachments, past issues including current life and past life problems, contracts, vows and negative situations, karmic situations, that have occurred at soul level. When you let it go, you are able to align yourself to your true divinity, that divine part of you, who you truly are. You can then make perfect decisions in alignment with your soul, your true divine nature, the true person you are, without blocks getting in the way that distort your path to divinity. These blocks hold you back from being the best version of yourself you can possibly be. 

What are in these Akashic Records Readings Soul Realignment Readings?


You can have your Akashic Records Readings in Australia or from anywhere in the world. Tara contacts your 'higher self' which is why you do not have to be in the 'physical' with her at he time as the physical is 3rd dimensional. Tara works in the 5th dimensions and above. The Records may contain current information about the life you live, past lives, information about your soul and the soul’s group of origination. This is where your true authentic soul was born. An Akashics Reading will help you understand yourself, your life choices, your negative belief patterns, your current vibration (your vibration holds all of the emotions such as anger, blame, sadness, depression) and how much you have evolved over the course of your soul's lifetime. How many past lives you have had on Earth. Whether you have taken any past life vows, curses, spells, made pacts with others, are bound to other situations or souls of the past, or even contracts with others that are no longer serving your highest good.  Start empowering yourself to using your intuition and understanding why you have come to the situation you are currently at. Tara assists you by accessing that intuitive higher self part of you that has always been there, will always be there and knows every little path you have taken on your spiritual journey. It is the perfect way to tune up your soul for 2018 and remove the shackles of the past!

How does Tara access these records over the internet or phone?

You will need to provide details of your birth (know that your information is 100% confidential). Like your fingerprints and DNA in the physical, your soul is unique with your own vibration different to everyone else in the universe and your birth details allow access. 

More about an Akashics Soul Reading

Akashic Records and Psychic Soul Readings consist of the record of every move you made from when your soul originated to now. Every vibration you are holding onto such as anger, frustration, obligation, depression, sadness, grief, blame, is included in this record of ‘you’. It is your karmic blueprint of you at his moment in time. From this blueprint, we are able to trace back to where each issue originated. Tara is from Cairns, Australia and will get the details of which soul group you came from and where you spend the most time at soul level. By finding out about your soul groups and your soul's energy centres, you are able to understand why you do what you do and who you truly are at an authentic level, your divine self. This too helps you understand your soul's purpose and assists you to realign your soul, putting you back on your path to your purpose. By finding out the 'root' problems within the Akashic's, you will truly then hold the key to your destiny by knowing and then clearing and then starting to make more positive choice and consequence, by seeing past choices you have made and how the past negative choices and negative consequences have been affecting your journey today. Basically, you start to see the patterns in your live to date and can look forward to changing them to more positive choices in the future.

Will this Soul Reading Change my Life?

Many describe Akashic Records Soul Realignment Psychic readings with Tara. J. Clarke as 'Life Changing' as it truly does change ones life to a more positive life where they end up back on their path to wisdom, clarity and if you have a reading with Tara, there is a good chance that you will remove all negativity within your soul, release it all so that you can start to feel more like you understand why you are here, your soul purpose.

Readings are most popular online but can be done over the phone or face to face in Palm Cove, Cairns, Australia. 


Can this type of soul reading help with my Health Issues?

If you have any illness, disease, health conditions, physical, mental or emotional it is of much importance to get a soul reading of this nature in order to get to the bottom of the issues and clear, as everything, all conditions start at soul level.  I am not saying you are going to be 'cured'. This is entirely up to you. Belief and trust is powerful here. Know that many illnesses start at soul level and you can make a shift to positive change. I have many situations where illness such as Anxiety and Psoriasis (just to name a couple) are the result of past life traumas. When we find out where the issue came from in that past life, the client can clear that negative energy away and heal.

Will I have much homework?

You will be given 21 days of clearing to do. This should only take 5 to 10 minutes of your day. Provided you do the clearing work that Tara gives you, this is your homework, this is your path to living a more joyful, happy, intuitive life, you should heal yourself to living a long and healthy life, free from all blocks and restrictions! It is important that you do not skip a day and have belief and trust in the process. So that you can be the true authentic you on Earth, free from the past.

You will recieve a booklet with other tools including meditations to take home with you help you on your path forward. You will be busy and have many tools to get you through. 

How should I feel after my Soul Realignment?


You will have more clarity on what you need to do to move forward as you will no longer be surrounded by blocks and restrictions that are weighing you down (and we all have them). These blocks and restrictions are like baggage weighing us down and the reason why many negative issues just keep coming up and repeating negative patterns. All issues will be cleared when you have a soul realignment Akashic Records Reading done with Tara. It is then up to you to take the information you learn in the reading and be conscious of it so that you can stop the negative karmic wheel of negative choices. So that you can keep the slate clean and implement positive choice throughout your day instead. This is all part of your healing process. Its up to you. 

Will a Soul Reading help me make better choices?


Yes as long as you listen to the recording regularly and start making positive changes suggested in the recording by Tara. We have arrived at where we are today by our own choices that we have made. So if we keep making negative choices that are not in alignment with our true self, we will keep getting negative consequences on our path. By getting an Akashic Records Reading, you are opening yourself up to the divine, clearing the shackles that hold you back from your highest good and getting on your life path, your purpose. So that you can clear the slate, basically fix your soul, fix up the mess and start aligning with your true divinity. Once you are aligned with your higher self, that intuitive part of you, you will start to make decisions that are congruent with your purpose.  We all have made bad decisions and some constantly make decisions that are not in align with our highest truth. The truth is, the reason we may be in a depressed state is because of the decisions we have made to get here. Sometimes it starts out as karma as we are repaying debt possibly debt fro this life or past lives. However, it gets stuck in our mindset and the karmic blueprint holds onto that negative vibration or depression until we decide to do something like this, such as an Akashic Records Soul Reading to remove the bad negative unjustified karma from our records, permanently once and for all.  We hold onto so much baggage that we do not need to be holding onto and this is why we end up off our path and unhappy or in a depression state. It is important to understand who you are at soul level so that you can get off the negative choice bandwagon and start wiping the slate clean and making decisions that align you to your truth, your wisdom. Akashic Records Readings with Tara will also clear your records of all the negativity and open you up to intuition, that higher part of you, your true divine nature. You will learn a lot about yourself and spirituality from the information you receive. Basically, through your own choices you shape your own experiences in life and soul readings of your Akashics will help you to start making positive choices and this will lead to positive consequences.

What else will I learn about myself?

Tara will pick up on details of your soul and soul’s journey, your soul’s status, blocks to truth, (sometimes we are holding onto blocks in our soul that are blocking us from aligning to our true divinity. These are barriers that make it very hard for your guides to reach us as it affects our vibration and your guides simply cannot find you). So if you are holding onto any blocks divine gifts which will help you understand yourself at a soul level and not just in the physical, emotional or psychological. You will learn how far you have moved forward in this lifetime on a spiritual level and how far you need to go before you are at a enlightened stage where you no longer need to study spirituality because you know as much as there is to know. 
You will learn how damaged your soul actually is and be given the tools to fix it in the clearing work. Tara will also give you direction on activities you can do to help your path forward to your divinity. Be prepared to be given 21 days clearing work, this is very important. Tara will get the ball in motion this end to clear your records within the Akashics, however it is important that you do the work your end in order to follow it through and understand the process.

Basically if there is anything negative in your soul records, such as negative entity attachments, negative guides, implants, negative karma or even if someone is directing negativity at you or you are carrying negative thoughts around with you, then it will come up and by you doing the clearing work, it will be cleared. So that you are in alignment with your true identity at soul level, free from the shackles of any negativity which cause anger, depression, sadness, grief, blame and any other low vibrations that keep us from our highest good. You will learn about your negative karmic patterns, unjustified karma which is karma that just keeps coming up out of bad choices that you make. If you have any contracts with others in this life or past life that do not serve you in a positive way, this will come up in your Akashics Reading.

Tara will access your records which is an energetic database that stores all the information about all the choices and decisions that you have ever made in every life you have lived. Every soul has its own Akashic Record which contains every and all information about your soul right back to when you originated and give you information.  The Akashic Records are not bound by time or space and for this reason, they can be accessed from anywhere at any time. As a result, Tara does not need to be physically present with you and can access your records from anywhere and at any time just by using the details such as your birthdate, birth place and full name at birth. Each and every one of us carries a different vibration and this is how Tara can access yours.

If you would like a reading, please fill in the form and allow for 48 hours for Tara to do the reading. It does take time.  Readings are given in a report format (most popular option) or you can choose to have a reading over the phone, choose at checkout.  If you do the report format and need any questions answered, Tara can call you at a time that suits and answer your questions about your reading. Please allow for a time difference as Tara works in Australian Time, Cairns, North Queensland, Australia. Always provide your phone number too in case Tara needs to call you about your reading.

You will need to give details of your date of birth, full name at birth, full name now and place of birth including town. If you do not know the town this may be suffice.

Tara is a spiritual guide, Akashic Records (Soul Realignment) Practitioner, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Pratitioner (QHHT), Clinical Hypnotherapist, Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher and Energy Healer. On a daily basis, Tara's work changes the lives of many at soul level. When we can change our negative belief patterns and start making decisions authentically from the heart, from the divine soul that we are, we can then clear the negativity and change for the better. We can then make positive transformation within our soul in order to move forward on a positive path of love, joy, peace and acceptance. 
From my heart to yours, 
Tara. J. Clarke 

Akashic Records Psychic, Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist specializing in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Level 2, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Holistic Counsellor,  Energy Healer, Spiritual Guide and Meditation, Intuition and Mindfulness Teacher

Did you know that a baby can make a contract to come into this world and then change its mind?

Did you know that when a baby is incarnated into the body, the soul enters the body at the very first breath of life?

Did you know that a stillborn child sadly occurs when the soul of that child has simply changed its mind about being reincarnated. There is no rejection of the parents, it has simply changed its mind about its life path. We all change our mind at times and this is just what happens.

Also when miscarriages and abortions occur, the baby is fully aware that there is a good chance that it will not go to full term and this is actually a choice the baby makes as it needs practice to make the perfect baby to full term. This choice is of the baby's highest good. It decides. Souls do not get it right the first time and need to practice incarnating into the body. Like riding a bike, we do not usually get it the first time, it takes practice. So those women out there that have had terminated pregnancies, let this be a little comforting. Your child was more than likely a newer soul to Earth, that needs practice to incarnate and you have done that soul a big favour! So try to look on the positive side of this. 

The more readings I do on children, the more I am starting to realise the link between the soul and different situations such as Down Syndrome, ADHD, Autism and other issues in children. A soul reading for your child or baby will tell you a lot about why they chose this existence, this incaration on earth. What was the lesson to learn and why did they choose it. Or if they did not choose it, what happened? An Akashic Records Soul Realignment reading will answer all of these questions. 

Did you know that a physical body can be soul shifting? This is when the physical body on the 3rd dimension is having more than one soul from the 5th dimension entering the body in its lifetime. It can occur once or even multiple times. Those people with mental illness are usually soul shifters, but not always. They may just be holding onto a lot of negative stuff! Which we can clear with an Akashic Soul Realignment Reading. 

Did you know that we can have past life attachments and also current life attachments which are attached to our soul? This is not healthy as it is interfering with our true authenticity and it is hard for our angels and guides to find us. This could be the reason you may be having difficulties accessing your true authentic divine self through intuition. 

Did you know that many of us have taken vows in past lives and this can affect the way we think and we may be holding onto negative belief patterns due to a vow taken hundreds and even thousands of years ago!

Did you know that you may be  holding onto a negative thought form that just keeps coming up creating havoc in your life? This basically is just bad energy around you affecting you on a psychological or emotional level. This too will come up in an Akashic Records reading and can be cleared. 

Did you know that before you come into this life, you make agreements (contracts) with others? There is usually learning involved when we make a contact or it may even be karmic debt. A lot of contracts can be long overdue their used by date and need to be severed as they may be continuing for reasons that are not in line with your soul's purpose! An Akashic Records reading will pick up on any contracts you have that are not of your highest good and clear them. 

If you are looking for an Akashic Records Reading for weight loss or an Akashic Records Reading that focuses on accessing your chakra energy centres so that you can have flowing chakras in alignment with your soul, then this is the reading for you and then you can move onto the weight loss component of this Akashic Records Reading which is a powerful tools designed to get you into alignment on your weight loss joureny targeting the bored eater, angry eater and the emotional eater. 



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