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Akashic Records Readings to integrate the shadow for letting go of old beliefs patterns includes an in session guided journey 3 and a half hour session

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Akashic Records Readings to integrate the shadow and for letting go of old belief patterns by Tara J Clarke. One would have Akashic Records Readings to get you into alignment with your true authentic self. Tara's Akashic Records Readings are focused on integrating the shadow and opening your chakra energy centres so that you can start to have more flow in your life and start to get into syncrynocity with the universe and start to be on the path to being a fifth dimensional human and no longer a third dimensional human. Tara's Akashic Records Readings are combined with a guided journey into the past and a focus on integrating the shadow self that part of yourself that is not serving you, that part of yourself that focuses on the fight, flight freeze of the ego mind. If you would like to let go of being a third dimensional human and start to fully align to your 5th dimensional trajectory path then an Akashic Records Reading with Tara J Clarke is the solution.

Text  0481336666 for next availability or phone and leave a message with your name, reason for calling and phone number for next availability and Tara will call you back as soon as she can. 

This session is designed for clearing of the low vibrational frequencies of vows, curses, attachments, negative guides, spells, negative thoughts, hooks, chords, negative contacts, implants, imprints, negative portals and much much more blockages that we tend to hold onto if we choose to have a third dimensional human experience on Earth and due to the social conditioning in our western world, most of us are holding many blocks that weigh us down. Tara takes you on a guided meditation journey to clear your blocks and restrictions in this session. 

Akashic Records Readings with Tara focus on letting go of old patterns, limiting beliefs and attachments in a two hour session, then this reading is for you. If you would like to let go of the general blocks and restrictions you hold and learn about your life lessons, soul purpose and soul gifts, then this Akashic Records Reading here is more for you here: click here. Alternatively, if focusing on your low vibrational frequencies and letting go of the past is what you would like to be your main focus, then keep reading... Text 0481336666 for next availability. 

Akashic Records Readings with Tara J Clarke are powerful for someone that has fallen off their path and needs to get back up and work on raising their frequency, letting go of old patterns, limiting beliefs and trauma of the past. If you can look at your obstacles as opportunities to learn from and finding the lesson in why you went through the traumas and constraints of the past, then this is key to understanding yourself, this is key to understanding your purpose and this is key to letting go. 

Please note: if you have a chronic illness or severe anxiety, I highly recommend doing a reading based on that issue first and please make a note that you have a chronic illness and what it is so that Tara understands that this is to be the main focus of the session, to get the most out of your session or a reading focusing on one area of your life would be a better option for you. If you have a chronic illness, please make a note of your illness on the booking. For example, if you have a 'chronic' anxiety then you would need further sessions with Tara to release the chronic anxiety. One sessions is not usually enough for chronic illness and you may need a separate inner child, forgiveness or past life regression session to get to the root of the issue. 

THIS IS A POWERFUL 3 and a half hour Reading / Guided Journey. 

Akashic Records Readings with Tara J Clarke has a main focus on letting go of the past, current life past life blocks, negative thoughts,  negative beliefs and receive FREE chakra balancing & white light healing meditation as an added bonus. Tara has served clients for Akashics Readings all over the world with many amazing reviews on this link. Duration of the reading depends on how many blocks you have. A usual reading will take two  hours for this session.  

Call Tara for a chat on how she can help you with your accurate and powerful Akashic Records Reading with Tara J Clarke today and receive a FREE chakra balancing exercises for your under active or blocked chakras. Tara does not answer the phone very often, its a message service, please leave a message with our name, reason for calling and full phone number and Tara will call you back as soon as she can. Alternatively text for availability: Text 0481336666

Once you have this session with Tara, your chakras (chakra energy centres) will open or be on the path to opening up. If they do not open you will have an understanding of what you need to be focusing on in your life to keep your chakra energy centres open and healthy. Open chakras mean that you will start to have more 'flow' in your life, in all areas of your life. 

If you are overseas, Tara can call you in most Countries. You are welcome to call or email Tara on:


and Tara can arrange a time to call you for a chat on having an Akashic Records Reading. 

See many 5 Star Reviews below from clients of Tara's from all over the world. Readings can be done via Phone, Skype or Face to Face in Palm Cove, Cairns Australia. 

How long is an Akashic Records Reading with Tara J Clarke?

An Akashic Records Reading with Tara J Clarke is approximately 2 hours long and you can watch the video on an Akashic Records Reading here. This 2 hour Reading is part of the three and a half hour session. 


Why have an Akashic Records Reading?

This is a Powerful Akashic Records Past Life Reading with an added Guided meditation clearing.  Tara will  access your Akashic Records through the collective consciousness in the higher dimensions so that you can start to vibrate higher in frequency and let go of old patterns of low vibrational frequencies such as anger, frustration, loneliness, sadness, victimization, suffering, blame, control, unmotivation and loss. Uncovering your current and past life blocks and restrictions that are holding you back from being the best version of yourself that you can possibly be, today. One reading with Tara will help you understand your limiting beliefs, so that you can start making more positive choices and stop choosing a negative path. This Reading should help you also open a clearer channel to your intuition and move forward by making better choices, free from the shackles of the past. This reading is valuable as this will find what it is that is weighing you down, restrictions and obstacles that you are currently experiencing today, right now. The negative thoughts and emotions that seem to constantly follow you around day by day, in your thought and feelings, which are stopping you from moving forward onto your true authentic path. Click here if you wish to read about getting your


I highly recommend to get the Akashic Records Soul Realignment if you have never had one before because the difference between the Akashic Records Reading on this page and the Akashic Records Soul Realignment Reading is that the Akashic Records Soul Realignment Reading will not only target your current blocks from current life and past life that you hold in the here and now as well as you will understand more about who you are at soul level, your divine purpose, your divine gifts and your life lessons. If you already know what these are, then this Akashic Records Reading is for you to let go of the past, so keep reading. 


Why should I have an Akashic Records Reading with Tara J Clarke 
  • To remove the negative effects of baggage from the past


  • To help clear your mind of negativity, negative thoughts that keeps coming up on your wheel of karma. Those negative thoughts you just want to get out of your head once and for all. Negative thoughts and patterns may not ever go away completely due to the 'ego' mind but you will let go of a lot of the past and receive information on how to help these negative thoughts from coming up on your furture path. 


  • To take your power back so you are more abundant in all areas of your life including weight loss, bad habits, old patterns and limiting beliefs holding you back from being the best version of yourself that you can be. 


  • To find out which vibrational frequencies you hold that may be contributing to illness in your life or to let these low vibrational frequencies go before they become a physical issue and turn into an illness.  (If you already have an illness, not all illnesses can be cleared, this completely depends on you and your trust and belief in the power of your spirit). If you trust and believe in the power of spirit, it will be cleared. Everything starts at soul level and it can 'end' at soul level meaning you can heal yourself at the level of the soul if you want to heal yourself. 


  • To get off the wheel of bad karma and stop those events of 'suffering' or 'anger' and other negative unjustified karma that keeps coming up. 


  • To start a clean slate and start making positive choices for an abundant life in all areas of your life. 


  • To be aware of the negative choices you are making and have made in your life up until now and to start changing negative patterns to positive patterns so that you can start to change those old negative choices and let go of negativity once and for all and start being more positive, naturally 


  • To become aware of the negative choices you are making


  • To remove the negative karma that follows you around


  • To help you get into a routine of working on yourself each day,, spending a little time each on you, to come into the now, to be present


  • For healthier thought patterns, to improve the way you think.


  • To start having a healthy body. A healthy soul is the first step to a healthy body, loving yourself


  • To improve the way you feel


  • To improve the relationships around you


  • To heighten your intuition


  • To help you understand that it is 'you' who creates your own destiny. Your consequences are due to the choices 'you' have made. Situations happen because the 'suffering' or 'worry' is already in your karmic blueprint. Its put there by your choices. This helps us release the 'blame' around others. 


  • and much more! 


Why should I choose to have my Akashic Records Reading with Tara J Clarke over other Akashic Records Practitioners?

Tara J Clarke has many reviews as shown below and not only is an Akashic Records Psychic but also a Past Life Regression and Hypnosis Practitioner QHHT Level 2, specializing in Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Timeline Regression Therapy. 

Tara is also a Chakra Balancing Expert and will show you exercises at the end of the recording to help maintain your chakras. 

You will recieve a FREE White Light Healing Mediation (this is a proper hypnosis mediation as Tara is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner, Level 2. Alternatively, you may have a morning Chakra meditation to balance and maintain your chakra energy centres. 

Many Akashic Records Readings are approximately 1 hour long. Tara is extremely thorough and will spend approximately 90 minutes to two hours on your Akashic Records Reading. 

Your reading is recorded and sent to you via a cloud for you to access and download any time you wish. If you do not have internet access, Tara can mail a USB to you. 


Keep reading all the way down to the bottom of the page to see reasons why someone would want this kind of therapy. It truly is healing and once you receive your information about your karmic blueprint, (why negativity of the past keeps coming up) it is important to clear them. This takes a little persistence and effort to do the clearing work on your part. You also receive a free guided meditation download that you can use in your healing process. This reading is not your full Akashic Records. If you would like a full Akashic Records Soul Realignment Reading which will tell you your soul group and who you truly are at soul level, click here

The information is accessed within higher dimensions, so Tara can access your Akashic Records and do your reading from anywhere around the globe, internationally.

By using your details such as Date of Birth, Place of Birth and Full Name at Birth, Tara is able to tap into your past (through the soul records, Akashic Records) uncovering why you are holding onto the blocks and restrictions (negative beliefs, negative emotions and psychological thoughts) and how it is affecting you today. your details are always private and confidential. 

What negative beliefs you may be holding onto or what emotion/s are holding you back and where are you storing these in your body or chakras.  

What part or parts of your body are being affected. This will relate to your pain, symptoms or illnesses that you are having today.

You will receive guidance of what you can do to help yourself move forward. 

You will also receive the clearing work from Tara, to clear your records and this will involve a weekly guided meditation and 5 minutes of your time every day for 21 days. 

This is easily done online because we are working with the level of the soul from the 3rd dimension, through to the 5th dimension and above. We focus on the issues at hand and tap into the past in order to release it, remove it and to be able to start moving forward on our path to abundance, to be able to be present, to be in the now. Because it is only when we are in the now, living in the now that we can find our true authentic selves and start living on our path of abundance. Then we clear them. So for FREE you will receive the clearing work on how to clear those blocks and wipe them away forever, so that you can finally start to move forward on your path without any obstacles in the way.

Tara is a Spiritual Guide and psychic (not a fortune teller) and her type of healing, soul reading,  taps into your Akashic Records) to find out what blocks, attachments and restrictions you are holding onto and then releasing the negative vibration, the issues, where they originated in order to remove them, set them free, back into the past to where they started so that we can then move forward and start living in the now, in the present where we belong. Tara will contact your Akashic Soul Records and uncover your blocks and restrictions that are holding you back from your highest good.  Tara may delve into your past lives and uncover those issues that come up and relate to your soul level. Targeting physical, emotional or psychological problems you are having today and how it relates to your past life or lives. Our physical issues start at soul level and are many times carried through from incidents and trauma from our past lives. They affect us at soul level so we don't really comprehend it is there until it starts to affect our emotional layer (the way we feel), or our psychological layer (the way we think) and then if we still do not do anything about fixing our blocks and restrictions, our limiting beliefs, it starts to affect our physical layer (physical body) in this third dimension. As a result all kinds of health issues arise such as pain, discomfort and disease. Tara may use the Oracle, Tarot and other spiritual tools in order to ascertain the information for your soul level reading. 

This Soul reading to release blocks and restrictions from the past, by Tara. J. Clarke is extreme value for money! You will learn what blocks, restrictions and negative beliefs and how they relate to your past life, how long ago your past life was, usually an idea of the country or religion and what sex you were. You will also get feedback on where in your body you are holding your blocks, what obstacles and restrictions you have that hold you back and I will give you feedback on exercises you can do to release your blocks, restrictions and negative limitations. Whether your blocks are affecting your chakras. You will also receive from Tara important clearing work on how to clear your blocks which will be given to you in an email format.

We all hold on to negativity from our past lives and in order to release them, to move through them, it is important to be aware of your blocks as these are key to the root cause of your issues. Once found, you are then able to send negativity away from your being and start moving forward on your correct path, a path to abundance and away from restriction and negative thoughts of the past. From my heart to yours,

Tara. J. Clarke

Akashic Records Psychic

Clinical Hypnotherapy 

Regression Hypnotherapy specializing in Past Lives and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Level 2

Holistic Counseller

Energy Healer

Meditation, Intuition and Mindfulness Teacher


Check out 5 Star Reviews at the bottom of this page. 


About Tara. J. Clarke, Tara is a Spiritual Guide (Akashic Records with focus on letting go of old patterns, limiting beliefs and attachments that hold you back from being the best version of yourself). Tara is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist with a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, A Past Life Soul Regression Therapy Practitioner, , QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner, Level 2, by the renowned Delores Cannon, an Energy Healer and Meditation and Mindfulness and Intuition Teacher. When we can change our negative belief patterns and start making decisions authentically from the heart, from the divine soul that we are, we can then clear the negativity and change for the better. We can then make positive transformation within our soul in order to move forward on a positive path of love, joy, peace and acceptance.

This Soul Reading is a very good price as Tara is very thorough and will get a lot of positive relevant information to you about your past life or lives, by accessing your guides, your higher self and your soul records (Akashic Records) and finding your blocks and false beliefs (which you more than likely are carrying, as we all carry negativity around with us of some kind). This is why it is so important to find the blocks, to release them) and then finding out how this negativity that we are holding onto is impacting your soul, mind and body today. Tara spends quite some time on your reading in order to get the best information to you, so this special offer is very good value for your money!


Many of us have had hundreds, sometimes thousands of lives on Earth. Our previous lives were not always easy. If they were easy, it would be pointless as we would not learn anything, we would not experience anything in order to evolve and grow. So many of our past lives have been challenging. So challenging that we go through traumas, pain and get negative blocks as a consequence. These need to be looked upon as a positive as once we discover our negative blocks we can see the good in the reason why we had to expereince what we did. Once we see what we learned in that trauma or incident, we can then move forward on our path. It is important that we are here to seek our true authentic selves, to find out who we truly are at soul level. This is our true purpose, getting in touch with our true divine self. Part of this process is being able to release our negative limiting beliefs, so that we can start to move forward to our own divinity of who we truly are. Love and experience separation on this planet and learning what it is like to be this amazing, perfect version of yourself that you are. 

Here are just a few common and actual examples and reasons why we can hold onto negative blocks, that cause issues and relate to past lives:

Not being able to hold onto money:

You may have taken a vow of poverty in a past life. Many cultures involved taking vows to honour their people and always put the people first, working to help others. You may have lived in a monastery or convent when you took this vow. If you took a vow of poverty it may also be the reason why you tend to put  others first, ahead of your own values and beliefs. If this is the case, you are not living your truth and your highest good and it is important to do the clearing work to release this vow and any negative beliefs around this vow. 


There are many causes of anxiety from past lives, however the most popular reasoning I come across is being in a controlled relationship in a past life where you did not have a voice and could not speak your truth or were constantly ridiculed and shamed or blamed, creating fears today in your current life. 

Fear Of The Ocean or water:

Many children still subconsciously remember this one as when they are little they are so afraid of the water. You more than likely drowned in the ocean (or water) in a past life. This is the common cause for fears of the ocean or water.

Always attracting the wrong men/women into my life

You may have been in a situation where you were with a controlling relationship in a past life that made you feel unworthy of them. That gave you low self-esteem. Or even a controlling parent. This life gave you the false belief, that you are unworthy of love. Or you could subconsciously still be attached to a lover from a past life, this happens. It sounds lovely but it is actually unhealthy and it is important to release any attachments from past lives. I give you exercises to do this. 

Why cant I find love in this life?

You blame yourself for the loss or even death of a loved one in a past life. You hold this blame and your heart chakra is blocked. Closing your heart to any possible love interests that come your way. 

Why can't I have children?

You took a vow of chastity in a past life, possibly working in a communal role as a nun or monk. Or something may have happened  where you lost your child and you still subconsciously hold onto the grief. It is so important to release this grief. Again, I give you the exercise to release it so that you can move forward. 

Fear of Authority Figures (the boss):

This is taken from an actual session that Tara had with a client. Many other people have had similar experiences: A man came to me with a fear expressing himself (he also had a blocked throat chakra). He found at that he was a pilot in war and the commanding officer made him fly the plane, he knew there was a problem with the plane but flew it anyway out of fear of 'They won't listen to me anyway, I have to fly that plane', then he lost his life and carried that fear into the next life and the next life. It stayed, until he finally became aware of it in my session. The knowing, releases the issue. There is an amazing case in my reviews where a man found this out from his past life and at the end of his session with me, his throat chakra unblocked instantly (just with having the knowing of why he was holding back) and he has since hit the ground running at work with more confidence around his boss, with even a pay rise and promotion because he now is a much better communicator at work!


Constant headaches, shoulder and or neck pain

Being beheaded in a past life for something that you did not do. The extremity carries the emotional through to the next life and stays with that person. This is common as many of us have had many head injuries in past lives from war. You may also be attached to someone from a past life and still subconsciously carry the weight of their problems on your shoulders. Again, it needs to be released. 

Not being able to move forward in your career and feeling blocked, unable to make decisions:

You were injured in the legs and feet, causing your death. As a result your feet are literally still stuck, stopping you from moving forward. The decision making can also relate to still being attached to something from a past life. It is important to release it. 

Psoriasis and many skin issues:


Being severely burned in a past life (this is common). Many witches are warlocks were burned at the stake in past lives for something they did not do and it is so traumatic to them that they still carry the scars today. 


Having a dislike towards a certain race of people:


You likely had a very negative experience in this country which has caused you to dislike the place and the people. This negative way of thinking is a negative belief and needs to be removed. 


Always rescuing people:

You spent a past life in a communal living where you helped others. You learned valuable lessons. This is a great trait to have although sometimes it can stop your progress of moving forward to your own divinity as you are constantly putting others before you. It might be time to start loving yourself more and giving more time and energy into your own healing. 


Having a love for a country and not knowing why:

You likely lived in this country in a past life and it was a very positive experience. Once you know which countries you have lived, it is am amazing journey as the more you research those countries, even visiting those countries will bring on past life memories that can help you move forward on your own spiritual path within, helping you align closer with your own divinity of who you truly are and what your soul purpose and lessons are in this lifetime. 


There are so many more scenarios that I could list, but we would be here all day and night reading! This is just a few I have listed to get the idea of how past life blocks and restrictions that we carry can negatively affect us today.

The past life oracle card (Akashic Records) Psychic reading will usually be directly relevant to what is going on in your current life, what is blocking you and holding you back from your highest good.  We all have blocks and restrictions that start at a spiritual level mostly from past lives, then they carry over to our psychological and emotional etheric levels and then start to affect our physical body if we do not do anything about our issues. If you are always getting ill, then it is very important to have a past life reading with Tara to find out the root cause of your illness. If you have negativity that just keeps popping up, the same issues over and over, a past life psychic reading is the perfect remedy to help you find the answers so that you can start moving forward. Start listening to your body now and get a grip on your issues as they more thank likely relate to your past lives. 

The reading will include details of your past life and likely to reveal more than one past life. The information you receive back will be in relation to your issue and will have holistic remedy to assist you to move through your issue/problem from this day forward.

When you get feedback of what to do to remedy your issue, it will be in the form of an exercise and clearing work. Please do not replace this with any doctors or nutritionist's advice and always seek the advice of your doctor.  

it is important to read over your report and over it, highlight the key points, as this is part of the healing process. It is most important too to listen to the remedy and do the exercises every day for 21 days. When you do, you will be moving forward by releasing those blocks that have been holding you back for so long.
Your report is approximately 1000 words, depending on the extreme of your issues and how many blocks and restrictions you are carrying at that point in time. All the information I receive is of divine source, my higher self, in contact with your higher self in your Akashic (Soul) Records.

Check out our 5 Star Reviews below. 


All information given for your reading is private and 100% confidential! 

To order akashic records readings with Tara it's easy, just fill in the prompts at checkout and Tara will contact you over phone or via email to arrange the appointment. Please check availability by texting or emailing Tara first, before booking: Text 0481336666 or email: signsofabundance@gmail.com

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