About our Therapies and Products

Tara J Clarke is a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner QHHT Level 2 , Clinical Hypnotherapist , Meditation Mindfulness and Intuition Teacher with Online Meditation Courses, Akashic Records Psychic for Soul Readings and Soul Realignment to remove blocks and restrictions of the past, Relationship Readings to build stronger relationships and improve relationships, Readings to manifest more money into your life with Money Manifesting and Tara also does Property Clearings and Spiritual Cleansing to clear your property of negative energy. Tara has programs to quit bad habits such as smoking and issues such as anxiety, she also makes custom made hypnosis recordings for self hypnosis to align to your true divinity and beat bad habits as well as powerful Guided Meditation Downloads are available on this site. Tara makes handcrafted candles available in her Meditation Kits and Boxes as well as popular hand made wooden signs , vision boards and healing products such as spiritual tools