What does BRAVERY truly mean?

Bravery is speaking your truth, finding your own path and removing the negative beliefs of others and blocks of the past that hold you back from your highest good. Be brave, walk away from the shackles of the past and start living your true self today...

Bravery is speaking your truth, not the beliefs of others. We are all here to follow the path of authenticity. That is, to find your true identity, your true self:

To find what YOU truly want out of this life, not what others want of you..

What YOU truly need, in order to fulfill your purpose, not other people's needs or purpose. They can fill their own needs, their life is separate to yours. We are all here to experience separation. Even though you love and care for others, they are still separate to you. You have your own thoughts, emotions, vibration and fingerprints. They have theirs. Of course, we can still share, share our things, share our love, but it is YOUR birthright to live YOUR own experiences, YOUR own choices, feel and learn through YOUR own consequences. You see when you make your own choices from the heart, you will experience those lessons, those consequences, positive or negative which are nobody else's fault but your own. If you follow others, follow their choices, negative or positive, then you open yourself up to blame, anger, frustration and many other negative vibrations. So start making YOUR own choices so that you can blame nobody but yourself. 

Bravery is also being able to make choices to do what YOU truly love to do, not what you have to do to please others, and if there is anything holding you back from doing what you love, these are blocks, find ways to move through them. Because negative blocks (and we all have them) stop us from being and reaching our highest good, abundance. Obviously if you have children this is a little different as children are very special and their needs should come first. However always find the balance. 

The people that YOU truly want to be around, look around and start to filter out the ones that are not for your highest good. You know who they are. You need to be around people that do not drain you and people that make you feel 'good'. Because we are around those that make us feel drained of energy, that is exactly what they are doing, draining our energy! So find ways to meet people that are more positive, less draining and you will be on the way to living a more balanced life. 

And the places that YOU truly love. Go the whole wide world is not just a metaphor. It is a fact. Travel, find places that make your heart soar. Dalai Lama will tell you to go on a holiday to a different place, every time. Its all EXPERIENCE. Hang out with people and in places that make you feel WONDERFUL!

Many of us are living our life in other people's paths. That is, holding on to beliefs of other people. (These are blocks to our own divinity, our own purpose). Are you the kind of person that turns to your friends for advice? And then you would do what they would do? If you are doing this, then STOP and think. I just did what THEY would do. Break that cycle and start doing what YOU want to do. It starts with listening to your heart, turning inward and believing, trusting in your own decisions. When we learn to say 'NO' to others and stop following their life paths, and follow our own path to divinity, his is bravery! 

In order to do this with authenticity, be brave, and follow your own path, not the paths of others.

Stop living beliefs of what society tells us to do. Start living your OWN beliefs, your own authenticity.

Stop looking over the fence, because that is someone else's experience, someone elses choices, someone else's consequence. Start looking in your own backyard, inward to your own heart, to see what is true to you, what is authentic to you. 

Be brave, follow your heart, follow your intuition and move a step closer to love, loving yourself, believing in yourself, your own decisions, your own choices and your own consequences and making decisions from your true self and finding your authenticity. Because when you find out who you truly are, this is the secret to your life purpose. When you find out who you truly are, you are living in the vibration of 'love' and 'joy' and your own divinity. This is why you are here. Once you find your true identity, you can and will be able to do whatever you set your heart and mind to do. Be brave to be you. Be very brave. And start being 'conscious' of your decisions when you decide to follow others. When someone asks or tells you to do something that you are not sure of, take a breath, think about it first of just say 'I will get back to you'. Come back into the now, take some time to decide what your true self really wants and start following what YOU really want. 

Bravery is speaking your truth, not the beliefs of others...

From my heart to yours,