Sugar and Fat Cravings Hypnosis Recording for self hypnosis to do in the daytime for healthy eating
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Sugar Craving Hypnosis Recording for self hypnosis with a free nightime version for turning away sugary and fatty foods

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Sugar Craving Hypnosis Recording for self hypnosis to do in the daytime including a free night time version.  This sugar craving hypnosis recording is designed to turn you away from wanting to eat fatty and sugary foods such as icecream , cheese , chocolate and other packaged food items and giving you focus on wanting to eat healthier foods such as fresh vegetables.

This sugar craving hypnosis package includes two separate deep sugar craving hypnosis recordings professionally designed in Tara J Clarke's studio to put you into an alpha brainwave state, a suggestible state for adopting positive suggestion around thinking you have a tiny tummy. Sugar cravings and fat cravings are targeted in the sugar craving hypnosis recordings. There is also a focus on motivation, eating small portions, keeping busy and 'healthy' eating and how much you love healthy foods. 

Listen to Tara J Clarke free short version of 'Aura Cleansing Meditation' here to decide for yourself on her calming and gentle voice. This is a shortened version less than ten minutes long of the longer aura cleanse meditation so that you can be the judge on whether you would like the meditations or self hypnosis recordings by Tara J Clarke on this site. 

Never listen to sugar craving hypnosis self hypnosis recording behind the wheel of a vehicle, walking or jogging as it is designed to put you in an alpha brainwave state where you are more suggestible to the suggestions around fat cravings and sugar cravings and you there is a chance you may fall asleep if you are tired. 

The more you listen to this sugar craving hypnosis recording, this recording is designed to slowly reprogram your mind from negative thinking habits around eating to positive thinking habits around eating and changing your negative eating habits and cravings to positive eating habits such as having a focus on chewing your food slowly and mindfulness such as sitting down to eat and remembering to save some time in the day to prepare your foods. 

When you buy this item, you will receive the daytime version when ordering and you will be able to download the mp3 audio file to your device and save it to your device or storage app and the free night time version will arrive within 24 hours of your order. If the free night time version has not arrived, please email and we will resend this free hypnosis recording to you. We are in Australia and please allow for time differences if you are ordering overseas. 

The sugar craving recordings are a powerful hypnosis tool to listen to either the night time sugar craving recording or the day time sugar craving recording once per day to combat cravings of sugary and or fatty foods or to change your mindset to a more positive mindset when it comes to healthy eating habits. 

How long do I listen to the recordings ?

If you find that you can focus really well when listening to these recordings, then you only need to listen to them a few times for them to work straight away. Everybody is different, after the first time of listening to it, you should notice a change. 

If you find that your mind drifts off and wonders, like a monkey mind, and this is normal, then you will need to listen to the recordings at least 21 days in a row. Research shows that it takes 21 days for the mind to take on new habits and eliminate bad habits. This is why I recommend a 21 day in a row program. You can listen for longer if you feel the need or shorter such as once or twice. 

I give you the free night time version as some people like to listen to their recording at night and drift off to a peaceful sleep. If you are finding that you are falling asleep this way, try doing the hypnosis recording sitting slightly upright or going to bed a little earlier than usual. Or use the day time version instead. 

Listen to Tara J Clarke free 'Meditation for Ascension of the Planet' to decide for yourself on her calming and gentle voice. 

The sugar and fat recordings can be used in conjunction with the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Day time or Night Time Recording here. Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis package is designed to get you thinking that you have a 'tiny tummy' and eating less. 

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