meditation for ascension by tara j clarke to help planet earth ascend into the light
meditation for ascension to help you ascend and the ascension of planet earth
Signs Of Abundance

Meditation for Ascension free

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Meditation for Ascension to help you and the ascension of this planet and our beautiful galaxy. This is a FREE Meditation as a gift from Tara J Clarke, Signs of Abundance to you. 

ACCESS your FREE MEDITATION by clicking the blue link here

The legions of light beings are here to help us in the ascension process and the more of us in meditation, the more powerfully we are going to ascend and the closer we will be to peace, calm, love, harmony, light and abundance and let go of the corruption and fear that has been going around the Earth for way too long. Some come with me on a guided meditation journey to ascend.

THIS IS A FREE meditation for ascension to help raise the vibration of our beautiful planet Earth. Please do your part in helping to raise the frequency of the planet and do this meditation for ascension. As a thank you, please like the meditation on youtube link and subscribe to my youtube channel for updates on raising frequency and other free meditations I may place on this site from time to time. Use this meditation to send out love and light out to the planet and all the way out into the stars and universe beyond. The more love you send out the more love you will get back in return and the more love you send out the more you will be transmuting the darkness for our planet Earth to ascend into a higher frequency of a collective consciousness. 

From my heart to yours, 

Tara J Clarke

Signs of Abundance

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