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DNA Activation with your Star Nations and attunement of 12 Strands of DNA and Chakra Attunement

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This is a DNA Activation guided hypnosis session that can be done in person with Tara J Clarke at Palm Cove Cairns Australia , or over the internet via zoom or skype focusing on activating your chakra energy centres, dna activation of your meridians or meridian accupressure points and 12 strands of DNA connecting each chakra and activating the chakra energy centres and main meridians and your godspark (located at the thymus) to the energy lines of the grid. You would have a dna activation to connect to these energy lines and you are opening up your much more love light joy peace. You will be taken on a guided journey into the planet, Sirius B where you will meet your soul family and other star nations that wish to work with in dna activation and this is key to moving forward into your ascension journey. 

If you are uncomfortable with hypnosis this same guided session of dna activation can be done in 'guided meditation'. 

This DNA Activation session has the intention to activate your 12 strands of DNA however if your guides do not think you are ready for the 12 strands of DNA they will work with you at the level of how many strands of DNA is right for you.  These strands will encode to your DNA for the purpose of having heightened psychic abilities, connecting with your star nation that will help you with seeing the bigger picture of wisdom such as our ancestors, the Lyrans and being able to access your past lives and being shown healing modalities in the past that you have used and getting messages around that to become a better healer in the here and now so that you can better serve others. 

After the dna activation session you will recieve an intention script to read out 31 Days and continue with the strengthening of the connection as your guides are working with you for the easiest transition process. 

Can I do this DNA attunement if I still have blocks and restrictions to work on in my chakra energy centres?

Yes, however you will not get the full benefit of the 12 strands of DNA until you do the work on yourself to shift your patterns, limiting beliefs, attachments and fears to let go of the past, first. But once you do that work on your issues whether you do it yourself or with a healer, you will noticeably see the benefits of the DNA activation. 

This DNA Attunement is a valuable accompanyment to my past life regression session or to have after you have had an Akashic Records Reading with me. You may still have this session to be attune your chakras, meridians and godspark however I do recommend aligning your chakras first with my Soul Realignment or Akashic Records Readings here to get the most out of the DNA activation attunement.  For example, if you have not done any work on your throat chakra to feel comfortable around others to speak your authentic truth, then you are living a third dimensional life with the ego and will keep attracting low vibrational frequencies into your life, whether you have had a DNA attunement or not. Working on your throat chakra first to clear your blocks that hold you back from your highest good, then having a DNA attunement will mean you will be able to work with your star nation on a higher level and raise your frequency. Otherwise it is like an eagle trying to fly with one leg tied to the ground with a bundgee chord. The eagle might fly up 100 m into the sky, as long as the bundgee chord will allow and then once the chord runs out, the eagle will spring back to the 3rd dimension, back to the ground, back to the life of the ego until the eagle decides to do something about unravelling the chord first. 

How long is this session?

This dna activation session is approximately a duration of approximately 3 hours

It is usually at least a two week wait to get into a session but sometimes it can be much earlier. Please call to leave your details and you will receive a call back with availability before booking your DNA Activation session with Tara J Clarke. 

After this powerful DNA Activation and chakra balancing session, you should feel lighter and in a higher vibrational state.

Maintenance of the Chakra Energy Centres:

You will also be given chakra exercises to do in the future to maintain your chakras and remind you to be present in the here and now. 

Moving forward with  my connection:

Part of this session, you will receive information to help you in connecting to your new star nation guides that you have chosen to work with and they have chosen to work with you in order to assist you in the ascension process so that you can do your purpose of raising the frequency of the planet. You must be in alignment with serving yourself and not others in order to get the most out of this DNA Activation. If you are aligning to low vibrational frequencies of blame, judgement, greed, critisizm, jealousy, loathe including self loating or self critisizm, anger and betrayal then you must work on yourself inwardly to shift your frequency before the DNA Activation will work with you and you are holding onto third dimensional low vibrational frequencies, that is, living in the third dimensional ego, then this activation will lay dormant until you let go of the past. I recommend having an Akashic Records Reading with me or someone else first or seeing a healer about shifting your blocks and restrictions of the past, for those that are holding onto low vibrational frequencies of the past. Then when you feel lighter your DNA is ready to be activated. 

Text or call 0481336666 to leave a message with your name, number and reason for calling to arrange a session with Tara or to understand more about this session or email on

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