House and Property Clearing and Realignment to clear the negative energy of your home, Cairns and Worldwide

This is a property Realignment to clear the energy of your house and home. Clearing of your dwelling can be done remotely by tapping into the Akashic Records. This is why this therapy is done for not only the Cairns, Atherton Tablelands, Port Douglas North Queensland Region, but also worldwide. Every home has an etheric record in the Akashic Records, the 5th (fifth) dimension. Tara. J. Clarke will tap into the vibrations of the property through the 5th dimension and see whether your property has any issues such as the below. Then once the issues are discovered and reasoning, the home is cleared of all negativity. Issues can be: 

* portal ways into the property that are not serving the highest good of the home

* A negative gateway within the property where those living in the house or home cannot sleep (insomnia) due to a negative astral in the property or land. If there is a gateway, this draws a lot of energy from the inhabitants of the home, making it difficult to live in any kind of flow, with all kinds of issues such as constant anger, drain of their energy, inability to manifest what they want into their lives and this too will turn away prospective home buyers as they too can pick up on the discomfort of the negative energy in the home. 

* Anger within the property. If you have been renting out your home to bad tenants, who knows what kind of negative energy they were using around the home. There may have been a lot of fighting, arguments and even crime. The energy stays within the home until you can do a special reading such as a property clearing to remove this dark and dense energy from the house or land once and for all. 

* Negative entities attached (many properties can hold negative karma from having a negative entity or two or three around the house, which drains the energy of the people living within the home. Tara will also find out why they are attached and the reasoning

* Whether you have any earthbound spirits, ghosts, poltergeists attached to the building or surrounding property and how many, and again, the reasoning as to why they are attached and in possession of the land or home. Sometimes the property can be an old sacred site, battleground or burial ground or perhaps some kind of crime happened within the property or land and the negative energy is holding the home back from being sold. 

* If there are any negative thought forms within the property or even anger or other low vibrational qualities surrounding or within the home and land. This too can stop a property from having a positive flow when it comes to selling your house or home.