Focus on the SOLUTION not the PROBLEM. Focus on Rain not fires. Keep Reading for FREE Instructions on how to manifest the rain easy

Focus on the SOLUTION not the PROBLEM. The key here is to focus on Rain not the Fires. Without even realizing it, when we imagine and focus on the fires, we are giving the fires more power making the problem bigger.

Instead of focusing on the fire, we can manifest what our hearts want. In this instance, we can manifest RAIN all with the power of our mind and heart. Keep reading and I will show you how in this free easy to follow 10 steps to bringing rain to help out those in need right now. Please spread the word because the more people we have doing this focus exercise, the more power we bring to fruition and the more rain we will get. 

It is inevitable that the destructive fires are here. But instead of focusing on the solution (RAIN) we have been focusing on the problem (FIRES) which is giving power to the fires and unfortunately burning out of our control. Its hard not to focus on the fires when its all around the media and many of us are in fire danger and know loved ones in fire danger. 

Of course the first step is to help put out the fires and helping those suffering in need, but it is important to find a way to stop the fires before they start. This starts with manifesting more rain to put out the fires. Rain is the solution. Focusing on the rain is the solution. 

The American Indians focus on rain in this way, in these hard times and if it can work for them, it can work for us. 

How does focus work?

Its all energy. What you make up of your energy, you attract the same energy. So when you think about having an ice cream, you will more than likely get one by going and getting one. You attracted it. The law of attraction states that ' Like attracts Like'. So when we are putting our energy into focusing on one thing, it is inevitable that it will happen. We have power to attract anything we want in life.

When we focus on fear, we get more to fear. 

When we focus on the solution, we let go of the fear. 

The human mind is so powerful that we do get what we focus on, the Buddhists were onto something here with the famous Buddhist quote 'We get what we focus on' and When was the last time you got what you focused on? It really works. So lets all start focusing on rain and praying for RAIN and stop giving our power to the fires. The more we focus on fires, the more it burns out of control. Please everyone, start focusing on rain. The Native American Indians do it and this is how I can show you how to do it: 


Step 1: Take a few deep breaths, in through the nose, out through the mouth and just take a moment to focus on the centre of your body

Step 2: Move your focus on to your heart. The heart is the strongest magnetic field in the body and hundreds of times more stronger than the brain. Its a powerful organ that we can use in times like these to eliminate fears. 

Step 3: Set your intention while focusing on your heart: Simply by saying 'I would like to send lots of rain to those areas around the world (you can say out loud the area you want to send rain to in particular) that need it, I am setting my intention to allow the heavens or the Earth Mother to fill the clouds with an abundance of water and drop water from the skies all around the world and cool down Mother Earth, particularly those areas around Australia'

Step 4: Visualization: Imagine that the rain is pouring down into the fires, putting out the fires and now focus only on the rain, heavy rain cooling down Mother Earth, all of the ground is starting to turn green, the animals are healed, the Earth is happy, cool, green 

Step 5: Smell the rains. What does the rain smell like to you? Imagine what it feels like to smell the rain as the rains drop down on Mother Earth and all of those areas on the Earth that need the rain

Step 6: Feel the rains. Feel the rain on your skin, on your pours, on your hair, the coolness flowing down your skin, cleansing yourself and cleansing the Earth, now imagine that rain healing all of those areas on Mother Earth that need the presence of the rains. 

Step 7: Hear the rain. What does the rain sound like to you? What did it sound like last time your heard heavy rain on a tin roof? You can imagine that sound as you imagine bringing that rain down from the skies, from the clouds into all of those areas of Mother Earth that need the rain

Step 8: Taste the rain on your taste buds, what does it taste like on your tongue. Bring this taste to your presence and let that heighten your awareness of the rain as you imagine the rain pouring down on those areas of Mother Earth that need it most right now. 

Step 9: Give Gratitude and thanks for the rain. Feel, smell, taste, hear and see the rain in your thoughts and the more you focus on this rain, and spread the word to others to focus on the rain, the more you are allowing this intention to come into fruition. 

Step 10: If you feel connected through dance, you can even move to these sensations in the form of a rain dance. Just do what feels right for you.

Do this when you have a few moments, it should only take a few minutes and you can repeat and do this exercise as many times as you wish. The rain may not start right away. Obviously the more souls we have focusing on the rain, the more rain we will receive. Its the power of one, the more we come together and do this exercise together, the more power we give the rain. The less power we give the fires. 

Try not to focus on the fires right now. Help all you can of course, but when your thoughts go to fires in your mind, send it away, send that thought away and let it be a trigger to think of the rain. Rain rain rain...

When was the last time you focused on something and it happened? It happens to me all the time. It may have been a negative fear such as anxiety. The more you focus on the anxiety, the more anxiety comes your way.  Or it may have been something positive. When I focus on what I love, more loving thoughts come my way and of course, more happiness and joy. When we focus on our fears such as anger, grief and fires, we are giving those fears the power over us and allowing them to come to fruition, allowing more situations of anger to come our way, or attracting more people grieving into our circle if we are focusing on grief. I see much of the media focusing on the fires, yes they exist, yes we need awareness to help but we can change the focus to a more positive focus now. In this case, the fear is the fires burning through Australia right now destroying many homes, people and wildlife. The more we focus on the fires, the more we are giving them power and the more they burn out of control. This is a big problem right now, but the more we remember to focus on the solution (Rain) and trusting and believing in the power within us, trusting and believing that we have the power to send the fires away by bringing rain in, we are the solution. Of course we are also the help out with the fires where we can but I have brought this to your attention simply to remind you to use the power that you have within to to make a change and spread the word to others. 

So instead of focusing on the problem, lets focus on the solution and spread the word on praying for rain, with intention. 

From my heart to yours, 

Tara J Clarke

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