Soul Reading & Akashic Records Readings

Why would I have an Akashic Records Soul Realignment Reading?

Akashic Records Soul Readings are to realign your entire soul to your true divine self.  An Akashic Records (most pronounce it as 'Akarshic') Soul Realignment will focus on your blocks and restrictions and what is blocking you or holding you back from moving forward on your path in the here and now. Many describe these readings as 'Life Changing' as it gets you back on your path. 

How does a reading set me on my path to a happier life of abundance?

An Akashic Records Soul Realignment Reading is all about releasing the past at soul level so that you can live the most abundant life in the here and now. All issues start at soul level. I will give you an example. A chemical imbalance in the brain is a physical issue, however the karmic patterns within one's soul has actually caused the imbalance. Many families have this issue and believe it is hereditary. Not the case. Doctor's will tell you the 'physical' solution. In my readings I have found that the families have the same issues such as 'suffering' and 'blame' within their karmic blueprint at soul level and it is these vibrations that are causing this imbalance in the brain. Because the health issue has started at 'soul' level it is important to fix the soul to remove it, once and for all.

How can it help me to start making positive decisions, as I always seem to make bad choices and feel so off my path?

When you can release the negativity from your soul, clear it, it is then when you can align and be in alignment with your true authentic self and start making decisions that are in congruence with your true divinity. That authenticity of who you truly are at soul level. When we make decisions that are in alignment with our soul, we are then making positive choices which mean positive consequences. Soul realignment readings with Tara will help you understand why issues keep coming up and we clear it, by clearing the karma in your records. This reading is perfect for getting back on your path and will include information about your soul and soul's journey. 

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Tara can do your Soul Reading to release your blocks and restrictions (accessing your Akashic Records and Past Lives if necessary) finding out why you are blocked and holding onto negativity (we all hold onto to something whether it be a negative belief, emotions, psychological) and once we find the issues and problems, the obstacles, you are then given the clearing work to set you on your path forward to abundance in all areas of your life: love, power, intuition, finance, health, relationships and career. This reading will not include information about your actual soul group where you came from or the energy centre of your soul. If you would like information about your soul groups and energy centres too, then an Akashic Records Soul Realignment Reading is for you. 

About Tara. J. Clarke

Tara is a spiritual guide, Akashic Records (Soul Realignment) Practitioner, specializing in Soul Readings, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Pratitioner (QHHT), Clinical Hypnotherapist, Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher and Energy Healer. On a daily basis, Tara's work changes the lives of many at soul level. A soul reading or hypnosis appointment with Tara. J. Clarke will truly change your life for the better, by change your negative belief patterns so that you can start making decisions authentically from the heart. A soul reading or hypnosis session with Tara clear the negativity and change you for the better. We can then make positive transformation within our soul in order to move forward on a positive path, in line with who you truly are and you can then start experiencing more love, joy, peace, acceptance and abundance in all areas of your life.