Guided Meditation (Hypnosis Style) Downloads

Meditation (Hypnosis Style) Downloads are the perfect gift for yourself or loved ones, for releasing blocks and restrictions that hold you back from your highest good. Negative beliefs, emotions, psychological or emotional all start at a spiritual level and then affect our emotional side, psychological level (etheric levels) and if we do not start to clear our blocks through a modality such as meditation or hypnosis, they grow bigger and start to affect our physical body. For example, a negative belief such as being told in past lives and childhood in current life that you are not good enough, will affect your chakras such as your throat chakra and solar plexus chakras. Are you Needing to release anger, frustration, blame, jealousy, stress, anxiety, be more grounded, bring more love into your life, heal from pain or suffering, or just to become less stressed, more relaxed and mindful about your every daily life, then A Healthy Mindset Guided Meditation is for you. 80% of illness are caused from stress, and meditation lowers your stress levels. Low cost at only $5.50 per download. Download it to your phone or tablet, plug in your earphones and listen any time you wish. Daily meditation is so good for your healing path and lowering your stress levels. It is important to listen to your meditation every day for 21 days. Start making meditation a part of your every day life, like brushing your teeth.