DNA Activation

DNA Activation via distance or in person sessions. Activate your 12 Strands of DNA is done via distance in the higher dimensions to upgrade your vibrational frequency to be able to connect to new pathways of higher aspects of your multidimensional self and awareness, to become more psychic and more connected with your intuition, your soul's purpose, to raise your frequency in order to attract a higher understanding of the universe as a collective consciousness including understanding people, places, times, things, events past present and future. Activate your DNA in order to become a vessel to hold the frequency to ascension of the planet Earth and ascension of humanity to:


  • Expand your pineal gland
  • Become more psychic
  • Activate 12 Strands of DNA
  • Embody our soul's purpose
  • Ascend to a much higher level of consciousness
  • unplug from the matrix mind
  • communicate with beings on the other side
  • communicate with animals

I personally work on you in this session for one hour, via distance.