Unnatural implants removal

J Seal Removal (J-Seal Removal) and Unnatural Implants removal and Reptilian Overlay sessions. A J Seal Removal Session is one hour long and done by distance. This session is different to my other sessions that are done in person or via Zoom. With J Seal removal, this session is done whilst you are in a quiet meditative state in the privacy of your own home. J Seal removal is done to restore your original divine blueprint and one of the most important things you can have done to yourself for psychic connection and trust, belief in your connection to your spirit and the higher dimensions. J Seal removal assists in the activation of your DNA and required prior to having your DNA activation. It can be the reason you have physical issues on your left side. Once you have had your J Seal removed you can reach higher states of consciousness with a focus on self-love and gratitude, may heal back, neck and knees, improved breathing and circulation. Those that have monkey mind or reptilian mind should have this done!