Start your 2017 with an Anger, Frustration release

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Start your 2017 with releasing that Anger, Frustration and Negativity
A Healthy Mindset
Feeling Angry?
Or just a little frustrated?
Overwhelmed perhaps?
Send all of that anger away
release it
express it
Breathe in a solution
And if they will not listen
Show them the light
If they still will not listen
Show them your silence
Because not everyone
deserves your focus
when you are silent
you are present
you are in control
you release your fears
break the chains holding you back
send only kindness
And you will receive
When you release the anger, frustration
You move closer to love
Where you are finally free
Because when you do
you release fears
send only kindness
Because when you are silent
You are present
Check out our Anger, Frustration Sacral Chakra Meditation Hypnosis Style Download, and start removing those negative blocks of anger, frustration and negativity away today. Make 2017, the year of the rooster, where we start to put our plans into real action, finish what we started, cross the T's, Dot the I's and soar right ahead! Good luck, from my heart to yours, Namaste...


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