Heart Chakra Balancing Session for bringing more love into life, depression sadness loneliness
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Heart Chakra balancing and heart chakra activation session

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Heart Chakra Balancing Session for bringing more self love into your life and activating your heart chakra energy centre. This heart chakra balancing session is valuable for those who have a lack of love in life, or if you have depression or depressed thoughts and emotions. This is a 3 hour session that can be done in person at Palm Cove, Cairns Australia or over the internet via zoom or skype but not over the phone. If you are heartbroken, feeling unloved, going through grief or loss, empathy, balance, compassion, forgiveness issues, giving and receiving issues around love, having trouble understanding or accepting of others or if you feel like  a doormat or if you are over giving and over focused on relationships with other people or self indulgent in the wrong types of activities or foods, overeating or irresponsible eating, this heart chakra balancing session may be just what you need to balance your heart charka energy centre . If you have depression there is a good chance your heart chakra is blocked and this usually relates to a second chakra which will be uncovered in your session. This heart chakra balancing session can assist in your weight loss journey to losing weight due to the issues of why you choose to overeat or sabotage your eating patterns which are usually in your Heart chakra but relate to other chakras . 

In this heart chakra balancing session your soul is accessed within the Akashic Records in the higher dimensions which is why you do not need to be physically present. 

A heart chakra will be blocked due to a tear being in the chakra energy centre. It has a hole or tear in the chakra which creates an outflow of energy within your chakra which allows the positive vital force energy that you receive from doing positive activities such as meditation or yoga, to deflate out of your auric field.  An auric field is another way of saying your 'soul' or your 'spirit'. So, you can do all the turning inward work on yourself such as meditation and other healing activations but still feel depleted if you have holes or tears in your chakras because the vital force energy is flowing into your crown chakra and by the time it reaches your heart chakra the energy flows out into the universe and does not stay in your system. This causes issues in your lower chakras too because the vital force energy is not reaching the lower chakras to its fullest potential due to tears and scars in the chakras. Sometimes it can be a 'scar' in the chakra where you have been already doing a lot of work on that chakra but a scar still exists which needs work on it so that you can bring the vital force energy back into your life when you meditate and do things you love. 


This is a powerful heart chakra balancing session focusing on the Heart Chakra. This is a Chakra Balancing Session for letting go of old beliefs such as fears around being being abandoned , loss , depression , loneliness , sadness , rejection , abandonment , lack , feeling like a doormat and many other low vibrations that have closed your heart to opening up to love or have made you over give and give too much love away so that you have nothing in the love department left for your self. Remember it is important to give to yourself first , then you have the strength to help others . 

Start stepping into your power when it comes to accepting love and giving love so that you have balance in your heart. When we lack self love or are critical of ourselves and others or are disinterested in love with an absence of a loving relationship or not receiving the right love we crave such as attracting negative relationships constantly, these are all signs of a blocked heart chakra or you may have an overactive heart chakra which also seeks attention. 

Opening up your heart chakra will bring you the power to love and feel confident in your loving relationships and environment, which brings more and more strength into your heart, the more you open up this channel to a confident and loved heart and open to receiving and giving , the more you will allow your heart chakra to open beautifully and have flow again. When a chakra is blocked or closed it is not allowing the energy to flow through you which then creates issues in the emotional , psychological and physical levels. For example, A client of mine was having trouble attracting the right lover when she found out that she had lost her soul mate in a past life to war and was still choosing to hold onto those memories of 'loss' at the level of soul which was creating an issue with pushing relationships away as soon as they got close to her. Shifting away the vibration of 'loss' raised her consciousness and opened her heart chakra.  

The Heart Chakra is usually connected to issues around the breasts , circulation problems and sometimes it can be breathing difficulties caused from the heart , heart issues , lung issues , thymus,  issues in the arms and hands and immune system issues. 

This session is conducted by banishing fears such as feeling unloved , attracting the wrong relationships into your life , allowing others to control you by not doing what you love to do and doing what others want you to do , over giving , overly focused on others and other relationships instead of your own , indulging in foods or activities that are not for your highest good and not in alignment with self love and loving and accepting your body , feeling like a doormat where others treat you with disrespect and put themselves first , lack , loss or depression in the heart. These issues cause a lack of love and attracting love energy into your life which is detrimental to your health in the long term. When heart chakra is closed or blocked it is not allowing flow of positive love energy around he body and would feel somewhat like you are stuck on a wheel of karma attracting the same negativity over and over. 

In your session , Tara J Clarke will channel into your Akashic Records and retrieve the information needed to answer why you are experiencing blocks and restrictions that hold you back from moving into the higher vibrations of love , joy , abundance , peace , calm and a sense of security and happiness .  

This is approximately a 90 minute session done in person at Palm Cove , North Queensland , Australia or online with Tara J Clarke over Skype facetime or WhatsApp. In the session your soul is accessed within the Akashic Records in the higher dimensions which is why you do not need to be physically present .

Sometimes Fears may be associated with more than one chakra e.g. holding onto rejection issues from being abandoned in a past life or making the wrong decision in a past life that lead to a fear that shows up for you in your current life and situations. . Whether it relates to one chakra, or two we find the issue, clear it out of the chakra energy centres and send the toxic energies away so that you can align to your highest truth. The more you trust and believe in this process and he power of your spirit, the more you will shift in vibration and raise your consciousness. If you do not believe in the power of your spirit, then this session is not for you.

The above mentioned are the symptoms at the physical body level. Everything starts at the level of the soul. So the root of the problem is due to your Heart Chakra being blocked ( some like to call it a tear in the Heart ) and not functioning with flow so that energy cannot flow throughout your energy centres. A blocked Heart Chakra means that positive energy cannot travel with flow from the Throat chakra to the Solar Plexus chakra, creating a hole , tear or puncture in the chakra. You can do all of the meditation in the world, meditating for hours, but if you have a blocked Heart chakra, the energy will simply leak out leaving you feeling depleted and lacking in vitality and the messages are not flowing through you , causing the decisions that you make to be not for your highest good for all concerned . 

How is this session conducted?


    This is a chakra balancing session for the Third Eye chakra to get to the root cause of your issues in the Third Eye chakra and connection to the higher realms.  This session takes you on a guided meditation journey for releasing of the toxic energies within this third eye chakra and connecting you to your star nation that would like to work with you to assist you in strengthening your third eye chakra energy centre: 

    1. Getting to the root cause of the vibrations in your heart chakra by accessing your own Akashic Records (everybody has their own book, story of their soul and its held within the Akashic Records of your soul). Tara accesses your Akashic records within your Akashic Records Library to find the story of where your issue began and why. 
    2. Guiding you in a powerful meditation to access, feel and move through the toxic energies that you choose to hold onto in your heart chakra, guiding you to let the energies that no longer serve you, go and then moving into a space to activate your heart chakra. 
    3. Then you will be given the tools (depending on what we find) to help you move forward on your path by maintaining your heart chakra. The tools are used to help with your self love connection and  believing in your the power of your spirit as well as helping you align to the vibration of love, peace, calm and light so that you can build trust confidence in your higher intuition and wisdom. 
    4. Depending if you had any major toxic energies within your heart chakra, you may be given a 21 Day Clearing Ritual to align to your highest truth and give gratitude to the process. This will also raise your consciousness when it comes to speaking your truth. 

    Call and leave a message on 0481336666 for more details or to arrange having a chakra activation session with Tara or email signsofabundance@gmail.com

    Session duration: 2 hours


To make a booking, please be mindful that you usually wont be able to get in that same week and if you have time restrictions, please check availability first as sometimes it can be a 2 to 3 week wait or longer to get in for a session. If you are calling, please leave a message with your name , reason for calling and phone number and you will be called back as soon as we can. If you are calling from overseas , depending on the country Tara cannot always call you back, please email for availability at signsofabundance@gmail.com

Check availability by texting or calling 0481336666 Australia or email for availability signsofabundance@gmail.com  

From my heart to yours, 

Tara J Clarke

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