Why take your shoes off before entering your home? By Tara.J.Clarke ZenGifts

Unfortunately negative energy is everywhere, we cannot see it (some of us can), but most of us can feel it. It shows up in public everywhere through low vibration emotions such as anger, rage, worry, stress, grief, jealousy, frustration and all types of negative emotions like these. Negative energy in our emotional body is cause to many physical and mental problems today. 

The negative energies we can pick up are negative emotion, through thought, pessimism, anger, jealousy, rage, worry, stress and all this energy we can find in the atmosphere.

High levels of this negative emotion around the homefront can cause people to become depressed and anxious. As a result it is important to keep this negativity out of your home. 

Many modern technology and gadgets such as your mobile phone or microwave ovens can create negative energy in the home. Objects such as antiques and second hand furniture can hold the energy of other people they belonged to and it is important to cleanse before you bring these into the home. 

Places where you will find negative energy that you do not want to pick up, are public places such as shopping centres and malls, your work (especially negative working environments), events such as indoor sporting games or boxing matches, indoor playgrounds, basically any place where people congregate.

You can also pick up negative energy when someone is negative towards you or just draining you of your good, well earned, positive energy!

So it is important to maintain your good positive vibes, be mindful of where you can pick up negative energy and deter all negativity from entering your nice clean home. 

Why don't we want to pick up this negative energy?

We all carry with us, enough negative energy blocks that we have picked up along our life journey as it is, without having to add more negativity to the home. Some people have many negate blocks they are carrying (usually those with illnesses such as depression and anxiety, carry many more than others). Many of our energy blocks have been implanted in our subconscious minds since prior to the age of 7.

I will give you an example: Dad says to Boy Child 'Stop crying, you are a sook, You don't want people to think you are a sook now, do you?' This unfortunately is very common in our Australian culture. So Boy stops crying. Every time Boy is upset, he stops crying because he does not want Dad or others to think he is a sook, because Dad told him so.

Crying is natural and by not using this release of emotion, Boy Child holds in his emotions because he is now worried about what people think of him as his father has told him that it 'matters' what people think of you. He has taken on his father's belief that it matters what people think of you and boys should not cry. Crying is a natural emotional response to a negative emotion such as frustration, grief, anger or worry. When we cry, we help release our negative emotions that make us cry. When we release the emotion that makes us cry we feel better and can raise our vibration out of the negative and into more positive vibrations of peace, joy, love, reason and acceptance. 

As a result of this, crying is not always a human response to sorrow and frustration, it is a healthy response. When we cry, we:

Reduce emotional stress.

Lower our blood pressure.

Help remove chemicals and toxins that build up in our body during emotional stress and worry.

Reduce the body's manganese level, a mineral which affects our vibration/mood 

So basically, crying is very healthy for us, as it helps us release our negative emotions!

When we are told not to cry, and something upsets us and as a result, we are then holding onto our negative emotions. But how is he doing this you say? Every time we cry, we release the negative emotions that are causing us to cry. That is why we feel so much better after a good cry. So by being told not to cry as a child, we don't cry, and therefore holding onto all those negative emotions which cause blocks in our subconscious mind and can also affect our physical health in the long run, because we are surrounding body, mind, spirit with built up negativity. So basically, this child is holding onto negative blocks by having to carry around for the remaining of his life:

1. A belief of worrying about what people think of him (one negative block that is embedded in this child's subconscious mind). Embedded on him by his Dad, this is really his father's belief that he is carrying, on not necessarily his own. 

2. A father telling him not to cry. When he does not cry, he holds in all of his negative emotions that cause him to want to cry e.g. getting bullied at school, not getting good enough grades and always getting into trouble by his parents. 

Holding onto negative emotions is very bad. Our emotions are stored in our Sacral Chakra, just below the belly, and when we hold onto them and do not release them, we begin to gain weight around the belly, right where the Sacral Chakra joins the body and emotions. This is a huge problem in society today with over 63% of Australian either overweight or obese according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. 

So basically, we pick up negative emotions and store negative energy in our energy space (aura) all through life and we need to find ways to release them. Such as going for a run or meditating (both are so good for you and help you release unwanted, stored negative energy in you body, mind and spirit). 

So What has all this got to do with leaving your shoes off?

We also need to limit adding to this problem by keeping away as much negative energy that we find in public places. Many public places of full of it, just take a look around next time you are at the shops and see how miserable many people are. I smile at everyone when I am out in public as I know that it is comforting to get smiles back! It is sad to see so many people not smiling back. This is because they hold onto the past and negative energy is everywhere around them, and they do not even realize this. 

So what has all this got to do with wearing shoes inside? 

I see the negative energy we often talk about. It is everywhere in public places, 

When confined in shoes all day, your feet do not have the chance to breathe, stretch and feel. If you do not remove your shoes in your home right now, please give it a try and see how much better you feel in a house with cleaner energy. Your feet will thank you for it too. Your mood will thank you for it. It really is cause for a nicer cleaner home

.It is tradition for many Asian cultures to take their shoes off at the door. This tradition has been adopted by many Western Cultures today to not only stop bad energy, dirt and filth from entering inside, but to also, allow the pressure points in the feet to be stimulated.

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