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Signs of Abundance

Stop Smoking Hypnosis

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Stop Smoking Hypnosis in Cairns or via Zoom link with this thorough and personalized Stop Smoking Program. If you are reading this, congratulations on taking the first step to quit smoking, you should be very proud of yourself! Just make sure you are ready to quit the habit for yourself and not for anyone else, in this program. You must be ready and want to quit smoking. 

I am a reformed smoker and have quit the bad habit of smoking more than 19 years ago and I smoked cigarettes heavily for almost 15 years. I understand exactly what you are going through and I understand exactly how you can eliminate this negative habit of smoking in its tracks for good and start moving forward and being the best version of yourself that you can be. Trust me and let me help you quit smoking. 

Tara J Clarke, Hypnotherapist

More about Tara here

This is an affordable stop smoking program. When you look at the cost of cigarettes, you will have your money back within a couple of weeks. 

This Stop Smoking Hypnosis program with Signs of Abundance Hypnosis and Healing is a gradual quit smoking program designed to transition you onto your stop smoking path as easily as possible so that you are smoke free, happier and healthier.

This Quit Smoking Program is a hypnosis program which includes:

  • A 30 minute session over the phone about your smoking issue (this is usually done over the phone where Tara takes you through questioning process) and why you chose to smoke, obstacles in your way, motivation moving forward. The information you provide in this session will determine the Hypnotherapy part of this session. 
  • A Clinical Hypnotherapy session for on the day you choose to quit cigarettes (approximately 90 minutes) in Palm Cove, Cairns or if you are not living or visiting Cairns, you can have this session online over Skype or Zoom from anywhere in Australia or around the world as long as you have a good internet connection.  It is usually a good idea to book this session for very early in the morning. Tara starts her sessions at 7:30 am but if you prefer to come in later this is fine too subject to availability. 


    • On paying for your quit smoking program, you will be given the online stop smoking program as well which includes a booklet of powerful tools such as meditations, visualizations and meridian tapping exercises to get you onto your path to a positive mindset and assistance raising your frequency. This program includes a booklet of special tools that you will receive via email to start going through and practicing the exercises that are designed to help your mindset for an easier transition to stop smoking. Start practicing the tools before you come in for the hypnosis session. Start practicing the tools before your quit day so that you are up to date with the exercises and organized before your quit day. I find those that are prepared have a much easier transition to being a non smoker. This tool package consists of self-hypnosis, visualization, meridian tapping techniques and mindset techniques to assist you on your stop smoking path moving forward and this tool package  is available once you book and have paid in full for the session and online videos are available as part of this package. You must take the time in your day to implement these tools into your daily life for an easier transition to quitting the smoking habit.  

    If you prefer to try this program online without having an in person or online hypnotherapy session, then this online self hypnosis stop smoking program here is a more affordable option. You can try this first, and if you need hypnotherapy in person or over skype or zoom with Tara J Clarke, you pay the upgrade for the one session. The online program is here

    You are welcomed to check out Tara's voice with this free short 11 minute meditation. There are more free meditations placed on this channel from time to time so do subscribe for free access to meditations. Daily meditation is important for mindfulness and if you only have ten minutes to meditate per day, this free meditation is perfect. If you enjoy the meditation please share the love and like it on YouTube and subscribe to my channel to have access to any more free meditations. Free Meditation here

     This Stop smoking hypnosis in Cairns program is designed to get easier by the day, the week and the month!  It is important that you are 100% ready to quit your smoking habit and this stop smoking hypnosis program is the best program to get you on this path to living a long and healthy life.

    Be sure that you are not planning on quitting the smoking habit because your partner or loved one wants you to. You must want to quit smoking yourself. It is important to be Stopping the bad habit of smoking for yourself and not anyone else. So only sign up when you are ready to Stop the smoking habit for good.

     As pictured, you will be hypnotized in comfort and you will more than likely feel the most relaxed you have ever felt! Calm and peaceful. This is a picture of the actual setting in Palm Cove Cairns. 


    What is Hypnosis?

    Hypnosis is a natural state that you go into each night when you go to sleep. Right before you go to sleep, you go into hypnosis first. This is when the critical factor of your mind shuts off, is set aside, the chatter stops and you are able to relax, unwind, let go and listen to the guided journeying and positive suggestions. Hypnosis is a natural state that you go into every day. You are always in control. 

    more about hypnosis here 

    Why do I need a self hypnosis recording package in this program, for home too?


    • So that you can conveniently listen to the recording in the privacy of your own home day or night in the comfort of your own home and every time you listen to the recording you receive in your tools package, you are reprogramming your subconscious mind from negative thinking patterns to positive thinking patterns. I recommend listening to the hypnosis recording once per day, day time or night time. You will have two versions to listen to that target the mindset. No need to go back to a hypnotherapist for repeat sessions. 


    • So that you can make use of the tools to help change the subconscious mind's thinking patterns from negative thinking patterns as research shoes that it takes the subconscious mind approximately 28 times to start taking on new habits. Like learning a new skill such as driving a car, it doesn't work once or twice you need more time. That is why this self hypnosis tailor made to YOU works so powerfully. 

    • So that you can gradually quit your bad habit of smoking by listening to your self hypnosis recordings daily.
    • because the subconscious mind is so much more powerful than willpower and it is important to target the subconscious in this way through self hypnosis at home and this is a what sets Tara's programs aside from many other hypnosis programs where you do not get a take home recording. 

    • Note: You will also have the personal hypnotherapy recording to listen to as often as you need to and as long as you need to. 


    Research shows that it takes the subconscious mind (that deeper part of your mind that is much more powerful than any willpower) 28 times to absorb new information when it comes to changing habits such as to Stop smoking. It’s like learning something new, such as a new job, every time you try, it gets easier and easier and your days get better and better. Therefore, the more you listen to this recording that is designed to change your habits from negative to positive habits, the easier it gets because your mind is slowly adapting to positive change.

    As well as the recording from your session, you will be given a daily recording and a night-time recording for bedtime and be able to listen to your recording in your own home, in your own time, daily, until you have given your subconscious mind enough time to take all of the new information in. This is the power of this healing process and it usually takes around 28 times (28 days) for the subconscious to start to change the bad habits and negative thinking patterns to positive change and positive thinking patterns. 

    When it comes to Stopping smoking, it is imperative to have as much support as possible. I know this because I am a reformed smoker. So start communicating with your loved ones for an easier transition and outside support from friends. Try not to be around those that smoke.  

    How is this ‘ Stop Smoking Hypnosis in Cairns Program ‘ different than other Hypnotherapists in the area?

    This program targets the superconscious part of your mind, helping you back on track to being smoke free. You need to trust and believe in yourself and the system and you will heal.

    This program is the best hypnotherapy program on the market as it is made to your needs and you get to also take home a hypnosis recording (night time version and day time version) to listen to it as many times as you wish.

    You also receive many other tools and information to help with those stop smoking cravings moving forward that you can have access to in the privacy of your own home. 

    How do I make a booking or find out more information?

    Call or text on Phone 0481 33 6666 or overseas +61481336666

    Email: signsofabundance@gmail.com

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