Third Eye Chakra Balancing for Intuition Session for psychic abilities
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Third Eye Chakra Balancing and chakra activation session

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This is a chakra balancing session for the Third Eye chakra to get to the root cause of your issues in the Third Eye chakra and connection to the higher realms.  Then we activate your Third Eye Chakra energy centre. This third eye chakra balancing session takes you on a guided meditation journey for releasing of the toxic energies within this third eye chakra and connecting you to your star nation that would like to work with you to assist you in strengthening your third eye chakra energy centre: 3 hours session. 

  1. Getting to the root cause of the vibrations behind your third eye chakra issue by accessing your own Akashic Records (everybody has their own book, story of their soul and its held within the Akashic Records of your soul). Tara accesses your Akashic records within your Akashic Records Library to find the story of where your issue began and why. 
  2. Guiding you in a powerful meditation to access, feel and move through the toxic energies that you choose to hold onto in your third eye chakra, guiding you to let the energies that no longer serve you, go and then moving into a space to activate your third eye chakra. 
  3. Then you will be given the tools (depending on what we find) to help you move forward on your path to third eye chakra balancing by maintaining your third eye chakra. The tools are used to help with your intuition and trusting and believing in your the power of your spirit as well as helping you align to the vibration of love, peace, calm and light so that you can build trust confidence in your higher intuition and wisdom. 
  4. Depending if you had any major toxic energies within your third eye chakra, you may be given a 21 Day Clearing Ritual to align to your highest truth and give gratitude to the process. This will also raise your consciousness when it comes to speaking your truth. This can play a big part in your connection and key to third eye chakra balancing and the activation of your third eye chakra energy centre and access to the pathway to your intuition, focus, clarity of thoughts, vision and understanding in the third eye connection.

Call and leave a message on 0481336666 for more details or to arrange having a chakra activation session with Tara or email

Session duration: 3 hours. 

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